Moon Ra是一个为篝火舞会而建造的、具有乡土气息的户外结构。巨大的圆形屋顶包围着庆祝节日的人们,为不定期举办的野外活动提供了临时的庇护所。

Moon Ra is a vernacular structure built to dance around the fire. The large circular roof embraces the festival goers and offers a temporary shelter for unexpected and wild behavior. Around the fire pit, the absence of a dance floor leaves the bare feet of the dancers in direct contact with the ground.

▼Moon Ra节日小屋,Moon Ra, a hub built for Horst Festival © Maxime Delvaux

火坑周围并未专门设置舞池,因此跳舞者的双脚将直接与地面接触。结构顶部的可旋转圆盘与月亮相呼应,向旁边的双曲面烟囱发出神秘的烟雾信号。为了建造这座小屋,设计团队将Fala Atelier在2019年建造的“羽毛舞台”进行了拆解和重构,使原来的每个元素都成为新舞台的一部分,并发挥出新的功能。

▼项目模型,Project model © Leopold Banchini

The rotating disc at the top of the hut opens to the moon, sending mysterious smoke signals to the neighboring hyperboloid chimneys. To build this haven, the tectonically recognizable Feathers Stage by Fala Atelier (2019) was disassembled, catalogued and re-constructed. Each element of the previous dance floor takes on a new function and becomes part of a primal transformation.

▼小屋外观,Exterior view © Maxime Delvaux

▼内部空间,Internal space © Maxime Delvaux

▼顶部设有可旋转圆盘,There is a rotating disc at the top of the hut © Maxime Delvaux

▼巨大的圆形屋顶包围着庆祝节日的人们,The large circular roof embraces the festival goers © Jeroen Verrecht

Moon Ra节日小屋是为比利时菲尔福尔德的霍斯特艺术节设计并建造,由设计专业的学生在为期一周的建造工作坊内打造。

Built for the Horst Festival, Vilvoorde (BE), using exclusively repurposed construction materials of Feathers Stage by Fala Atelier in 2019. The pavilion was entirely built by design students during a one week construction workshop.

▼建造阶段,Construction phase © Leopold Banchini

▼小屋立面,Facade © Maxime Delvaux

▼平立剖图纸,Project drawings © Leopold Banchini Architects


Project name: Moon Ra
Location: Horst Festival, Vilvoorde (BE)
Architect: Leopold Banchini Architects
Date: 2021
Client: Horst Arts and Music
Photography: Maxime Delvaux
Participants of the workshop:
Elona Pinto, Emily Jones, Eva Demulder, Fay Zafiropoulou, Hannah Sheerin, Helena Van Looveren, Henryk Gujda, Jasmine Evers, Lorcan Gilligan, Marie Meurice, Paola Falconi, Rebecca van Daalen, Robin Vandenbussche, Shruti Athavale, Yasmine, Elena Homan, Kevin Warnau, Stan Vrebos, Timothe Janssen, Maaie Aghali, Nils Beuten