“人心是很难居住在这个数字时代的,我想建造的是让人心能够扎根的地方。” ——安藤忠雄

“It’s hard for the human heart to live in this digital age, the place I want to build that can make the heart stable.” ——Tadao Ando


The building project locates in Changsha, Hunan Province. A small non-decorated house set within an area of 90 square meters. The occupants expect their new home to be unconventional and look simple and bright. During our communication with the occupants, a specific scene gradually emerged in our minds: in the wooden house, the family are sitting around the dining table. The light is softly sprinkling on the food, family members are sharing the harvest and insights of the day. We think it is the warmest and most touching moment for a family. Therefore, the space has the quality of interacting with the scene and makes the heart stable.

▼空间概览,overview ©龙奇华


The design is started with this wooden house. After the emotional conception, we start to solve the problem rationally.
– Poor lighting and ventilation. As the house is in the middle of the tower house, the north-south is not transparent.
– Insufficient storage space in the entrance hallway.
-The corridors connecting the rooms are long and narrow.
– Two bathrooms are undersized.

▼平面图,Plan ©龙奇华


We removed some of the walls and readjusted the space layout according to the above problems. The wooden house is “planted” in the space and begins to “grow” around. Eventually, the whole house establishes an “order” where everything is in its place. Breath, sound, light and shadow can flow in each space, and the house will become a harmonious entirety.

▼构思,拆除,植入-生长,成形,Idea, Removing, Implantation – Growth, Achievement ©龙奇华


The entrance of the house is a place that opens people’s senses. We hope that the occupants will be wrapped in warm lights and wooden materials as soon as they return home, to wash out the tiredness. White latex paint is used on the walls and ceiling, and a white maple floor is used on the floor, which visually makes the space more spacious and is more conducive to outdoor natural light entering the interior.

▼入户玄关,New entrance ©龙奇华


生活的可能 | The possibility of life


We make the space as open continuously as possible and endow the space with different materials and scales according to the use function. The occupants will not be restricted by boundaries in their daily life, creating more possibilities for their free action in life. The TV wall and the desk are suspended and fixed on the shear wall to increase the lightness of the space and make the view more transparent.

▼餐厅看向书房,View from the dining room to study ©龙奇华

▼书房看向餐厅,View from Study to dining room ©龙奇华

▼餐厅局部,Part of dining room ©龙奇华


Due to the openness of the space, occupants can communicate freely in different spaces.

▼过道,Aisle ©龙奇华


The extra-long suspended desk provides more possibilities for use. A full wall of wooden bookcases will accommodate the occupants’ numerous books. The blank space helps the occupants to think freely.

▼书房,Study ©龙奇华


Different wood textures bring subtle changes in light, shadow and touch, making people’s senses m ore sensitive and abundant. In today’s fast-paced life, perhaps only the dining room is one of the few places where a family can put down everything and communicate peacefully. We hope that this simple wooden house will help the occupants to maintain their inner peace in this hustle and bustle city.

▼夜晚灯光,View of the night ©龙奇华

▼剖面图,Section ©龙奇华

项目名称 | 木屋之家
项目地址 | 湖南长沙
建筑面积 | 108㎡
全案设计 | 龙奇华
设计时间 | 2021
完成时间 | 2022
设计团队 | 龙奇华、邱梓绵
摄影版权 | 龙奇华
联系邮箱 | longarchitects@qq.com

Project name | The Wooden House
Project location | Changsha
Project Area | 108㎡
Design | Jason Long
Design year | 2021
Completion Year | 2022
Design Team | Jason Long & Jamie Qiu
Photo credits | Jason Long
Contact e-mail | longarchitects@qq.com