This store interior design project for well-known eyewear brand JINS is located in the Namba Parks shopping mall, Osaka. The mall itself is famous for its organic shape which is filled with gorgeous greenery. To stand out from all other stores under the JINS brand, our approach was to explore the design specific to the context focusing on three key aspects: 1. Namba Parks as the project site, 2. JINS as an innovative eyewear brand and 3. Eyewear as a mono-sized small product.

▼店铺概览,overview © Daichi Ano


To welcome and circulate a smooth flow of people from the wide entrance, we proposed to distribute round-shaped display furniture around the space instead of using the typical rectangular display module used in other JINS stores, which also wrap existing columns around. The round-shaped furniture frees up the perimeter enabling it to have increased display capacity while at the same time providing wider circulation spaces. This creates an open and generous retail space suitable for this park-like shopping mall.

▼入口视角,view from the entrance © Daichi Ano

▼展示区,display area © Daichi Ano

▼圆形展台预览交通空间,providing wider circulation spaces © Daichi Ano

▼收银区,view of the cashier © Daichi Ano


In the design of the displays we explored alternative three-dimensional display forms which created a more comfortable relationship between goods and customers. The displays were also required to present many small pieces of eyewear which would stand out individually as well as grouped in series. To achieve this we stepped the circular displays like layers of a pinecone with curved indents carved into each layer sized to fit each eyewear piece. This form of display highlights each eyewear pieces’ design both in plan and elevation without overlap with another piece. This form together with a mirror above can display 16 pairs of glasses as one group according to JINS’ standard unit, but also provides a flexible display capable of multiple arrangements.

▼座位区,seating area © Daichi Ano

▼分组展示示意,display 16 pairs of glasses as one group © Daichi Ano

▼展台中的视角,view in the “Garden of Eyewear” © Daichi Ano


Collaborating with wood fabricators who use digital technology, various species of solid hardwood from the Hida region were precisely shaped into smoothly curved steps using a CNC (computer numerical control) machine. These were then carefully stacked into various sizes of mountain-like form. The substantial massiveness of each piece combined with the uneven colour and texture of the diverse hardwood species adds lively charm and natural appearance to each display piece.

▼木质山形展台,mountain-like furnitures © Daichi Ano


Scattered pieces of furniture of various size with central planting at their peak display the colourful eyewear resembling rocky mountains or plant bulbs. These allow customers to pleasantly circulate around them browsing each eyewear piece. We intended to create an interesting landscape scene of people and goods in the shopping mall environment where customers can enjoy abundant experiences within a “Garden of Eyewear” which is about more than just shopping.

▼展台细部,details © Daichi Ano

PROJECT : Eyewear store interior design
STATUS : Completed (2020.03)
LOCATION : Osaka, Japan
AREA : 220 sqm
FURNITURE PRODUCTION : Hidakuma Inc. + Artistry Inc. + Kanemoku co.,ltd
LANDSCAPE : Ryokuensya Inc.