A winery is no longer what it used to be. I once knew wineries where cobwebs and dust, were the sign of time passing and of the times. jTime was also, almost always, the sign of quality, as the wine that got preserved over time, at the time, was good wine, which got even better after being left there for a few years.

▼项目概览,overview of the project ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


Wineries are changing and they no longer have room for dust nor for cobwebs. Now they are true laboratories, ruled by strict laws of employment and hygiene. They obeying a finely tuned science of dosage, temperature control, accelerated or slowed down, with more or less chemistry. In some cases, a winery is a place of real alchemy. 

timber screen forming the exterior wall of the winery ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


The Winery of Casa da Torre already existed, as good wine was already being produced at the property. The will to produce more wine, better and in accordance with the new rules led to having to rethink the winery and inevitably to enlarge it.

▼北立面的花岗岩墙,granite wall at the north facade ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


The siting and orientation are excellent. Half buried into the site, its southern side is sheltered from direct sunshine and resulting high temperatures. The western side also is sheltered. To the north, is a high and thick granite wall. To the east, are the access and entrance areas. The extension added only what was necessary, trying to respect what was already there.

▼实验室,the lab ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

▼实验室入口,entrance of the lab ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

▼实验室内部,interior space of the lab ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

▼细部,details ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

改造从屋顶开始,建筑师从复杂的结构入手,构成了双向倾斜的坡屋顶。18 米的空间跨度意味着不得不在中央引入一排柱子,建筑师试图将这些不受欢迎的柱子减至最少。屋顶结构采用简单的叠层木材,下方柱子通过四根分叉支撑着上方桁架。此外,钢索用于抵抗结构自重和屋顶瓦片产生的巨大水平推力。

The transformation started at roof level: from a complex variety of different structures and planes a two way pitched roof was created. A cross span of 18 meters forced the introduction of a row of central pillars, which were undesired and undesirable and which were therefore reduced to a minimum. The roof structure in laminated timber is a simple one, despite the four stanchions that emerge from each pillar, to support the roof trusses. Steel cables are used to restrain the great horizontal thrust generated by the weight of the structure and roof finishes.

▼从入口看室内空间,view of the interior space through the entrance ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

stanchions from each pillar supporting the roof trusses ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


Inside, the choice of materials was guided by the parameters of hygiene, durability and maintenance. The timber vats and tubs were replaced by stainless steel tanks rigorously lined up, with their generous bellies, some full, others waiting to receive the precious nectar.

stainless steel tanks rigorously lined up ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


Over the granite outdoor tank, sits the volume of the small office, both outside and inside, trying to connect the two spaces. Access is from a stairs, also in timber. An elevated gantry allows for circulation and connects the higher levels of the site to the west with that of the office floor.

▼上层办公空间,small office on the upper floor ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

▼办公空间内部,interior space of the office ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


The roof overhangs the stone paved entrance, in so doing covers the arrival space, the toilets and a “vat” which is the laboratory. Light, only as much as is needed, is filtered through a timber screen.

▼入口上方的悬挑屋顶,cantilevered roof over the entrance ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

▼屋顶覆盖的办公室与实验室,the office and lab covered by the large roof ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


Inside, the wine is kept, maturing, after the business of the harvest, the crushing, the fermentation and all the knowledge inherent to this process. The works at the winery led to the re-thinking of the external space. Some trees were transplanted, some stones moved, some new tanks were built, as in the old times, with floors of great stone slabs. Some water sources that had been forgotten were again tapped into and used.

▼酒厂灯光,lighting view ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG


The winery is no longer what it used to be. It is now better, as is the wine. It is fresh, as is the wine. The green wine.

▼夜景,night view ©FERNANDO GUERRA . FG+SG

▼设计草图,sketches © Carlos Castanheira

▼改造前总平面,general plan before renovation © Carlos Castanheira

▼改造后总平面,general plan after renovation © Carlos Castanheira

▼首层平面,the 1st floor plan © Carlos Castanheira

▼二层平面,the 2nd floor plan © Carlos Castanheira

Project: Winery Casa da Torre
Client: Manuel Sousa Lopes
Location: Louro – Vila Nova de Famalicão – Portugal
Project Date: 2008-2009
Architecture: Carlos Castanheira
Carlos Castanheira & Clara Bastai, Arqtos Lda.
Team: Orlando Sousa
Consultancies: Paulo Fidalgo, Eng. Civil
HDP Gabinete Projectos. Engenharia Civil, Lda.
Carpentry: Carpicunha Madeira Ldª
Photography: Fernando Guerra I FG+SG I ultimasreportagens.com