“建筑是有自己的领域,它与实际生活有着物质的联系、我并不认为建筑是一种信息或象征,它首先是生活的容器和背景,敏感的容纳着地板上脚步的节奏,容纳着工作的专注,容纳着睡眠的寂静” ——卒姆托

Architecture has its own field, and it has a material connection with real life. I don’t think architecture is a kind of information or symbol. First of all, it is the container and background of life, which sensitively accommodates the rhythm of footsteps on the floor and the focus of work. as well as contains the silence of sleep. ” — Zumtor

▼店铺概览,overall view © WEN STUDIO



We respect the design of essence, truth and nature, which is confident but not deliberately, and not sentimental when we talk. The performance of the design shall be the result of construction, the response to the site and the poetic expression of materials.

Every design language is consistent with the product narrative, which is minimalism and “realism”. Our task has shifted from optimizing the so-called “empirical”, “non-essential” and “dispensable” of conventional experiences to maintaining neutrality, simplifying design, eliminating impurities and stereotypes to shape the space style.

▼展示空间,display area © WEN STUDIO


SIDANDA is a brand focused on high-end velvet bed products and advocating for sleep environment. They have built the most popular online brands with an attitude and a determination to define the future. In the process of offline exploration, designers hope not only to continue their consistent value proposition, but also to focus on the future, to expand the resounding space concept and higher brand value, and to establish a unique image in the hearts of the public.

▼SIDANDA专注于高端鹅绒床品与睡眠环境倡导 © WEN STUDIO
SIDANDA focuses on high-end velvet bed products and advocating for sleep environment

▼接待台,reception © WEN STUDIO


流动 / 空间之于人
Flow/Space for people


▼轴测图和分析图,axon & diagram © 蒋杰室内设计公司

Designers connect all the design inspiration with “human understanding” as the core to create a unique tour line. Customers’ understanding of the product will start from “the birth of a velvet”, to understandof a pillow, a quilt, to all the SKU from shallow to deep. With the gradual deepening of the understanding, the customers move to the experiencing area, to imagine the product in the minimalist background, and complete the personalized creation in the “space that can be added”.

▼流动的参观动线,the flowing tour line © WEN STUDIO

▼展架和展台,display booths and shelves © WEN STUDIO

▼用户对产品的认知会从“一朵绒的诞生”出发 © WEN STUDIO
Customers’ understanding of the product will start from “the birth of a velvet”


聚焦 / 空间之于产品
Focus/ Space for Products

关于产品的展示,设计师希望能专注于产品本身,运用简洁的素材充分传达产品的核心特质 ——柔软而温暖。所以设计师采用简单的几何形体,形成开放的大尺度展台,不仅在对比中突出产品的柔软,也创造出适合展开被子等大号产品的平面。


With regard to the display of the product, the designer hopes to focus on the product itself, using concise materials to fully convey the core characteristics of the product-soft and warm. So the designer uses a simple geometric shape to form an open large-scale booth, which not only highlights the softness of the products in the comparison, but also creates a platform suitable for large-scale products such as quilts.

In order to create the unique gentle serenity of sleep, dark color is chosen for the booth, and the material of the whole background space is warm white micro-cement. We can get this imagination in the space: in the fourth space, the soft pillow floats on the continuous open dark blue horizontal plane, that is comfortable and beautiful.

▼开放的展台足以平铺整张被子,The open booth is enough to spread a quilt © WEN STUDIO

▼深蓝色展台营造静谧之感,暖白色空间奠定舒适基调 © WEN STUDIO
The dark blue booth creates a sense of tranquility, and the warm white space sets the tone for comfort

▼展台细节,booth detailed view © WEN STUDIO


俯仰 / 空间之于空间
Pitching/ Space for Space


The transformation between space and space is relaxed and rhythmic. In the spatial organization, it takes into account both the openness of the public space and the sense of privacy of the experience area: the design implies the change of function by adjusting the height of the ground, the size of the scale and the intensity of light. The building blocks that run through the whole time make each area communicate with each other, where there is no absolute independence, only relative correlation.

▼区域之间开放式连接,Open connection between regions © WEN STUDIO


In this pure space of inward exploration, we do not need others to set up a life scenario, but to dissolve ourselves into a gentle and leisure environment of inaction, gradually liberating the “possibilities” that are trapped. Hope that designers and users in this process, “let the concept survive the capture of the form, let the form gain real freedom”.

▼光线、材质、气味共同营造一种放松舒适的氛围使用户更好地进一步了解产品 © WEN STUDIO
Light, material and smell work together to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for users to better understand the product

▼空间细节,interior detailed view © WEN STUDIO

▼平面图,plan © 蒋杰室内设计公司

项目名称/ SIDANDA旗舰店
主创设计/ 蒋杰
设计团队/ 徐瑛嫔、张惠鑫
项目地址/ 杭州市萧山区第六空间
完工时间/ 2021.7
项目面积/ 350㎡

Design Company / JIANGJIE DESIGN
Main Designer/ Jiang Jie
Design Team/ Xu Yingpin , Zhang Huixin
Project Address: Sixth Space, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City
Completion Time/2021.7
Project Acreage/350 ㎡
Construction Team/ ASPARK
Video Team/ WEN STUDIO