来自伦敦的Blacksheep设计工作室为全球顶尖的苏格兰单一麦芽威士忌品牌“The Glenlivet”重新设计了其位于苏格兰斯佩赛德的酒厂。经过改造的酒厂容纳了一个855平方米的新游客中心,在创造独特且充满现代感的游览体验的同时,使顾客得以了解到The Glenlivet的品牌历史。设计的灵感直接来源于环绕在酒厂周围的凯恩戈姆国家公园的荒野景致。

The Glenlivet, the iconic Scottish single malt whisky maker, has undergone a major renovation of its distillery in Speyside, Scotland to incorporate a cutting edge and evocative new 855 m2 visitor centre designed by Blacksheep, the London based specialist F&B design studio, which immerses guests in The Glenlivet’s rich history. Blacksheep is responsible both for the interior and experience design, which takes direct inspiration from the wilderness of the Cairngorms National Park landscape that surrounds The Glenlivet Estate in which the distillery sits.

▼Glenlivet酒厂外观,The Glenlivet Distillery © John Paul


The visitor centre is spread over the ground and lower floors of the distillery. Visitors enter the experience at the Reception where they are greeted by a spectacular custom chandelier by London based florists, Grandirosa, which is made from local dried wildflowers. To the left of the reception lies the Lounge, which acts as a waiting area ahead of the tour and features comfortable sofas and armchairs in a blue upholstered fabric. These are complemented by leather lounge chairs and deep buttoned poufs.

▼接待台,reception © John Paul

▼休息室,lounge © John Paul

▼“画室”品酒区,The Drawing Room, The Glenlivet’s atmospheric and relaxed onsite bar © John Paul

在进入斯佩赛德大厅之前,游客将首先在历史展厅(History Room)中看到一面3层楼高的灯光酒瓶展墙,并通过周围的画像了解到Glenlivet威士忌品牌发展历程中的重要人物。

The History Room can be found by the entrance to the Speyside Room with a triple height illuminated bottle wall alongside graphics on the key people in The Glenlivet story. A concealed sliding door hides the entrance to the Speyside Room and beyond.

▼历史展厅,History Room © John Paul

在穿过隐蔽的推拉门后,便进入了遍布着“大麦田”的斯佩塞德大厅(Speyside Room)。大麦是酿造威士忌酒的主要原料,它们由为Glenlivet酒厂供货的本地农场进行收割和保存。大厅的墙壁上安装了大型LED屏幕,讲述着关于Glenlivet的丰富故事。

The Speyside Room features a dramatically sweeping indoor field of barley, also by Grandirosa. This is the whisky’s key ingredient and has been harvested and preserved at one of the local farms that supplies The Glenlivet. The walls of the space feature large LED screens that tells a different element of The Glenlivet story.

▼斯佩塞德大厅,Speyside Room © John Paul

“发源展厅”(Provenance Room)为游客提供了与蒸馏过程相关的互动式讲解。该空间被设置在一个“发酵桶”中,并配备了数字动画天花板和石质水泵,游客们可以一边品酒一边亲身体验威士忌酒的制造过程。

The Provenance Room provides visitors with an interactive masterclass in the distillation process. Set within one of the original washback drums, the room features a digital animated ceiling and stone water pump enabling tasters to immerse themselves in the manufacturing process.

▼“发源展厅”配备了数字动画天花板和石质水泵 © John Paul
The room features a digital animated ceiling and stone water pump


The Tasting Room is a dramatic circular space with a round custom walnut table at its centre. A sculptural central display rises from the table displaying a selection of The Glenlivet whiskies.

▼品酒室,Tasting Room © John Paul


The Sample Room is The Glenlivet’s premium retail space. It is arranged like an old-fashioned apothecary, with a central wooden display of The Glenlivet’s finest collections. At its centre sits the Winchester, a £19K bottle of The Glenlivet whisky in a bespoke cabinet designed by Blacksheep.

▼样品展厅,Sample Room © John Paul

▼展柜细节,display details © John Paul


The Smugglers Hideout is an elevated private space for tasting the finest bottles of The Glenlivet, which can also be used as a private space for a unique tasting experience and features another custom dried flower chandelier and a custom oak counter fronted by eight leather topped bar stools.

▼秘密酒室,Smugglers Hideout © John Paul

▼由Whichford Pottery制作的手工陶罐,the hand-crafted clay pot by Whichford Pottery © John Paul

游客体验中心还特别设置了一个用于展示威士忌酒桶的“Glenlivet仓库”。由Into Lighting专门设计的照明方案为该空间带来了具有戏剧感的氛围,同时也进一步强调了藏在酒桶中的珍贵“内容”。

The visitor experience also includes The Glenlivet Warehouse, featuring the distillery’s whisky casks. A custom lighting scheme by Into Lighting brings a touch of drama to the space and celebrates the casks’ precious contents.

▼Glenlivet酒桶仓库,Glenlivet Warehouse © John Paul

▼仓库细节,detailed view © John Paul

▼其它细节,other details © John Paul