我们进入了一个生活方式时代,致力于追求物质、情感和精神的完美统一。天津融创星耀五洲是融汇文化、艺术、生活时尚与科技的新型商业社区,力求通过话题性、体验性、跨界性的场景革命 , 重构人与商业的连接,创造愉悦美好的生活方式。

We have entered an era of lifestyle, committed to the pursuit of the perfect unity of material, emotion and spirit. As a new business community combining culture, art, lifestyle with science and technology, Tianjin World of Sunac seeks to reestablish the connection between people and business, through the topical, experiential and trans-disciplinary scene revolution, to create a pleasant and beautiful lifestyle.

▼社区入口空间,the entrance ©一千度视觉


In this design, NONEZONE design covers many business forms of community business, such as public area, dry cleaning center, Meiye Image Museum, Ronghui club, fitness center, KTV, Rongguo paradise, and strives to present a complete and composite community business experience scene.

▼融创社区公共区域,public area ©一千度视觉


社区商业公区 | Community business district


The design focuses on the style of the customer group and explores a livable space related to “activity” and “community”. The team of NONEZONE has broken through the conventional thinking by creating a contrast of space and texture with extreme form. In the rapidly changing world, they also use extremely tense materials to present a striking contrast in an attempt to explore more possibilities in the current human living space in a way that people and space interact with one another.

▼融创社区公共区域,public area ©一千度视觉

▼仰望中庭,view of the atrium ©一千度视觉


Different from the traditional commercial complex, the design reconciles the reality and the ideal, creating one space after another in a deconstructed way, which keeps people immersed in and has no time to jump out of it. The public area at the main entrance blends the classical poetry with contemporary aesthetics. Its simple, majestic and futuristic symbolic design inspires people not to stop pursuing and exploring, with full confidence for the future. This not only highlights the new life concept of Tianjin World, but also broadens people’s imagination of a better life.

▼楼梯通向二层,the stairs leading to the second floor ©一千度视觉


跃动的时光 社区健身房 | Leaping time community gym 


The design of gym meets both the functional and artistic needs. It is a place for pressure release for young people to express their emotions, put aside their thoughts and resolve their troubles.

▼健身房,the gym ©一千度视觉


the scheme abandoned the complicated wall design with accumulation of pictures, but adopted the wood, black and other pure colors as the dominate colors. It not only shows the delicate texture of science and technology, but also can completely pull people’s sensory focus back to the fitness itself, sweat and release the stress in life to the fullest. At the same time, with the soft strip lighting, the designer creates a quiet atmosphere, making the users relax and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

▼柔和的线条灯光,the soft strip lighting ©一千度视觉


折叠的裙摆 社区形象馆 | Folded skirt community image Museum

云想衣裳花想容 享生活形象工作室与公区相邻,是一个复合型业态,专门为女性提供美发、美甲、护理、spa等全方位服务。设计师通过风格化、个性化的美学设计,将该工作室打造成了唯美、浪漫的空间,让每一位女性都能做一次美梦,内外皆自然。

Her robe is a cloud, her face a flower; her balcony, glimmering with the bright spring dew. Adjacent to the public area, “Enjoy Life” stylist studio is a complex type of business, specializing in providing women with all-round service such as hairdressing, manicure, skin care, SPA and so on. The designer creates a beautiful and romantic space for the studio, through an aesthetic design with a distinctive style and character, in which every woman can realize her sweet dream, getting refined internally and externally.

▼社区形象馆,overview of the community image museum ©一千度视觉


In view of the professionalism and pertinence of the stylist studio, the designer draws inspiration from the female skirt, and makes the whole three-dimensional space into a folded skirt. The skirt gives flexible and lightsome sense of rich layers, with infinite artistic conception. With the skirt as the space modeling, it not only conveys the tendency of feminine style, but also greatly enhances the sense of scene and experience, and artistry, creating a feeling of “winding path leading to a secluded spot”, so that customers can immerse themselves in and enjoy the service.

▼折叠的裙摆造型,space like a folded skirt ©一千度视觉


The skirt shape can effectively and flexibly divide various functions, not only to avoid the service conflict, but also to achieve the integration of types of business in the open area, and thereby customers enjoy the time in peace and comfort, just as in a dream.

▼区域的流动式划分,spaces flexibly divided into various functions ©一千度视觉


The grace of life lies in the delicacy of materiality, but also in the expression of personality. A lot of similar studios on the market often spare no effort to heighten the space and environment through big pictures and large area of colors. The monotonous design method is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue, so that customers lose patience and enthusiasm. As a result, in the design of “Enjoy Life” stylist studio, the designer strives to break this transitory type of business as “online celebrity”, to give space with vitality and imagination by way of personalized, stylized, ritualized design methods.

▼接待前台,the reception ©一千度视觉

▼等候区,the waiting area ©一千度视觉


As for the color, the designer has abandoned the flashy color palette, and adopted the minimalist design method.  White and wood colors are taken as the essential colors, to keep the whole space clean and transparent, generous and bright, full of aesthetic and romantic atmosphere. Gold, black and other colors are chosen to be interspersed in the space, to improve the space quality, and highlight the personality and style in the delicate place.

▼走廊通向内部空间,the corridor leading to the interior space ©一千度视觉


The beauty of details can even arouse imagination. The stylist studio is not only a place to provide services for female clients, but also a place for women to enjoy and experience the wonderful life. Therefore, the designer carefully completes every detailed design, giving the space with a sense of ritual, where female clients can enjoy the exquisite beauty.

▼金属展示台,the display furnitures made of metal ©一千度视觉


The ornament of metal stands for a delicate expression of space. And hence, for the seat, the designer chose a color palette of black and metallic colors, with which the space has a better quality, showing women’s delicate and elegant style, and stimulating their good yearning for themselves and a better life. It is a woman’s nature to love beauty. “Enjoy Life” stylist studio is designed based on “beauty”, not only to create the beauty of space, show the beauty of women, but also tell the beauty of life, and inspire everyone to have a dream about the future.

▼细部,details ©一千度视觉



想象的链接 干洗中心 | Imagine the link to the dry cleaning center


For humans, the pursuit of technology never stops, and the search for the future never stops.

▼干洗中心入口,entrance of the dry cleaning center ©一千度视觉

Concept: Ludwig Flamm – Wormhole


Well-arranged circular acrylic tubes create a transparent facade that seems to hide a mysterious world inside. The circular window acts like an observation hatch of a space capsule, inviting customers to step forward and look inside. Black volcanic stone reveals a deep breath, as if to tell the mystery of the universe. The integration of all these elements is very identifiable, breaking the boundaries of reality and extending the space of imagination.

well-arranged circular acrylic tubes creating a transparent facade ©一千度视觉

▼圆形亚克力细部,details of the acrylic tubes ©一千度视觉

连接宇宙遥远区域间的时空细管,将舱体之间的衔接,虫洞是不可见的隧道,用“透明”的介质,将各个空间结合 犹如穿梭的旅行,塑造更有趣、更有传播价值、更有社交话题的空间,打破大众对于干洗店的固化思维,激发体验者的探索欲。

Like tiny tubes of space-time that connect distant regions of the universe, connecting cabins to one another, wormholes are invisible tunnels that use a “transparent” medium to combine spaces together. It is like a shuttled trip, creating a more interesting space with more communication value and more social topics, breaking the public’s conventional thinking about dry cleaning shops and stimulating the desire to explore.

▼通过入口廊道看内部空间,view of the interior space from the entryway ©一千度视觉

▼入口廊道内部视角,view of the entryway ©一千度视觉


Circular acrylic tubes and steel plates are used as the main materials, with yellow acrylic and black volcanic stones, and the designer used a simplified way to shape the whole space with transparency and fantasy. Customers are immediately drawn to the mystery of the dry cleaning shop as soon as they pass it.

▼干洗中心接待区,welcome reception of the dry cleaning center ©一千度视觉

▼接待区内部视角,view inside the reception area ©一千度视觉


In the interior, each of functional areas is reasonably divided with a clear circulation, creating a modern and fashionable, clean and bright, delicate and mysterious space, which reflects the service aim of “cleaning up”. The design not only meets the curiosity and desire for exploration of customers, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of staff.

▼精致神秘的空间环境,delicate and mysterious space ©一千度视觉

▼内部走廊,view of the interior corridor ©一千度视觉


At the same time, the designer uses circular acrylic tubes and steel plates to shape the space style, highlighting the sense of advanced technology, rather than colorful design. These materials, under the reflection of light, greatly extend the space, creating a sight of unpredictable and infinite future. In addition, the elements such as the chair of curvilinear modeling and circular pendants, also make the space more variable, lightsome and flexible, just like the mysterious universe containing infinite possibility.

▼钢板置物架,furnitures made of steel plates ©一千度视觉

这神秘的透明,形成强烈的视觉效果,不仅吸引客户前来光顾,也提升了消费者的心理预期。同时这种神秘感,深入人心,制造了话题性,激发消费者进行主动传播,从而提升White’s 干洗店在社区内的影响力和品牌力。

The mysterious transparency creates an intense visual effect, which not only attracts customers to visit, but also raises the psychological expectations of consumers and satisfies their desire to explore. Simultaneously, the sense of mystery is deeply rooted in the hearts of visitors, creating a topic that inspires consumers to carry out active communication, thus enhancing the influence and brand power of White’s dry cleaning shop in the community.

▼细部,details ©一千度视觉


快意的人生 融汇社区CLUB | Happy life converges with the community club

动  运动健身   Act  exercise and fitness
感  感官KTV   Feel KTV
光  微光影院   Light  glimmer cinema
波  游戏声波   Wave  sound wave of games


As a department of Tianjin World of Sunac, Sunac Club is a complex type of business, incorporating games, fitness, cinema, KTV and other ways of entertainment, aiming to build a healthy and entertainment city for young owners. With a sense of science and technology and a sense of future as the main clue, the designer creates a higher quality life of health and entertainment for young people through fashionable, creative and interesting design methods, so that they can put down their burdens and enjoy a happy life.

▼融会club,Sunac Club ©一千度视觉

鉴于融会club是一个多个独立空间组成的经营性业态 ,南筑团队将色彩与功能结合作为空间辨识度的方式,实现线上线下的双屏互动。

Since Sunac Club is a type of business composed of multiple independent spaces, the designer carefully integrated the reception area with the open entertainment area, in order to create the memory point of the space. First of all, the gathering and entertainment of the club should be revealed, to attract young people to linger here.

▼色彩与功能结合,integrating the reception area with the open entertainment area ©一千度视觉


The design of the open entertainment area is simple, distinctive and fashionable, full of sense of technology and future. The color palette of space composed of red and black brings a strong visual experience, making the whole scene become profound and powerful, just like the future world. The designer makes full use of the open layout and rich geometric symbols to delimit the pedestrian circulation from multiple dimensions, thus enhancing the interaction in the space. The scattered and orderly strip lights create a sense of skeleton in the space.

▼开放娱乐区,the open entertainment area ©一千度视觉


Under the background of light and shadow, the nostalgic arcade games, crane machines, mystery boxes, as well as the avant-garde VR experience in the space, all reflect a technological fantasy of beauty. The young group can be free to “run wildly” here, get immersed in the fun of the game, and feel the pleasure of life.

▼细部,details ©一千度视觉


酣畅的相聚 星耀KTV


The design of KTV room has organically integrated points and lines with surfaces, rather than dazzling visual effects and excessive luxury, to create a simple, fashionable, lightsome and magic scene. The design method of the theme and color palette makes the space more futuristic. The lighting with geometrical lines reveals a hi-tech style, as if it has the power to travel through time and space.

▼KTV包房,KTV room ©一千度视觉


There is enough space between the seats and the screen for guests to interact while dancing or singing. Here, consumers can roar, croon, sing and dance, to release helpless feeling and enjoy the pleasure of life.

▼座椅与屏幕之间留有足够的区域,enough space between the seats and the screen ©一千度视觉


多彩的细节 公共卫生间 | Candy Toilet


The design team creates space through changes in color and form, so that the details can give visitors a better experience. The service community center is oriented to the whole age group and focuses on family visits. Therefore, more areas are reserved, and the use habits of special groups such as the elderly and children are fully considered.

creating space through changes in color and form ©一千度视觉


The simultaneous implementation of Sunac project is a test for NONEZONE team. The design cycle is short and there are many business types. As a transformation project, NONEZONE team also coordinated the coordination of architecture, fire protection and other hardbound units, and finally completed the project, which also won the recognition of visitors and Party A.

▼融果课堂,the study center ©一千度视觉

联系邮箱 nonezonedesign@163.com
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年5月 & 2021年1月
项目地址 :天津 西青区

Project name: The Complex of Tianjin World of Sunac
Design: NONEZONE Design
Contact: nonezonedesign@163.com
Design year & Completion Year: May 2020 & January 2021
Leader designer & Team: “Design Director:Su Yang Yao Weiguo Wang Hai Zhang Fenglv
Creative design: Zhu Yanjun
Aided design: Gong Daoxiang, Yao Yuming”
Project location: Xiqing District, Tianjin
Gross Built Area: 5700㎡
Photo credits: 1000 degree vision
Clients: sunacsunac
Brands: Shidu soft suit, rope net tribe, Ouwei lighting