Bukit Merah是温馨的生活空间,反对新加坡公共住房(又称建屋发展局公寓)不利于营造理想家庭空间的模式。该项目通过将1960年代老房子中的三居室打造成现代开放平面布局,探索了兼具公共性与私密性的住房模式。

Bukit Merah is an intimate living space opposing the mindset that Public Housing in Singapore, also known as Housing Development Board (HDB) Flats, are unconducive of interior design pertaining to the ideal space for a home. The project explores the juxtaposition of the public and the private through the contemporary open-plan of a 3-room apartment located in an aged estate dating back to the 1960s.

▼空间概览,overall view © Marc Tan


Prior to the spatial transformation was the shared opinion of the designer and the client to sustainably preserve the Terrazzo, bedroom parquet and the blue wall tiles as a homage to the heritage of the yesteryears. By preserving the integrity of plywood as it is for the carpentry works and a paint job matching the shade of the blue tiles, the mellow collage of shades unifying the different spaces into one reflects the nostalgia of an unhurried pace of living lost to time. The conventional partitioning of spaces does not sits well with a dwelling meant for single living, hence suggesting the pragmatism of an open plan providing a more seamless transition between programmatic spaces of the apartment. Characteristic of open plans are the ambiguous boundaries of living spaces, where in this case, the kitchen, dining and living areas co-exist as an undivided whole while respecting the privacy of the bedroom.

▼客厅,living room © Marc Tan

▼餐厅,dining room © Marc Tan

▼厨房,kitchen © Marc Tan

▼均为蓝色调的砖和漆,tiles and paint both in blue tones © Marc Tan


The client’s passion for a collection of plants unique to the tropical climate opened the opportunity for a dedicated balcony resembling the traits of a Japanese Engawa, where the gardening space is both on the inside and outside, and also, possesing the duality of publicness and privacy. Sliding doors demarcating the boundaries of what is deemed as the “private indoors” by the client– allowing for cross ventilation throughout the house when fully opened, while also providing a safe retreat when closed in the event of a heavy downpour.

▼滑动门将阳台与内部空间相隔,sliding doors separate the balcony from the interior space © Marc Tan

▼布满房间的热带植物,tropical plants all over the room © Marc Tan


In line with the designer’s belief that home design is incomplete without the visibility of lingering traces reflecting one’s living, is the curation of furniture as a finishing touch. Minimalistic shelving and storage injected into the living room were eventually packed with cherished possessions, exuding the charm of a home truly reflecting the love for living.

▼极简的置物架和储物柜,minimalistic shelving and storage © Marc Tan

▼家具细部,details of furniture © Marc Tan

▼器皿细部,details of utensils © Marc Tan

▼平面图,floor plan © MONOCOT

Project Name: Bukit Merah
Office Name: MONOCOT
Office Website: https://www.monocotstudio.com/
Social Media Accounts:
Contact email: mikael_teh@monocotstudio.com
Firm Location: 35B Seah Street Singapore 188391
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 71 m2
Project location: Bukit Merah, Singapore
Program: Residential, Public Housing
Lead Architects: Mikael Teh
Lead Architects e-mail: mikael_teh@monocotstudio.com
Photo Credits: Marc Tan , Studio Periphery
Photographer’s Website: https://www.studioperiphery.com/