前言 | Introduction


Collision between conversation and inspiration, peculiar flavor of family appears with people. Living flexibly and freely, as it should be.

Space video ©ACT STUDIO


趣味转折丨 Funny Transition

上海这处 15 年房龄的二手房,使用面积 85 平。年轻的业主夫妻经历几年租房生活后, 秉持最大化利用空间的目标,放开对于空间风格的局限,迎接老宅新生。

This 15-year-old second-hand house in Shanghai has a net area of 85 square meters. After several years of renting a house, the young couples who own this house chose to maximize the use of space and get rid of the limitations in home style to look forward to the rebirth of this old house.

Looking from the porch to the gallery ©吴昂

Sliding door enclosing the gallery ©吴昂

Sliding door is closed to form a private bedroom ©吴昂

An overview of gallery space ©ACT STUDIO

入室一扇红色微水泥移门, 门身包裹感来自与人体自身尺度契合。满眼白调中,一抹砖红,如空间雕塑,顿时活泼生趣,突破静止,营造家居空间情绪。

When entering the house, a red micro-cement sliding door comes into view which fits for the human body’s own scale. A splash of red in the white color, just like a space sculpture to create the mood of the home space by breaking through the still with immediate vitality and fun.

a red micro-cement sliding door at the entrance ©吴昂

View of the living room through the red sliding door ©吴昂

View of the red sliding door from the living room ©吴昂

Living room ©吴昂

A corner view of the living room ©吴昂

不同功能空间采取异色墙地面,功能自然过渡。破除原本拥堵的次卧墙体,引光入室。屋外光线沿百叶窗钻入, 光斑投影墙面、家具、地面,时间留下几何形状。白净推拉门巧妙转折画廊与次卧功能, 包容业主收藏趣味,丰满功能间隙。

Different functional spaces adopt walls and floors in different colors to show a natural transition. Break the original wall of the guest room which fill the space to let the sunlight in. The light outside the house filters through the shutters into the room, the sunspot drops a shadow on the walls, furniture and ground, leaving the geometric shapes in time. The white and clean sliding door represents a clever transition in function between the gallery and the guest room,accommodating the collection of interest for the owner to fulfill the function of the space.

Looking from the gallery to the porch and the storage room ©吴昂


自由画布 | Free Canvas


Home is a free canvas, breaking the original layout of the house to recreate from the beginning. The layout is transparent and bright, and the overall interior finishing is simple and clean. The favourite things are displayed here, scattering in the cloakroom with a flexible order.

Looking from the living room to the dining room ©吴昂

Dining room ©吴昂


There is no fixed background, leaving the blank space to remain growing space for future life. The design is based on the occupants, and the daily scenes are full of possibilities. The design of multilevel lighting replaces a single main light,the habits of the occupants can be properly taken care of.

Looking from the dining room to the gallery ©ACT STUDIO


中古未来丨Future of Medieval Times

太空时代的中古家具营造未来氛围,中古未来对话间生活态度显现。卧室床头定制整块软包靠背,床架定制一体式床板, 表面施以微水泥,从地面延伸至床架,干净克制。卧室回归“卧室”,灯光渐隐,极致精简。

The medieval furniture of the space age creates the atmosphere of the future, and the attitude of life shows in the dialogue of the medieval future. The headboard in the bedroom is customized with a whole piece of soft backrest, and the bedstead is customized with an integrated bed board. The surface is coated with micro-cement, extending from the ground to the bedstead in a controlled cleanness. The bedroom returns to the “bedroom”, which is extremely streamlined with the lights fading away.

Bedroom ©吴昂

Daily scene of the bedroom ©ACT STUDIO

Furnitures of the bedroom ©ACT STUDIO


The futuristic atmosphere extends to the kitchen. The stainless steel veneer and the white integrated countertop shape the sense of contemporary visual. At the same time, it is easy to maintain, which relieves the pressure of life.

Kitchen ©吴昂


开放的重构丨Open Reconstruction


Space is at a standstill, life is changing, and design is a balance between these two.

Balcony ©吴昂

光、移门、中古家具, 人自身的主观能动使得空间鲜活,具备独特尺度, 容纳随机的生活秩序。空间历经新与旧, 在开放的心态中得以重构。

Lights, sliding doors and Mid-century Modern, people’s own subjectivity can make the space alive, with unique dimensions and containable life orders in random. The space has gone through the new and the old, and has been reconstructed in an open mind.

Detail of floor lamps illuminating the shoe cabinet ©吴昂

Floor plan, Model one ©无研建筑设计

Floor plan, Model two ©无研建筑设计


Project Name:Future of Medieval Times
Project location: Changning District, Shanghai
Area: 85㎡
Leading Designer: Suvan
Duration: 2021.03
Photographer: ACT STUDIO, Wu Ang
Copywriter: YOKO
Main Materials:white micro-cement, red micro-cement, natural clay, latex paint, white baking paint board
Cooperation brand: ZESTMAN, SOR House Custom, T-Touching, COMO3, ACC
Lighting: Cai Liechao, FLUA