“一迳抱幽山,居然城市间” ——宋代苏舜钦《水调歌头·沧浪亭》。

▼视频,video © UK Studio


Time Traveling and Fantasy


Assuming we are experience time traveling to the ancient Song dynasty , imagine  a ranger hiding in a tea shop under the heavy rain. He was disappeared into the hazy night . From the beginning of the project, similar fragments of fantasy appeared several times in our minds. Meanwhile , the similar  scenario  of ancient Song’s life scenes  have also appeared several times between the conversation between our clients.   We wants to create a brief encounter between the ancient and present, through the catering culture.

▼建筑沿街北立面,North facade from the street © UK Studio


This project is located in Dajing Alley, Hangzhou City, which connects the densely crowded Zhongshan Middle Road and Hefang Street. This alley has been located in the bustling core area since it was called Wushanfang back in the Southern Song Dynasty. The store is the pilot Metal Hands coffee shop runs in Hangzhou City, which is  a risky decision to the client.  How to integrate this domestic specialty coffee brand from northern China into this historical City in south? It was the core challenge for the design team and the client either. Considering the preservation and integration with the historical communities. We decided to abandon the sense of modern and industry, restore the elegant and leisurely life scene of the Song Dynasty. To design a wabi-sabi boutique coffee shop in this modern and bustling commercial spot.

▼建筑沿街西立面和主入口,West facade and main entrance © UK Studio


Renovation and remodeling


There are many depictions of daily scenes in the artworks of Song people, such as “Spring Banquet”, “Guestfeasting in Autumn”, “Night Tour ” and so on. Regarding the delicate lifestyle and philosophy of Song’s people. We delicately designed each program to mimic multiple banquet scenes in Song’s artwork , and open it along the street for the viewer to look it up closely. The overall details in the interior have been carefully designed to facilitate the aesthetics of the space.

▼室内一瞥,A glance to the internal space © UK Studio


The original façade is set back by 1.2m for display purpose. The north façade of first floor is replaced and glazed with openable glass doors and windows. The bar counter extends to the streets, creating an  potential interaction between internal and external.

▼入口汀步和吧台,the stepping stone at the entrance © UK Studio


▼内部三维模型,interior 3D model ©大观建筑设计

The three-span facade on the west side becomes the main entrance of the store, it were replaced with the folding door. The folding doors are able to open up to the small courtyard. The solid walls and windows ofsecond floor were also replaced with floor-to-ceiling windows. In Which, it will bring more lights when events are held on in the future.

▼首层室内概况,interior overview of the first floor © UK Studio


The feast of Metal Hands Coffee


Because it is the pilot store in Hangzhou, we share the same idea that the store should completely integrate the characteristics of the local specialty . Our concepts is to design a space with sense of calmness and Zen. Emphasizing the humanistic and historical atmosphere through the vision and it’s atmosphere.

▼吧台和座位区,bar counter and seating area © UK Studio


The bar counter is constructed by wood cut-stock, this share counter promote the customers and baristas interact with each other.

▼由木方搭建的首层吧台与使用情况一景,view of the bar counter © UK Studio


The first floor are divide into reception area and operation area .Besides to satisfy the efficient circulation between the consumers and staff. We did not choose the method with the highest utilization to arrange conventional seats and table in reception area. Instead, we minimized the quantity of the seats and tables. Inspired by  the Chinese traditional  furnitures appears in Song’s paintings, the relaxed and comfortable posture of the Song people is vividly appears. We decided to arrange some lower table and seats for people to relax.

▼客坐区的坐塌和桌椅,hospitality area © UK Studio

▼通透开阔的视野,the wide open view © UK Studio

▼家具细节,furniture detailed view © UK Studio


▼剖面图,section ©大观建筑设计

At the vacant patio on the east side of the building, we array the trees as landscape installations to create a mysterious and poetic spatial experience. The coffee shop seems to be surrounded by a forest from the street side.

▼中庭景观,installation trees in the courtyard © UK Studio


Going up to the second floor of the store, it is a completely open meditation space and  Zen room. The ground is made of black stainless steel, reflecting the surrounding of antique architecture of Dajing Alley and the solemn trees installation on the other side. As time haschange, the epistemological philosophy and culture are inherited and continued in the Metal Hands Coffee space.

▼吧台通高处看二层空间,view from the bar to the second floor © UK Studio

▼将室外景色纳入空间的二层开放禅室, meditation area of second floor © UK Studio

▼外立面,store front © UK Studio

▼一层平面图,F1 plan ©大观建筑设计

▼二层平面图,F2 plan ©大观建筑设计

▼剖面图,section ©大观建筑设计

项目名称:Metal Hands Coffee 铁手咖啡制造总局杭州店室内改造
设计公司:DAGA Architects大观建筑设计
摄影师:UK Studio
撰文: 刘天萌

Project name:Metal Hands Coffee (Hangzhou)
Site: Da Jing Alley , Hangzhou
Design company: DAGA Architects
Design team: Shen Jianghai,Zhang Longxiao, Liu Tianmeng, Wang Yuan,Wang lifeng, Zhang Bei
Project type: Interior design & Renovation
Covered area: 248㎡
Date of design: January ,2021
Date of construction: March-May, 2021
Photographer:UK Studio
Writer: Liu Tianmeng