总部设在伦敦和洛杉矶的事务所Fettle于近期完成了Schwan Locke的设计:一家位于德国慕尼黑Theresienwiese地区的公寓式酒店,共包含151间客房。Fettle此次负责的设计范围包括客房、三间套房、酒店大堂和咖啡厅、客人休息室、酒吧、庭院以及健身房。

London and LA based design studio create first German outpost for Locke, the design-led Aparthotel Group Fettle, the London and Los Angeles based design studio, led by Andy Goodwin and Tom Parker, has just completed work on the design of Schwan Locke, a new 151 room aparthotel in the Theresienwiese area of Munich, Germany. Fettle’s scope of design covers the guest apartments, three suites, the lobby and coffee shop as well as the guest lounge, bar, courtyard and the gym.

▼酒店客房概览,guest apartment preview © Edmund Dabney

Schwan Locke是酒店公寓品牌Locke在德国的首家门店,为此,设计团队提出的方案是落足于慕尼黑的地理位置,创造一个同时适合旅客和当地人的空间。整体设计的灵感来源于20世纪初始于慕尼黑的“Deutscher Werkbund”(德意志制造联盟)运动,该运动的目标是将大规模的生产与传统工艺进行结合,以制造出强调功能性、弱化装饰性但同时又具备美感、适合大众使用的物品。


Fettle’s brief for Schwan Locke, the first Locke property in Germany, was to create a space for locals and travellers alike that is grounded in its location within Munich. For the overall design Fettle has drawn inspiration from the Deutscher Werkbund movement that started in Munich in the early 20th century. The Werkbund’s aim was to combine mass production with traditional craft to make objects that were functional, feature little ornamentation but were also aesthetically pleasing and available to the masses.

The spaces that Fettle has created pay homage to these principals, whilst ensuring that these are also integrated into the existing aesthetic of the Locke brand, the hotel’s location and the modern world.

▼酒店公共空间概览,public area preview © Edmund Dabney


The result is an interpretation of modernist principals rather than a pastiche of this iconic style, which is reflected throughout the hotel design and can be seen in the joinery details of the café counter and feature bar in the ground floor lounge as well as many of the furniture and lighting pieces.

▼酒吧和休息室,bar and lounge © Edmund Dabney

酒店中装饰着众多艺术品,其灵感正来自于那些参与Werkbund运动的先锋女性。来自慕尼黑当地的艺术家Veronika Grenzebach凭借对鲜艳色调的巧妙运用,从女性的视角对她们的肖像进行了重新构想。这些独一无二的画像可以从酒店的所有公共空间和客房中看到。

The artwork throughout the hotel draws inspiration from the pioneering women involved in the Werkbund movement – from photographer and sculptor Marianne Brandt to Lilly Reich who was on the board of directors. Local artist Veronika Grenzebach has reimagined their portraits in a feminine way using a vibrant colour palette. These unique portraits can be seen throughout the public spaces and guestrooms.

▼酒店中的艺术品致敬了参与Werkbund运动的先锋女性,The artwork throughout the hotel draws inspiration from the pioneering women involved in the Werkbund movement © Edmund Dabney

▼柜台,counter © Edmund Dabney

▼咖啡厅和接待区域,cafe and reception © Edmund Dabney

▼柜台细节,detailed view © Edmund Dabney


Fettle has ensured the public areas within the hotel feel comfortable and inviting and can easily transition through the day to allow guests to eat, drink, relax and work within the café, lounge, bar and courtyard spaces. To help with this, Fettle layered the lighting throughout the ground floor to ensure that it can be tailored to the specific time of day or purpose and have provided a variety of seating options to suit every need.

▼不同类型的座位,a variety of seating options © Edmund Dabney

酒店大堂的墙壁上贴上了条状的镜面,与大胆的地板图案形成搭配——后者的设计灵感来自1914年Deutscher Werkbund展览中的细节。大堂天花板被漆成绿色,并安装了一系列舱壁灯,在镜子的作用下呈现出无限延伸的效果。

In the lobby, Fettle has applied strips of mirror to the lobby walls and paired this with a bold patterned floor, the design of which was inspired by details found within the Deutscher Werkbund exhibition of 1914. The ceiling is painted green with a series of bulkhead lights that reflect in the mirrors to create an infinity mirror effect.

醒目的大堂为酒店提供了一个令人印象深刻的进入路径 © Edmund Dabney
The visually striking lobby provides an impressive entrance to the hotel


A colourful yet relaxing palette has been used within both the public areas as well as within the guestrooms to ensure that these spaces maintain a sense of fun, including muted reds, greens, yellows and blues that echo the era of the early modernist movement. Fettle has also used light timbers, chrome and steel which contrasts with the tactile mohair upholstery. Raw plaster and bold painted finishes have additionally been employed to keep the scheme bright and welcoming.

▼公共区域细节,public area detailed views © Edmund Dabney

Schwan Locke酒店的所有软垫家具均为特别定制,主要参考了来自于20世纪初期的家具设计。这些专门设计的家具与Hay, Petite Friture, &Tradition和Adico等设计品牌的优秀作品形成和谐的搭配。酒店的灯具来自Visual Comfort, Dyke & Dean和Original BTC。此外还有由Northern Lights专门为酒店设计的独家产品。

All the upholstered furniture for Schwan Locke is bespoke and inspired by furniture from the early 20th century. The specially made furniture sits alongside pieces from design brands including Hay, Petite Friture, &Tradition and Adico. The lighting in the hotel is from Visual Comfort, Dyke & Dean and Original BTC as well as bespoke pieces made by Northern Lights specifically for the project.

▼客房,guest room © Edmund Dabney


The Apartments follow a similar design language to that used within the public areas, with a bold two- tone paint finish applied on the walls that transitions up to the ceiling. All Apartments also feature an integrated kitchen that sits within the entrance in a corresponding paint finish. The rooms have either a green or blue colourway that is then contrasted with the upholstery used in the headboard, sofa and lounge furniture. The beds in each room feature a fully upholstered mohair headboard. A low-level wall creates a shelf to display both artwork as well as a variety of plants. Fettle has designed bespoke oak and chrome cabinetry for the guestrooms, including bedside tables, an open wardrobe and a credenza.

▼室内家具细部,furniture details © Edmund Dabney