Hygge 是一家位于Sarah Kubitschek城市公园的“外卖”酒吧,在2020年的Casacor博览会期间为人们提供服务。项目建于疫情期间,严格遵循着卫生部门制定的隔离措施。酒吧的外观类似于一个13.5平方米的集装箱,其设计对后疫情时代的建筑以及人与人之间的关系进行了探讨,通过简单的解决方案带来全新的独特体验。

Hygge is a “take-out” wine-bar created to serve the public during the Casacor 2020 Exposition in the Sarah Kubitschek City Park. It happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, respecting all the protocols stablished by the health city department. Similar to a 13,5m² container, Hygge relates to the post-pandemic architecture and people’s relations, bringing a new and unique experience by simple solutions.

▼项目概览,overview © Júlia Tótoli

酒吧内置于尺寸为 6mx3.75m的金属模块中,四个侧面中三面封闭,内部铺设金属纹瓷砖。为了保护外壳,设计明确规定内部元素不能固定在墙壁上,也不能固定在准备区和服务区之间的弯曲木墙上。建筑师希望打造一处受欢迎、有吸引力的动态空间,既能够适应繁忙的日常营业,也可以避免人与人之间的身体接触。

Built in a metal module measuring 6×3,75m, it is closed in three of four sides, which are covered in metallic tiles. As an event rule, to preserve the container, the internal elements could not be pinned to the walls, including the wood-curved wall created to separate preparation and serving areas. The dynamic use of space had to be welcoming and attractive, relating to the busy routine and avoiding physical contact between people.

▼酒吧与公园,wine-bar in the park © Júlia Tótoli

▼内部元素与外壳分离,internal elements separated from the container © Júlia Tótoli

▼材质的搭配组合,combination of different materials © Júlia Tótoli


At the counter, a glass and steel frame division isolates customers and clerks. The counter is made of Baiteg Limestone and works both as a workbench and cashier. The back counter has the appliances, such as coffee machine, beer fridge and wine cooler.

▼酒吧吧台,the counter © Júlia Tótoli

▼钢框架玻璃墙体现隔离措施,the glass and steel frame as division strategies © Júlia Tótoli


A big metal red net as second ceiling hides the electric infrastructure and allows indirect lighting. Which highlights the surfaces and organic elements designed to contrast with the orthogonal space imposed by the container. Handmade natural-fiber light pendants were installed on the ceiling net in different highs, helping create a well-being atmosphere, using pure and sensitive colors and materials.

▼进入操作区,entering the kitchen © Júlia Tótoli

▼内部柜台布置电器设施,the back counter with appliances © Júlia Tótoli

▼细部,details © Júlia Tótoli


The act of decorating a space to make it cozy, offers us the same benefits of calm and tranquility of a hot cup of tea in a cold day, of tasting a nice food or being around family and friends. We thought Hygge as these moments of breath in the new stressful pandemic routine. Even tough is a pass-thru place, it has the potential to intensify the coziness sensation through its colors, textures and lights.

▼酒吧灯光,the lighting view © Júlia Tótoli

to intensify the coziness sensation through its colors, textures and lights © Júlia Tótoli

▼平面图,plan © Lez. Arquitetura

▼立面图,elevation © Lez. Arquitetura