A city endowed by the name of buddha – Mi’Le (Maitreya).
Mi’Le, Buddha of the Future, also stands as a city full of potentials and blessed for its future.
Here is the hometown of China’s vineyards, the cradle of grapes.
Local art grows like forest and blooms like flowers on this fertile land, natural and genial.
DongFengYun MeiJingGe Hotel, a building that sprouted from the red earth in Yunnan, seeds the local art inspiration and shelters your creative vacation.

▼东风韵艺术小镇整体映象,Overall of the DongFengYun Art Town ©刁可雕




Sited on the west end of the ChangTangZi reservoir in DongFeng Farm, just 10-minute drive from the city of MiLe, local artist Luo Xu and YIC Architectural Design worked together to accomplish an art themed hotel project for investor Yuan Kun. The project is based on a local design thought of deindustrialization and de-modernization, as a practice of combining the native experiential-creation art tradition with well completed rational engineering work. YIC Architectural Design completed the schematic design and technic design following the wild concept of the project’s artistic director Luo Xu. Artist Lin Di also shared his valuable thoughts with us.

▼东风韵场所映象,the impression of the site © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司




DongFengYun Hotel Mi’Le locates in the central area of DongFengYun Town in MiLe city. The site sits in a mountainuous region with a relative elevation of 19 metres. The project is enclosed by eucalyptus forest with an open end on its eastside directly facing the ChangTangZi reservoir. North to the site across the water situates the Kaleidoscope Gallery owned by artist Luo Xu, ‘50% Cloud’ Restaurant, and DongFeng Farm Agricultural Museum.

▼整体鸟瞰,aerial view of the project and the surrounding environment ©赵奕龙

酒店设有9种房型、共计232间客房,其中大床房115间、双床房89间、家庭套房20间、主题套房8间,满足了情侣、家庭、商旅客群的多元需求。所有客房的命名和创作,都致敬了云南的在地艺术——制陶、建筑、绘画、印染、谱乐(筑、绘、印、谱)和特产珍宝——美玉和宝珠,将酒店 “艺术话万物,灵感绘生活”的旅居美学宗旨体现得淋漓尽致。

The hotel offers nine types of accommodation across 232 guest rooms, including 115 king rooms, 89 twin rooms, 20 family suites, and 8 theme suites to meet the diverse needs of couples, families, and business or leisure travelers. The naming and design of each room pays tribute to Yunnan’s local art – pottery, architecture, painting, textile printing, and music, as well as local treasures – jade and jewels. These designs reflect the hotel’s aesthetic tenet of “Art speaks through all. Inspiration enriches life”.

▼东风韵艺术小镇整体夜景,Overall night view of the town ©赵奕龙

▼夜景鸟瞰,aerial night view of the project ©赵奕龙

▼总图鸟瞰,aerial top view of the project ©赵奕龙




‘Seated Buddha’: Located in a city that shares its name with Maitreya, the project well integrates with the natural mountainous landform, dividing into 5 parts on elevated terrains. The project’s masterplan and its overall space conformation forms a seated buddha shape facing the east.

▼项目夜景概览,overall night view of the architecture ©赵奕龙

▼节点空间,corner of the hotel ©赵奕龙


‘Be Humble, Be Simple, Be Real’: The project originates from the red soil of Yunnan and was redefined in hands of the design team. The round and simple built form grow out from the dense forest, like a piece of classic native handcraft work brushed by time, seeking its own way in nowadays highly industrialized world. As artist Luo Xu quotes from the antithetical couplet written on gate frame of the QiongZhu Temple in Kunming – ‘I pinch the land and river within my two hands, knead it like a dough and sprinkle it into air, as easy as blowing off dust. I swallow the heaven and earth in one breath, crunch it in my mouth, and exhale light to illuminate this world.’

▼由泳池看建筑,viewing the hotel from the pool ©赵奕龙

▼庭院夜景,night view of the courtyard ©赵奕龙


The exterior of the building uses local red brick as the only decoration, layered by local masons. The five courtyard compounds well integrate as a whole, tranquilly lies on the red soil land. As investor Yuan Kun describes – ‘it achieves a sense of peaceful majesticity.’

▼外立面采用当地的红砖,the facade uses local red brick as the only decoration, layered by local masons ©赵奕龙

▼1号楼庭院,courtyard of building no.1 ©赵奕龙

▼建筑犹如从高原红土地里生长出来一样,Buildings that sprouted from the red earth in Yunnan ©赵奕龙


‘When Chaos Begin to Settle Down’: Overlooking the masterplan, we see the DongFengYun Hotel stands as the Yin and the Kaleidoscope Gallery stands as the Yang. The two projects together build up a unique personality of DongFengYun Town. The hotel project comprises 5 rings connected with each other, setting up a quiet and relaxing built space.

▼使人安静放松的建筑场所空间,When Chaos Begin to Settle Down ©赵奕龙




The unaffected and natural built form provides the guests an interesting spatial exploration experience that is full of potentials. From conceptual design to construction completion, the design team has been looking for the balance between out-of-order and logic, the engagement between functional layout and experiential space. The whole project is structured with reinforced concrete and decorated with local red brick masonry as façade, establishing a safe and raw built space. The entire design process was fully supported with BIM in order to precisely control construction details of the complex architectural space.

▼室内细部,detail of the interior ©云南省城乡建设投资有限公司

▼区域总图,site plan © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

▼项目轴测图,axonometric drawing © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

▼总平面图,master plan © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

▼1号楼平面,floor plan of the No.1 building © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

▼5号楼平面,floor plan of the No.5 building © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

▼1号楼立面,elevation of the No.1 building © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

▼1号楼剖面,section of the No.1 building © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

▼细部节点,detail drawings © 云南怡成建筑设计有限公司

建筑团队:蔡大任 易海涛
结构团队:商黔建 何世茂 赵磊
机电团队:黄宇 任倩 尚影 朱文建 王蔚 李慧珠 杨卓 李剑
客 户: 云南省城乡建设投资有限公司
撰 文:尤磊

Project Name: DongFengYun MeiJingGe Hotel Mi’Le – MGallery
Location: MiLe, Yunnan
Chief Conceptual Designer: Luo Xu
Design Firm: YIC Architectural Design co., Ltd.
Site Area: 46,032 sqm
Gross Built Area: 37,612 sqm
Design Year: 2016
Completion Year: 2020
Chief Architect: You Lei
Architectural Designers: Cai DaRen, Yi HaiTao
Structural Engineers: Shang QianJian, He ShiMao, Zhao Lei
Mechanical Engineers: Huang Yu, Ren Qian, Shang Ying, Zhu WenJian, Wang Wei, Li HuiZhu, Yang Zhuo, Li Jian.
Interior Design: CCD
Landscape Design: Fujian Hongshanhu Landscape Co., Ltd.
Client: Yunnan Urban&Rural Construction Investment Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Zhao YiLong
Author: You Lei