The Kids Museum of Glass 2.0 is a 2,320 m2 contemporary art and design museum created for young visitors in a converted former glass-making workshop. Aiming to encourage independent learning, COORDINATION ASIA integrates kids-driven contents into an explorative visiting experience.

▼迎宾柜台,welcome counter © 协调亚洲


▼轴测分解图,exploded axon © 协调亚洲

The exhibition is designed to engage visitors on multiple levels. All the exhibits are connected through a scavenger hunt which invites them to look for clues in the space. The hands-on installations empower children to take control and explore further what interests them and to actively learn about glass as a material and its role in the environment, science, technology, art, design and human civilisation. Multimedia and digital contents play a significant part in the exhibition design, including a mirror maze, sound installations, an interactive motion-tracking exhibit and short films about glass in different fields. The new museum also provides large workshop spaces with fully functioning glass-making kilns and state-of-the-art flameworking stations. The flexible space allows opportunities for temporary exhibitions and events and can accommodate several school groups.

▼展示台,exhibit island © 协调亚洲

▼连接空间的灯光,connecting lights © 协调亚洲

▼空间层次感,layers in space © 协调亚洲

▼艺术装置,artistic installation © 协调亚洲


The original wooden structures of the roof and exposed brick walls are kept to preserve the authenticity of the former workshop. Black metal platforms and staircases are inserted into the clean, open-plan space to create layers under the original roof with an impressive height of 12 metres. Translucent walls made of customised glass bricks let the space flooded with natural light. The patterns on the glass bricks imitate the steel mesh used in the former factory. These subtle details are intended to be reminders of the building’s industrial heritage, creating an intriguing dialogue between ‘old and new’.

▼透光玻璃砖墙,light through glass brick wall © 协调亚洲

▼嵌入空间的黑色钢材楼梯,black steel staircase inserts © 协调亚洲

▼二层平台,platform on 2F © 协调亚洲


The whole space is dominated by the strong contrast of a monochromatic palette which highlights the vibrant colours used on exhibits, dynamic surfaces and installations. Animated light lines run through the whole museum, elevating the space with an energetic and active vibe. Distinctive environmental graphic treatments play a central role. The bold graphics on the wall and the museum’s own mascot patterns on the custom-made soft floors encapsulate visitors in a unique immersive environment. The kid’s behaviours are taken into consideration while choosing materials. Tempered glass is used on all the showcases that allow young visitors to stand, walk and even jump on the surface.

▼色彩对比,colour contrast © 协调亚洲

▼演讲阶梯,staircase for lectures © 协调亚洲

▼对儿童友善的游戏间,kids-friendly play room © 协调亚洲


The Kids Museum of Glass 2.0 offers an environment that creates a common ground where parents’ objective for children to learn and kids’ wish to play are met. The design demonstrates the vision of creating a contemporary cultural and educational destination. The museum presents young urbanites and their families a platform for lifestyle-centred activities and the appreciation of art and culture.

▼一层平面图,1F plan © 协调亚洲

▼二层平面图,2F plan © 协调亚洲

占地面积:2,320 m2
2 层楼,10 项多媒体装置 ,30 项互动装置
完成时间:2021 年
任务范围:想法,概念开发,策展,展品设计,概念设计,平面设计 ,深化设计,现场监理
客户: 上海集佳文化创意发展有限公司

Location: Shanghai Museum of Glass Park
685 West Changjiang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China
Website: http://www.shmog.org/
WeChat ID: glassmuseum
Extent: 2,320 m2
2 Floors, 10 Multimedia-Installations, 30 Interactive Installations
Year of Completion: 2021
Team: Tilman Thürmer, Francesca Inchingolo, David Keohane, María Fernanda González Prendes, Yichun Chen, Bon Wen
Assignment: Idea, Content Development, Curation, Exhibits, Concept Design, Graphic Design, Detail Design, Construction Supervision
Client: Shanghai G+ Culture Creative Developing Co.,Ltd