We look forward to the blending of time and space here, enjoying the long andpleasant feeling, and the atmosphere here created by space can rouse us memories of the past and the dreams of the future. Different from the feeling of laziness of the old shops in the areas filled with culture and imagination, here is full of energy, with the restraint aesthetics of space, hidden from the hustle and bustle.

▼透过玻璃看店内招牌,view of the logo through the windows © 偏方摄影


Considering the convenience of the service, we have set up a dining bar on the first and second floors. The space on the first floor is adjacent to the mall entrance plaza, providing tea service for FMCG customers.

▼一层室内空间概览,overview of the first floor © 偏方摄影

▼出餐吧台,a dining bar © 偏方摄影


We are willing to take care of the emotions of every customer waiting to pick up the order. In order to cope with site constraints, we used geometry to cut the bar counter to make the space scale more comfortable. We set the waiting area indoors. The bar and floor-to-ceiling windows bring a rich visual perception in a transparent way. The flow of people outside the window and the static interior are like pleasing scenery.

▼一层用餐空间,the dining area on the first floor © 偏方摄影

▼细部,details © 偏方摄影


The upper and lower floors were originally independent shops, and we designed to connect the two. By dint of the perception of bright and dark changes in natural light, the stairs are cleverly hidden behind the bar, so that the passage forms a layered change of alternating bright and dark. The visual and psychological experience of guests passing through the steps of the narrow passage to the open second floor is as the Peach Blossom Source Record of Tao Yuanming, a poet and proser in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, described, “The fisherman, surprised by the sight, walked on to see where the grove would end. It ended at the source of the stream, where there was a mountain. An aperture opened on the mount, from which light seemed to be emitted. The man abandoned his boat and entered the opening. It was narrow at first, just enough to pass through. After several tens of steps, the way led to vast spaciousness.”

▼楼梯通向二层,the stairs leading to the second floor © 偏方摄影

▼到达二层的开阔空间,the open second floor © 偏方摄影

▼墙体细部,details © 偏方摄影


Providing customers with a better service experience is our shared sense of value with Teatales. With service and customer experience as our tenet, the second floor adopts a layout pattern that uses the bar as the service axis to connect with the surroundings to satisfy customers’ on-call service. Devices with different functions are like geometric three-dimensional shapes of different sizes, stacked in a flat space to bring a three-dimensional vision effect. When dealing with larger facilities, we use a sculpture-like technique to decompose them, then combined with natural stone or wood to form a concise, lively and powerful cubic structure.

▼二层用餐区,dining area on the second floor © 偏方摄影

▼二层出餐吧台,dining bar on the second floor © 偏方摄影


The design of the area for tasting the traditional tea, we think, is a novel way to inherit the tea culture. Tea, one of the most common and popular items, is homologous to traditional medicine and food. Our tea storage cabinet has evolved from the shape of tea bags on Teatales LOGO and the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet.

▼传统茶体验区,the area for tasting the traditional tea © 偏方摄影

tea storage cabinet evolved from the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet © 偏方摄影


In the development of Teatales, the display of peripheral products is also an important part of the space. The open display table and adjustable display shelf give more possibilities for product display.

▼开放式的展陈桌,the open display table © 偏方摄影

▼细部,details © 偏方摄影


The atmosphere of open areas for sitting around embodies the brand concept of Teatales: “Chatting about everything while drinking tea and relaxing, which has a similar meaning to these Chinese words, “A cup of tea, a moment at leisure. A brilliant life, a golden days.”

▼落地窗连接室外客座区,connecting to the out door guest area © 偏方摄影

▼开放围坐区,open areas for sitting around © 偏方摄影


The independent areas where people can sit around are not only just designed by people but also a scene in itself. The restrained expression of the form and the selected blank areas give us more imagination of the space, which is what we are good at and want to express. Just like traditional Chinese painting, a more artistic conception is left blank outside of its color.

▼看向独立围坐区,view of the independent areas © 偏方摄影

▼独立围坐区内部,interior view of the independent areas © 偏方摄影


We maintain that space is not only the existence of matter, but can also contain the spirit, emotion and memory.

▼细部,details © 偏方摄影

▼一层平面图,the 1st floor plan © Geemo Design 治木设计

▼二层平面图,the 2nd floor plan © Geemo Design 治木设计

设计公司:Geemo Design 治木设计
项目地址:中国 重庆

Project name: TEATALES Store at Guanyinqiao,Chongqing
Design firm: Geemo Design
Designer team: Kirin、Eleven 、Jing
Project location: Chongqing, China
Materials: Marble /Hand Brick / Paint/ Wood
Completion time: 2021.05
Area: 300sqm
Photography: Pian Fang