项目坐落于捷克布尔诺(Brno),由RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka architects设计。项目旨在通过对自然和抽象空间的探索,营造出不落怀旧俗套、摆脱虚假工业感、不刻意追求灵性与异国情调的自然本真的空间氛围。作为一个地道的欧洲事务所,RO_AR认为建筑的设计过程就如同做瑜伽一样,应该尽量避免对刻板印象与错误定式的屈从。

The architecture designed for the Yoga Garden and Art Gallery Brno is the result of a search for a natural and at the same time abstract space. We wished to create a space without the deceitfulness of nostalgia (industrial fake) or false spirituality (exotic cliché). Within our European context yoga, just like architecture, too often succumbs to the false of preconception, which we have attempted to avoid.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © BoysPlayNice


The original building was a post-industrial structure within a historical block development, a severed fragment of a former whole. A fragment in which certain traces of the past were visible, others hidden and others still entirely forgotten. All of these traces were interesting, and could have become the initial point of departure of the project. However, we decided on a different manner of radical intervention – without fear, but with respect for the old. The result was not intentionally determined in advance, but was the result of individual decisions.

▼后工业主义建筑外观,post-industrial structure of the project © BoysPlayNice

Part of the original building was demolished and transformed into an outdoor garden © BoysPlayNice

两个全新的中庭空间被纳入建筑的设计中,其中的配植由花园建筑师Mirka Svorová设计。前部中庭为项目的入口区域,狭窄的异型走廊与光线充足的开放式花园形成鲜明的对比,带给人们意想不到的惊喜与反差感。后部的中庭则宛如微观世界的缩影,为瑜伽大厅提供了一个随着季节而变化的自然背景。

Two new atria have been incorporated into the design of the building, with greenery designed by the garden architect Mirka Svorová. The first atrium surprises visitors with its contrast between the confined, articulated space of the entrance corridor and the open gardens full of light. The rear atrium is an autonomous microcosm. It becomes a background, a scenography for the main hall – an image which changes according to the season of the year.

▼入口走廊,entrance porch © BoysPlayNice

▼开放式花园与入口走廊相互交融,The open garden interacts with the entrance porch © BoysPlayNice

▼混凝土加固的异形挡土墙,Special-shaped retaining wall reinforced with concrete © BoysPlayNice


One of the fundamental values of the Yoga Garden is: “sustainable growth and minimising the impacts of our society on the environment.” We have attempted to apply the investor’s approach here within the project. The gardens hold rainwater, and thanks to their low-tech design they do not require watering – the accumulation layer retains water, which is sufficient for sustaining the vegetation.

▼瑜伽室外的花园,garden outside the yoga room © BoysPlayNice

▼由画廊看入口与花园,viewing the entrance and the garden © BoysPlayNice

▼由接待大堂看室外花园,viewing the garden from the foyer © BoysPlayNice


Our aim was to create an expansive space full of light, and simultaneously full of subtle connections between the individual fragments of the interior. The entrance area can be seen from the gallery, followed by the greenery of the garden, and in the next plan people practising yoga. In a similar manner, we have attempted to interconnect the interior with the world around it. To feel the city of which we are a part. We see fragments of buildings, trees, the sky, while the space at the same time provides us with the option of easily forgetting them and concentrating on ourselves.

▼接待大堂入口,entrance of the foyer © BoysPlayNice

▼由瑜伽室入口看大堂,viewing the foyer at the entrance of the yoga room © BoysPlayNice

▼由大堂看瑜伽室,viewing the yoga room from the foyer © BoysPlayNice

▼花园与天空为接待大堂提供了自然背景,The garden and sky provide a natural backdrop for the foyer © BoysPlayNice


Wherever the existing building obstructed us, we decimated and transformed it. We demolished fragments of it in order to create new gardens, we demolished pillars in order to enlarge the space, we ripped out its innards to give ourselves the freedom to create something new. Wherever it was in accordance with our visions, we incorporated it into the project. We merely renovated the old skylights, carefully cleaned the construction beams and timbering, but left all the traces of wear and tear. Some of the plasters in the interior were only partially cleaned, and still show signs of the original damage. The process was an open dialogue in which the new dares to be new, while the old dares to be old.

▼画廊,the gallery © BoysPlayNice

▼画廊前台,reception desk of the gallery © BoysPlayNice

当代的建筑师必须直面气候变化、文化社会学等多方面的挑战。RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka architects事务所相信,建筑与空间在影响人类潜意识的层面上发挥着重大的作用。微妙的、近乎抽象的细小改变足以打破人们潜意识中对既定事物的刻板印象,这种不确定性正是潜意识的神奇之处,也是当代人接纳如今多变的世界的一种基本技能。在本项目中,这种微妙的不确定性以建筑的语言表现在瑜伽大厅中,一根极长的木制联结梁取代了原有的混凝土支柱,以不可思议的形态“飘浮”在空间之中,如同对地吸引力的反抗。而天花板上与联梁十字交叉的LED灯带则进一步加强了这种神奇的效果。

As architects we have to face the challenges of today, both climatic and cultural-sociological. We are convinced that architecture functions most strongly on a subconscious level. The subtle, almost abstract undermining of the given is our way of learning to live in a state of subconscious uncertainty – an essential skill for embracing the contemporary “liquid” world. The architectural example of an attempt to introduce such a delicate uncertainty can be found in the main hall, where following the demolition of the concrete pillar a wooden binding beam “levitates” in its incredible length, as if it wished to defy gravity, which is further accentuated by its crossing with the strip of LED light.

▼主要瑜伽室,the main yoga room © BoysPlayNice

▼大面积的玻璃与天窗将花园与天空引入室内,Extensive glazing and skylights bring the garden and sky into the interior © BoysPlayNice

▼木制联梁与led灯带,Wooden binding beam with LED light strip © BoysPlayNice

▼空间细部,spatial details © BoysPlayNice


In a number of places the original brick constructions of the pillars and walls, the wooden beams and frames have been strengthened with new reinforced concrete and steel constructions, bringing a contemporary aesthetic to the building and also infusing the resulting space with an almost abstract lightness.

▼二层空间,upper floor © BoysPlayNice

▼高温瑜伽室,hot yoga room © BoysPlayNice

▼更衣室,cloakroom © BoysPlayNice

▼卫生间,restroom © BoysPlayNice

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan © RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka architects

▼二层平面图,upper floor plan © RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka architects

Studio:RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka architects
Author:Szymon Rozwalka
Contact E-mail:rozwalka@ro-ar.eu
Studio address:Husova 13, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Design team:Szymon Rozwalka / Anna Glajc / Helena Flodrová / Martin Křivánek / Ada Rypl-Žabčíková / Kristýna Smržová / Luboš Zbranek
Project location:Veveří 8, Brno
Project country:Czech Republic
Project year:2018
Completion year:2019
Built-up Area:683 m²
Gross Floor Area:613 m²
Usable Floor Area:492 m²
Plot size:1322 m²
Client’s e-mail:info@yogagarden.cz
Client’s website:www.yogagarden.cz / www.artgallerybrno.cz
Garden designer: Mirka Svorová
concrete – floors, walls
aluminium – facade
steel – columns, furniture according to author’s design
veneered DTD board, oak – wall cladding, furniture according to author’s design
oak – furniture according to author’s design
acrylic boards – wall cladding, furniture according to author’s design
cement screed – walls
cork – floors
parquet (oak, beech) – floors