dongqi将深圳一栋建筑改造为GAGA的新概念空间,并设计其视觉识别系统。 设计团队引入“More Than Toast(超吐司)”的概念,命名为GAGA TOAST。GAGA TOAST不但提供新鲜美味的吐司,更要颠覆大家对吐司的所有想象。

dongqi turned a building in Shenzhen into a new concept bakery and developed its visual identity. The team named the space GAGA TOAST and proposed a ‘More Than Toast’ narrative. GAGA TOAST is not only a bakery that offers delicious toast, but also a gathering space full of toast elements.

▼店铺外观,appearance of  gaga TOAST ©刘瑞特


The external façade, which was turned into a full-length sliding door thanks to the pleasant climate in Shenzhen, also contributed to the unique spatial experience. The custom-made door can be slid closed or open at any extent based on the weather, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor space.

▼平移门可以根据天气情况选择开合程度和位置,the full-length sliding door thanks to the pleasant climate ©刘瑞特

▼可开合的滑动玻璃门,Sliding glass doors that open and close ©刘瑞特

dongqi 精心挑选了一种异型砖做为整个设计的主要概念元素。同时,dongqi品牌设计师与建筑师紧密合作,让“超吐司”形状亦成为品牌设计的基础图形,传递GAGA健康有机的生活方式。异型砖的烧制过程与吐司的制作过程有着高度的内在关联性,同样使用金属模具和具有高温制作过程。同时异型砖本身即是高温围护材料,暗示整个空间的烘焙的气氛。

▼分析图,diagram ©dongqi 栋栖设计

Toast elements permeated the space, whose design was centered around a special shaped brick. At the same time, the creative team worked closely with the architects to custom-make the element into the fundamental element of our visual identity as it conveyed the brand’s belief in authentic ingredients. Both being shaped in a metal mold and produced in a high temperature environment, the process of brick making is intrinsically related to that of toast baking. Also, being a heat insulating material itself, the brick setting implies an atmosphere of bread baking.

▼独特的地面以及吧台,unique surface finishing of the floor and the counter ©刘瑞特


Caused by the heat, the brick revealed a texture difference between the edge and the central area when being cut open, which coincided with the appearance of toast crust. Working closely with craftsmen, dongqi created a unique toast texture on the brick surface. The aggregates were elaborately combined with concrete to form a unique surface finishing.

▼室内空间一览,overall view of the interior space ©刘瑞特

▼切开的异型砖暗示了空间的烘焙气氛,The cut shaped bricks suggest the baking atmosphere of the space ©刘瑞特

▼选购区,display and shopping area ©刘瑞特

▼用餐区,seating area ©刘瑞特


dongqi also explored the limits of brick laying to fully exploit the irregular geometrical shape of the brick. Different combinations were designed for different functions and were applied throughout the entire space—-from the wall to the floor, from the counter to the merchandise display, as well as the moveable retail fixtures.The metal mold, which was used to shape the brick, were reserved too. It was turned into a plate for brand-related materials and merchandise display.

▼异型砖的不同组合贯穿了空间中不同功能需求,Different combinations were designed for different functions ©刘瑞特

▼材料细部,details of the material © 刘瑞特


dongqi’s branding approach carries on the ‘More Than Toast’ experience of customers. Under a carefully curated colour scheme, the customized shape was extended into a toast-fitting pattern system, which helped turn the bakery into a space of toast. The brand-owned monograms, patterns and graphics were generated and applied to various touch-points ranging from print materials to digital content, from furniture to promotional materials, from packaging to products – almost everything you can imagine. The visual language is friendly, bold and delicious, encouraging people to gather together for a chat over freshly baked toasts.

▼品牌专属Monogram图形,branding design ©dongqi 栋栖设计 / 刘瑞特

▼产品包装,Product packaging © 刘瑞特

GAGA TOAST是一个主张与顾客建立链接,传递欢聚、笑声与美好的空间。是dongqi试图打破品牌与空间设计壁垒上的又一尝试。

This unique design approach closed the gap between the brand experience and the spatial experience, making GAGA TOAST an ideal place for gatherings, inspiration, laughter, and simply, a good life.

▼立面细部,detail of the exterior ©刘瑞特

▼平面图,plan ©dongqi 栋栖设计


Project Title: GAGA TOAST
Area: 170sqm
Design: Mar, 2019
Completion: Sep, 2019
Architect: dongqi Design
Identity Design: dongqi Design
Project Team: JIANG Nan, Yuan Yuan, Xie Jinfan, Shuang Zhang, Song Jie, Kiko Yuan, Xian Min Chia, Timothy Cheng
Location: 23 East Coast of Happy Coast, Baishi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Photography:Raitt Liu