Other cafe是由Whitespace事务所设计的现代简约风咖啡厅。设计师打造了干净通透的空间,使波浪形的LED灯成为咖啡厅中央的焦点。混凝土和玻璃砖引入更为自然的光线,营造出温馨舒适的氛围。

‘Other cafe’, a modern rustic decorated cafe, interior design by Whitespace. We create the mood and tone to be a clean minimal and airy space and use the LED flex in the wave shape to be the gimmick in the middle of the cafe. Using the concrete and glass block to create more natural light making the atmosphere more warm and comfy.

▼临街外观,street view of the project © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu


The beginning ideas from our client is to renovate an old salon shophouse to be a cafe that focuses on speciality coffee. ‘Other Cafe’ aims to be the community for coffee lovers, friends and people who need a great cup of coffee. The cafe provides a space showing the brewing process which is an espresso machine, and a slow bar. Besides, our client wants the customers can come to enjoy and have a conversation about coffee with baristas.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu

▼咖啡机区域,espresso machine area © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu

▼手冲吧台区域,slow bar area © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu


The key challenges are a small and narrow space of the old shophouse, we have to maximise the whole space to make it look airy and bigger. Moreover, with the limited budget of this project, we think about creating the cafe’s character and inspiring design from simple and inexpensive materials. The main materials are stainless, concrete, glass blocks and neon flex. The stainless gives trendy and clean looks. Also, we build a concrete bar and wall to create rough textures and stylish ambients.

▼空间应用不锈钢、混凝土、玻璃砖等材料,stainless, concrete, glass brick are used in the space © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu

▼由长吧台望向座位区,view to the seating area from long bar © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu


For the renovation, we do not want the old glass wall to see through all the view outside, so we have to think about how the design can fix it with design. To solve the design challenges from a limited budget, firstly we think about how to cover the old glass wall. We used the glass block, which is an inexpensive material from a local supplier, to blurred a view from outside but still let the natural light comes in through, and create a texture of the whole space. Secondly, the lighting installation, we think about the chandelier in an alternative way. We use LED neon flex light–cheap, long-lasting and versatile– to create an infinity wave shape chandelier that is iconic and trendy.

▼室内鸟瞰,aerial view © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu

▼细部,details © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu

混凝土是该项目最重要的材料之一。在咖啡机区域,混凝土砌块打造出具有朴素质感和颜色的独特吧台。在手冲区域,设计师将长吧台截断,露出粗犷的混凝土纹理。依据店主的最初想法,Other Café旨在成为咖啡爱好者和对咖啡冲泡感兴趣的人的社群。店里提供了两种咖啡冲泡方式,顾客可以在顶级咖啡机区域和手冲吧台区域进行选择。喜欢精品咖啡的顾客可以选择手冲吧台区域,这里的制作工具包括滤杯、虹吸咖啡壶、Chemex咖啡壶以及Chemex咖啡壶。

Concrete is one of the most important materials we used. The concrete blocks create a unique espresso bar counter with its rustic texture and colour. We also cast a concrete long bar table to give a rough concrete texture design. From the first idea of our client, ‘Other Cafe’ aims to be the community for coffee lovers and people who interest in coffee brewing. The cafe provides two styles of coffee brewing which customers can choose either from the top-brand espresso machine or a slow bar. The customers who like speciality coffee can choose slow bar coffee methods which are Drip, Syphon, Chemex and Gina.

▼咖啡机区域的混凝土砌块吧台,the espresso bar counter made of concrete blocks © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu

▼摆放各种咖啡壶的手冲区长吧台,the long bar with various coffee pots © Thanaruj Vacharasindhu


People not only come for just a cup of coffee but they also will get some knowledge from baristas and the brewing methods they show. Besides, the space for relaxing with premium, high-quality coffee drinks.

▼平面图,floor plan © Whitespace

▼剖立面图,section-elevations © Whitespace

▼长吧台构造,drawings of the long bar © Whitespace

Name of the project: Other Cafe
Category: Interior Design for Cafe/ Coffee shop
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 64 Sq.m.
Company: Whitespace Ltd.
Website: http://www.whitesp-ce.com/
Credit of photographer: Thanaruj Vacharasindhu