项目概况 | Project Overview


The project is located in the office building of Global Metropolis Plaza in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou.CHARMANCE is a store that integrates temperature emotional design, masterpiece, and Orphan collections.A private customized brand of high-end jewelry dedicated to providing unique image solutions for jewelry aesthetics.

▼室内概览,overview © EMMA


▼轴测分析图,axonometric © PDD深点设计

Based on the brand concept and relatively private business model.The designer sets the sunken booth area for communicating with people as the central area. The jewellery display is presented around the center by an integrated display cabinet on the wall.Instead of the large-scale stacked showcases in the past, the designer controls the proportion of each unit of jewelry display so that each piece of jewelry has a relatively clean display background.In conjunction with the circulation that is in the shape of a back shape, through the turning of the circulation and the conversion of light and dark, it enriches the sense of space and mystery.It is used to create a “treasure hunt” space with ups and downs.

▼下沉式卡座区,the sunken booth area for communicating with people © EMMA


隐 | Hidden

Small hidden in the mountains, big hidden in the city


Contrary to the bright office building aisles,The overall dark gray tone is the only exquisite acrylic LOGO that enjoys the light, falling on the stone paint and curved wall is simple but mysterious.The designer moved the original gate inward, leaving a place for guests to stop briefly, so as to retreat and enter, while reducing the buffer outside and inside the house. On the 2.8-meter-high gray gate, the designer left a long slender gap in the door.Let the after-light of the showcase seep through the gap, and you can glimpse a corner of the showcase when you look along the light, so that guests will arouse curiosity while stopping.

▼店铺入口,the entrance © EMMA


The designer takes the entrance hallway to the passage as a prelude to pave the way for entering the main space.The wall extends from the porch to the interior, and the cooperation with the high display cabinet creates a strong sense of passage.Looking along a light bar on the wall, sunlight pouring out from the corner, as if finding an exit to the outside world in a cave.The inner walls of the display cabinets in the dark passages also use stone-grain paint to highlight the exquisiteness of the jewelry with the roughness of the stone-grain paint.

▼入门玄关到通道,the entrance hallway to the passage © EMMA

▼室内展柜,the showcase © EMMA


Under the guidance of the light to the corner, the designer appropriately raised the corridor surrounding the negotiation area.Cooperate with the light sensation ushered in the turning point to enhance the sense of hierarchy in the space.In addition, a rock covered with natural patterns is quietly placed under the stairs, which is fitted here after precise processing, adding a sense of ceremony for stepping on the corridor.

▼转角处的天然磐石,under the stairs, a rock covered with natural patterns © EMMA

▼看向核心展示区,view of the central area © EMMA


游 | Tour

Winding paths lead to seclusion 


The ceiling is hung with a series of paper-like screens. The light transmittance of the screens ensures sufficient light in the negotiation area, and blocks the indoor light pollution from high-rise buildings outdoors, and reduces its impact on guests viewing jewelry.

▼到达洽谈区,arriving the negotiation area © EMMA

▼转角处的弧线设计,curved design at the corner © EMMA

▼屏风围合洽谈区,negotiation area enclosed by screens © EMMA


When guests shuttle between the corridors, the shadows of the figures are looming on the screens, and the designer’s real intentions are also reflected. The corridors and the negotiation area ensure a relatively private but not closed scale. If they see each other by accident, it will also reduce the embarrassment of looking at each other. , Adds a somewhat hazy beauty.

▼可开启的屏风,the folding screen © EMMA


The glass door of the showcase adopts a mullion-free design. The simple board surface matches the hidden electronic lock, and the upper and lower cabinet lines are consistent.With the corner and curved paint cabinet body, there is no too much decoration,Only the plane and the line are closely matched,The combination of gray and earth tone, all these preparations are only to create a stage that fully shows the jewelry itself. There are hidden full-length mirrors at both ends of the showcase 

▼隐藏式全身镜,hidden full-length mirrors © EMMA


融 | Rapport

Harmony in the circle


As the center of the entire space, the negotiation area is based on earth tone and dark green.The two sets of booths are distributed in an enclosure, and they are equipped with a heavy-toned wooden floor as the ground.The area for jewelry display does not increase but decreases, and is presented in the negotiation area in an embellishment manner. The designer intentionally weakens the business atmosphere, making it more like chatting with treasures in a small pavilion in the garden, creating harmony Comfortable atmosphere.

▼局部,details © EMMA

▼平面图,plan © PDD深点设计

▼剖面图,section © PDD深点设计

项目名称| 荟玥珠宝店
项目地点| 中国广州
设计公司| PDD深点设计
主创设计| 郑小馆
设计团队| 黄炳森、陈槿珊、陈柱希
施工| 高森装饰工程
摄影| EMMA
项目面积| 80㎡
主材| 砼馆涂料、木地板、达明合成树脂地板、不锈钢、玻璃
展柜定制| 品质展示
灯光| 广州利沙照明

Project name |CHARMANCE Jewelry Store
Location | Guangzhou, China
Design Company | Point Depth Design
Interior Design | Lauren Cheng
Design Team | Benson Wong ,Chris Chan,Zunxi Chan
Construction | GAOSEN  Engineering
Photography | EMMA
Area |80㎡
Main Material |TONG CONCEPT、Wood floor、Tat Ming Resin floor、Stainless steel、Glass
Lighting | Guangzhou LiSha Lighting