日光丽思卡尔顿酒店坐落于日本屈指可数的风景名胜地、被认定为国立公园的 “奥日光”。作为一家豪华酒店拥有94间宽敞舒适的客房、2个餐厅和温泉SPA。

Located in Oku-Nikko, one of Japan’s most scenic areas and a designated national park, The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko is a luxury hotel with 94 guest rooms, two restaurants and a hot spring spa.

▼项目概览,general view © 铃木研一


Oku-Nikko is characterized by its rich nature and dynamic topography created by volcanic activity over 15,000 years ago. The tranquil blue surface of Lake Chuzenji spreads out in front of the hotel, with Mt. Shirane to the west and the 2,500-meter-high Mt. Nantai looming to the north.

▼场地环境,the context © 铃木研一

▼酒店面朝中禅寺湖,The tranquil blue surface of Lake Chuzenji spreads out in front of the hotel © 河野政人(Nacása & Partners)


Amidst a scene of masterpieces created by Mother Nature, sacred sites of ancient mountain worship, hotels exclusively for foreigners established since the modernization of the Meiji period (1868-); and foreigners’ villas used as diplomatic retreats―the theme of this architecture is the incorporation of all of these memories of the land and the flow of time into the spatial design.

▼客房露台立面,facade of the balconies © 铃木研一



The first thing that was attempted here was to create a dialogue between the architecture and the surrounding environment by arranging each of the three guest wings to face the three overwhelmingly beautiful views of Lake Chuzenji, Mt. Shirane, and Mt. Nantai. Among them, Mt. Nantai had been a sacred site for mountain worship, and once a place of asceticism where only monks were allowed to enter. A multitude of great fir trees stretching up to 20 meters tall have grown amid the history of this land.

Confronting the landscape that sustains such magnificent fir trees, the linear composition of the three main architectural forms, while centering on the three beautifully shaped symbol trees, face the lake and mountains and are arranged so that fir trees are not cut down. Other buildings include a restaurant wing that juts out into the lake and a lakeside pavilion.

▼三栋客房楼融合于周围环境之中,three guest wings dialogue with the surrounding environment © 铃木研一

▼餐厅平台和内部,restaurant terrace & interior © 铃木研一


A variety of gardens were also designed in unison with these buildings. Using local trees, shrubs, and stones, and taking advantage of the topography, the landscape design expresses a microcosm of the diverse nature of Nikko.

▼庭院景观,garden landscape © 铃木研一


The use of bronze cladding for the exterior – inspired by one of Japan’s largest copper mines that once flourished in the vicinity – makes this architecture unique; and its change of expression from moment to moment, the completely different appearance from season to season, and the beautiful aging over the years are expected to fascinate those who experience it.

▼建筑立面,building facades © 铃木研一


Stepping inside, guests are welcomed by the warmth of the woody interior space. In this interior space, guests can fully experience the atmosphere of the land that was once home to many embassy villas and loved by ambassadors. The outside of the hotel has a variety of signature gardens, beyond which is the beautiful lake, mountain, and river backdrop. All guest rooms are equipped with a deep terrace where guests can directly feel the rich nature, while from their room, the view framed by the cedar wood of the terrace can be appreciated like a painting. Here, guests can luxuriate, immersed in the flow of quality time within a serene environment.

▼酒店公区,public area © 河野政人(Nacása & Partners)

▼休息区,seating area © 河野政人(Nacása & Partners)

▼客房内部,guest room interior view © 河野政人(Nacása & Partners)

▼泳池,swimming pool © 河野政人(Nacása & Partners)

▼酒店夜景,night view © 铃木研一

▼场地平面图,site plan © 日建设计

▼场地剖面图,overall sections © 日建设计

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan © 日建设计

▼剖面图,section © 日建设计

项目摄影:铃木研一、河野政人(Nacása & Partners)

Name: The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko
Location: Nikko, Tochigi, Japan
Major use: Hospitality
Project owner: TOBU RAILWAY CO., LTD.
Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Supervision: Nikken Sekkei
Interior Design: LAYAN Architects & Designers, Nikken Space Design, STRICKLAND
Site Area: 18,982.97 m2
Total floor area: 14,215.03 m2
Number of floors: Five floors above ground
Max. height: 19.013m
Main structure: Reinforced concrete structure, steel structure, wooden structure
Construction: TOBU CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd.
Ken’ichi Suzuki
Masato Kawano (Nacása & Partners Inc.)