由Ateljé Sotamaa设计的“陨石”是一个住宅建筑,坐落于芬兰东部的Kontiolahti。步行穿过树林,正如建筑师设计的那样,走进并探索,它似乎是树林中一个神秘的黑色物体。然而,这座超现代、生态的三层木质建筑的内部是另一个开放的世界,并与周围的景观融为一体。

‘Meteorite’ designed by Ateljé Sotamaa is a residential building located in seemingly remote Kontiolahti in eastern Finland. Approached on foot through the woods – as preferred by the architect – it appears a mystical dark object among the trees. The inside of this ultra-modern, ecological, three-storey wood building, however, is another world of open interconnected rooms that integrate with the surrounding landscape.

external view of the building © Tuukka Kosk 


diagram © Tuukka Kosk

In the middle of the polyhedron-shaped Meteorite, a tall atrium with a large 10 sq. m. skylight provides an unobstructed view to the stars. Another unique feature of the house is a catamaran net at a height of seven meters on which the residents can “float”to stimulate creative thinking. Meteorite is made of prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels, it is insulated by air, and it uses natural ventilation. The building that has captured close to 60 tons of carbon dioxide into its materials is introduced to the public for the first time in an exhibition at the Olympic Stadium of Helsinki during Helsinki Design Week.

the house in the forest © Tuukka Kosk 

the surrounding landscape © Tuukka Kosk 

建筑师Kivi表示:“陨石不是一个大房子, 不像传统的房子,每个房间都有特定的预定用途,相反却展现了使用者和各种生活状态的动态联系。它代表了一种全新的、开放的空间组织和生活方式。同时数字化设计和新的预制施工技术能够创造出独特、高美学品质的生态木结构建筑。”

“Meteorite is not a large house, but on the inside it represents a completely new 3-dimensional open-concept way of organizing living space,” says Ateljé Sotamaa co-founder Kivi Sotamaa. “Unlike traditional houses where each room has a specific predetermined purpose, Meteorite’s architecture supports more dynamic relationships of its residents and a variety of life situations. Digital design and new prefabrication and construction technologies enable the creation of unique, aesthetically high-quality ecological wood buildings that add experiential value to their locations.”

the open kitchen © Tuukka Kosk 

stairs leading to the second floor © Tuukka Kosk 

这座建筑最初是为Ulla-Maaria Koivula设计的,她是ThingLink的创始人兼首席执行官,坐落于她祖父母在芬兰卡雷利亚农村的老宅上。

The building was originally designed to function as a guesthouse for Ulla-Maaria Koivula, founder and CEO of education technology provider ThingLink based in Palo Alto, California, on her grandparents’ old homestead in rural Karelia of Finland. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the wildfires raging in California, however, her family has decided to live in and work from the province more or less full-time.

the central space opens up toward the sky © Tuukka Kosk 

每个建筑都体现了我们与自然环境的关系 Koivula说。我想在这个国家建造一座独特的木房子的灵感来自Koli岩石山丘和崎岖的树林,那里有很多飘浮的卵石,它们在冬季战争期间曾用于芬兰的防御陨星反映了我的灵魂与芬兰自然的联系,透过建筑的窗户,望向周围雾气蒙蒙的田野,我仿佛回到了平静的童年时光。我们将这座房子作为远程工作、爱好和休闲的空间场所。在过去,家庭成员在巨大的水平厨房空间里聚在一起;我们现在与周围的自然垂直地相互连接。在这个时代,人们无时无刻不与大城市、快节奏通讯想关联,而这座建筑是我们放慢生活的居所

“Every building materializes our relationship with the natural environment,” Koivula says. “My inspiration to have a unique wood house built in this country sprouted from the rocky hills and rugged woods of Koli, rich in erratic boulders that also served Finland’s defense during the Winter War. Meteorite reflects the connection my soul has to Finnish nature, and looking through one of its large windows to the misty fields around takes me back to the calm days of childhood. We use the house as a creative space for remote work, hobbies and hanging out together. In the old days, families gathered into a large horizontal kitchen space to be together; we now interconnect vertically with each other and with the surrounding nature. In this time and age with effective telecommunications and speed trains to the metropolitan region, this is a paradise for us to get settled into the good life.”

a catamaran net at a height of seven meters © Tuukka Kosk 

view of the room © Tuukka Kosk 

life scenes © Tuukka Kosk 


Healthy low-carbon building made of prefabricated components


At best, the massive wood walls of Meteorite contain 4 metres of air insulation, and all building services engineering and technology is hidden inside the walls. Inside the house, there is light Nordic wood all around, no plastic anywhere in the structure, and nothing prone to moulding. The roof, too, is of solid wood, oiled to resist the elements and age beautifully. The large windows bringing in nature are all electrically heated.

construction process © Tuukka Kosk 

就结构设计和细节而言,这也是一个独特的项目,”Vahanen集团结构工程董事总经理Ahti Rantonen表示。该集团为赫尔辛基的当代艺术博物馆KiasmaMusiikkitalo等标志性项目提供工程咨询。我们很高兴能与Ateljé Sotamaa合作,希望在未来,无论在哪里,我们都有更多的机会从事木材建筑结构的项目其中的重要方面包括低碳影响和健康建筑。在陨星的生活体验将非常接近传统的原木房子没有人工材料的痕迹。关于此项目另一个关键元素是数字化设计和制造过程,房子的所有部分都可以在施工现场预制和组装,这意味着它需要高度精确的电脑建模配合成熟的施工管理

”This was a unique project also in terms of structural design and detailing,” says Ahti Rantonen, managing director of structural engineering at Vahanen Group that provides engineering consultancy for landmark projects such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and Musiikkitalo of Helsinki. ”We are delighted about cooperation with Ateljé Sotamaa and hope there will be more opportunities to work on top wood construction projects in the future, regardless of their locations. Important aspects involved include low carbon impact and healthy building. The living experience in Meteorite will be very close to that of a traditional log house with all artificial materials eliminated. Another key element is the digital design and fabrication process. All parts of the house can be prefabricated and assembled on the construction site, which means they need to be computer-modelled on a highly detailed level and delivered on site just on time.”

plans © Ateljé Sotamaa

section © Ateljé Sotamaa

项目名称:Meteorite 住宅
设计方:Ateljé Sotamaa
项目设计 & 完成年份:2018 – 2020
主创:Kivi Sotamaa, Tuuli Sotamaa
设计团队:Filippo Fabi, Irene Pace, Pietro Barcaccia
项目地址:孔蒂奥拉赫蒂, 芬兰
摄影版权:TuukkaKosk, Kivi Sotamaa
客户:Ulla-Maaria Koivula
品牌:Vahanen Group (结构), Lahden Puurakentajat (施工), SAAS Instruments (室内灯光)

Project name: Meteorite wood home
Design: Ateljé Sotamaa
Website https: //www.ateljesotamaa.net/
Contact e-mail: info@sotamaa.net
Design year & Completion Year: 2018 – 2020
Leader designer: Kivi Sotamaa, Tuuli Sotamaa
Design Team: Filippo Fabi, Irene Pace, Pietro Barcaccia
Project location: kontiolahti, Finland
Gross Built Area: (square meters) 750
Photo credits: TuukkaKosk,Kivi Sotamaa
Clients: Ulla-Maaria Koivula
Brands / Products used in the project:
Vahanen Group (structure), Lahden Puurakentajat (General Contractor), SAAS Instruments (Lighting Design)