Oi! 一直致力于社区建设,将设计与日常生活联系起来,呈现香港的历史和文化。它透过广泛的展览、项目、社区活动、分享和协办,让公众和社区参与不同的设计,证明文物和现代是可以共存的。

Oi! has always been dedicated to the building of community and bridging design with everyday lives that celebrate the history and culture of Hong Kong. It has proven through its wide range of exhibitions, events, community activities, sharing and collaborations that heritage and modernity could coexist through design that engages the public and the neighborhood.

▼项目概览,overall of the project ©Jimmy HO

Oi! 的活动和节目向来多元化,而我们的设计受传统物品启发,同时以现代化的方式表现,达致高度灵活的用途和布局,使其看似静态但适应力极强,赋予了另一种活力。这个设计也可以根据社区的环境和场合而改变。

Understanding the diversity of events and programs Oi! offers, we try to devise a proposal that is inspired by traditional objects while bestowing upon it a modern interpretation to cater for the flexible uses, layouts and programs so that the intervention is not static but dynamic and changeable. It could evolve based on contexts and occasions with the community.

▼手绘分析图,sketches ©Napp Studio & Architects

长椅是香港公共空间中非常普遍的物品,它们为香港的文化和社区带来不少贡献 。从旧时代的大排档木长椅到香港现代公园的普通长椅,长椅为休憩、聊天、玩乐,甚至用餐提供了空间。

Benches are very mundane objects in HK public spaces but they contribute so much to the culture and communities of Hong Kong. From dai pai dong wood benches in the old days to a common bench in a contemporary park in Hong Kong, benches provide a social space for resting, chatting, playing or even dining.

▼灵感源自旧时代大排档的木长椅,Inspired by the wooden benches of old food stalls ©Jimmy HO

▼灵活的布局与形式适应不同社区场景,Flexible layout and form to adapt to different community scenes ©Jimmy HO

长椅具有上述不同的形式和功能,但“连里枝”尝试以高度灵活的系统同时满足许多不同的社区场景。它可以根据在Oi! 中摆放的位置来改变它的布局和形式,并根据不同场合或活动演变成符合需要的物件。

▼分析图,analysis diagram ©Napp Studio & Architects

While benches could have different forms and functions as stated above, “Branching Benches” tries to reinterpret the benches that could cater to many different community scenarios through a highly mobilizable and modular system. It can change its layout and forms based on where it is placed in Oi! and what is needed based on the different programs or events.

▼俯瞰长椅,over-looking the benches ©Jimmy HO

▼长椅局部,details of the benches ©Jimmy HO

▼金属桌局部,details of the small table made in metal ©Jimmy HO

▼平面图1,plan 1 ©Napp Studio & Architects

▼平面图2,plan 2 ©Napp Studio & Architects

Date: February 2022
Location: Oi!, Hong Kong
Design Team: Aron TSANG, Natalie KO, Wesley HO
Fabricator: Screw Up Studio, Kam Hung Metal
Photographer: Jimmy HO
Client: Oi!


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