▼项目视频,video ©ICD University of Stuttgart

HygroShape is a first of its kind concept for truly self-shaping furniture. Using the natural, intrinsic properties of wood, furniture pieces are produced in physically programmed flatpack configurations, materially programmed to shape themselves when unpacked. This self-shaping emerges from the hygroscopic shrinkage that naturally occurs in wood materials. It happens effortlessly, in silence, without human interaction, tools, or assembly instructions, unfurling smoothly, as quickly as overnight.

▼HygroShape在干燥环境下的自动展开过程, HygroShape prototype self-shaping though drying in ambient interior conditions ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼HygroShape – H1原型通过其弧形几何支撑荷载, HygroShape prototype H1 supporting a dynamic load throuhg its performative curved geometry ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼HygroShape – H1原型局部, details of the HygroShape prototype H1 ©ICD University of Stuttgart


▼HygroShape – H2原型,HygroShap prototype H2 ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼HygroShape – H2原型侧视图与顶视图,profile and top view of the HygroShap prototype H2 ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼HygroShape – H2原型摇椅,HygroShape prototype H2 a rocking lounge chair ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼弯曲的两层结构可提高木材各方向上的结构利用率, The curved two-story structure improves structural efficiency on all sides of the wood ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼HygroShape – H2原型局部,details of the HygroShape prototype H2 ©ICD University of Stuttgart

Once shaped, the parts lock mechanically creating stability, while retaining an active ergonomic function through small harmonious movements. The project represents a shift in design and manufacturing processes implementing material programming to harness the unique potentials of sustainable materials and practices. With this comes a new material design language embracing the qualities and characteristics of the natural as an integrative expression of form and function.

▼使用场景, Usage scenarios ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼环保仿生家具,Bio-inspired, Bio-based, Bio-shaped ©ICD University of Stuttgart

由本项目衍生出来的hylo tech公司,将继续探索自塑技术在材料内部和结构应用方面的潜力。

The spin-off company hylo tech continues the exploration of this technology’s potential for a range of interior and structural applications.

▼HygroShape自动展开示意图, HygroShape self-shaping diagram ©ICD University of Stuttgart

▼分析图, diagrams ©ICD University of Stuttgart

Project Team:
ICD – Institute for Computational Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart
Dr.-Ing. Dylan Wood (PI), Laura Kiesewetter, Prof. Achim Menges
With the support of: Robert Faulkner, Denitsa Koleva, Kristina Schramm, Lena Strobel und Ramon Weber
Scientific Collaborators
Institut für Holztechnologie, Dresden &
Institute for Forest Utilization and ForestTechnology –TU Dresden Prof. Dr. Markus Rüggeberg
ETH Zürich
Dr. Philippe Grönquist
Project Support:
University of Stuttgart – Fund for Knowledge andTechnologyTransfer Henkel AG
Schönweiler GmbH
Photographer:Dylan Wood / Robert Faulkner / Laura Kiesewetter