One must have heard of the sea in Sanya, but might have not seen mountains there.

However, aranya finds another possibility besides the sea and beach in Sanya. Giant rugged mountains erect natural barriers between the valleys and noise outside. Away from bustling crowds and the hot sea wind, aranya finds for you a habitat of peace between the sea and mountains—Y Hotel.

▼项目概览,Preview © 河狸景观摄影

▼酒店庭院,Hotel patios © 河狸景观摄影

Y hotel位于三亚的山北区,米白色的建筑隐藏于地下,客房屋顶与住区地面几乎齐平,这使得它非但不阻碍周边住区景观视线,反而成为社区独特的风景。去掉不必要,但不剥离韵味,在三亚的山,无论景观,建筑,室内,都祛除装饰主义,都以最少的语言表达出自然、内敛、质朴的侘寂感受,少而简,美而静。

Y Hotel, located in Shanbei District of Sanya, is a creamy white building concealed underground, with its roof nearly aligned with the ground of the residential area, which enables it to avoid disrupting the view of surrounding residential areas but become unique scenery in the community. Removing the unnecessary while retaining artistic charm, Y Hotel eliminates ornamentation from landscape, architecture and the interior, and conveys a natural, restrained and simple sense of wabi-sabi, which is reduced and simplified but beautiful and quiet.

▼酒店屋顶层,Hotel roof level © 雷坛坛

▼屋顶景观细节,Roof landscape © 河狸景观摄影

Landscaping with Psammophytes


This is an introversive expression, as design needs continuous subtraction and spatial creation with the most restrained attitude. Original shapes and shadows of plants are the best narrators in the small space.

▼入口植物光影,Light and shadow in the entrance area © 河狸景观摄影

Y hotel入口外是一片靠近社区环道的空地,抬头便可以看到群山近在咫尺。设计团队尝试把它还原成山的一隅,让植物与石头加入,建立起场地与周围山峦之间独有的关联。团队还首次尝试了大范围沙生植物设计。沙生植物拥有强大的根系、抗日灼、生命力强,可以适应三亚气候。色彩饱和度低、呈灰蓝色系的沙生植物群组合起来容易呈现设计想要的高级灰调质感,这样的质感也与空间寂静质朴的气质相匹配。

At the entrance to Y Hotel, there is an opening close to the ring road of the community, where one can look up to see mountains in a very short distance away. The design team made an attempt to restore it to a corner of a mountain, and create a unique connection between the opening and surrounding mountains by adding plants and rocks. The team also tested the design of psammophytes in a large area for the first time. Psammophytes characterized by sturdy roots, resistance to sunburn and great vitality can adapt to the climate in Sanya. When combined together, psammophytic flora in desaturated and greyish blue tones is easy to show the premium grey texture desired in design, which also matches the tranquil and simple temperament of the space.

▼入口景观,Landscape at the entrance © 河狸景观摄影

▼沙生植物,Psammophytes © 河狸景观摄影


After determining the tone of flora, plant designers selected seedlings 8 times successively, and analyzed the way of their combination and relations of their shapes on rendering drawings and models. To get a comprehensive stereoscopic experience, designers also produced a 360°VR video of planting effects, which was given as technical disclosure to the contractor of psammophytes, with whom we finished planting vegetation in the grey color scheme we desired on site.

▼入口模型VR视频,VR video of planting effects


On the framework formed by kalanchoe beharensis and euphorbia stenoclada, euphorbia tirucalli and euphorbia xylophylloides compose green biomass at the middle level; a great variety of agave americana such as agaue americana, agave angustifolia and agave schidigera decorates landscape; crossostephium chinense and rosmarinus officinalis are paved on the bottom. The crisscross appearance of brushy greyish blue and green lumps of color can form a texture like oil painting.

▼植物搭配示意,Plant palette © 河狸景观摄影

▼景观和植物细节,Landscape and plant details © 河狸景观摄影


The ground is paved with gravel on the bottom and decorated with stones, of which the contours are naturally weathered. Stones and vegetation, with their boundaries blurred, seem to be symbiotic, and perform a unique song of wilderness.

▼别样的荒野风情,A unique song of wilderness © 河狸景观摄影


Melaleuca Leucadendron in Light and Shadow



The main courtyard is on the basement floor 1, sloping gently downwards from north to south. Looking outside in the building, one will see a framed picture of distant mountains. Then, how shall we paint it to ingeniously link the building and the interior and bring nature inside?

First, architectural design required that it would definitely not be a space to be stared at by guests on their arrival. Therefore, designers first eliminated conventional methods for creating scenes in landscape courtyards, such as planting a specially trimmed tall tree or placing a sturdy huge rock, which are too eye-catching and incompatible with the space. Designers hope that people will gain a certain perception rather than see a concrete object in this space.

▼框景,The framed view © 河狸景观摄影


If the space is compared to a movement, it is not a solo but a harmonious ensemble. When the sun rises above distant mountains, sunlight shines through ranges, forests and weeds on the ground swaying in the breeze, and casts shadows naturally into the space, which is the quiet and natural scene we desire. There is no absolute focus but scenery everywhere.

▼光与影自然地蔓延进空间 © 河狸景观摄影
Sunlight casts shadows naturally into the space


After determining the spatial texture, we began looking for a tree species fit for the spatial temperament. When seeing melaleuca Leucadendron, all designers agreed that no tree species is more suitable than it for the space. Its bark appears peeling in multiple layers, and its greyish green leaves are thin and long, to create a vigorous and forceful scene with the sky.

▼庭院光影,Courtyard bathed in sunlight © 河狸景观摄影


Across the main courtyard, there are 19 trees of the species in total, which workers carried inside as cranes cannot enter and arranged first densely and then sparsely according to the degree of slope.

▼白千层树,Melaleuca Leucadendron © 河狸景观摄影

▼庭院一角,Courtyard © 河狸景观摄影


The bottom space is paved by combining gravel, low vegetation and rocks, the design of which also simulate nature. The tone of gravel in our eyes is a mixed grey, which is more like a natural variegated color rather than a pure color. Besides, boundaries between vegetation on the bottom and gravel should be blurred as a whole rather than in a split way. Rocks should be placed and inlaid as if they rolled down from mountains to the courtyard naturally…

▼底部空间,The bottom space © 雷坛坛


In this way, the framed picture of nature is painted bit by bit, to finally create an experience of “seemingly in a mountain”, and unconsciously introduce a courtyard with landscape. The combination of scenery in the frame and distant mountains composes a simple scene of light and shadow, which seems to be its original look. It is the hardest task to simulate nature.

▼白千层庭院光影,Melaleuca Leucadendron in Light and Shadow © 雷坛坛


Natural and Tranquil Texture


It needs deliberation step by step to design a swimming pool with a temperament of wabi-sabi perfectly in terms of dimensions, texture and spatial experience.

▼山体倒映在水池中 © 河狸景观摄影
The mountains in the distance reflected in the pool


First, to pursue a simple and tranquil natural texture, material samples were made in 7/8 rounds, during which designers repeatedly compared them in color, texture, dimensions etc. Siam white slabs are selected for the bottom of the pool. They are a combination of white Italian, Greek and Sri Lankan marble, with crisscross but uncomplex lines, which can display a natural color transition in water and reflect the most beautiful change from light to deep blue. Meanwhile, they are also applicable to various conditions such as slightly acidic or alkaline conditions, with high stability.

▼泳池和休闲平台,Pool terrace and sunbath area © 雷坛坛


Materials on walls were also tested repeatedly and selected by observing the color changes of tested materials in different conditions such as dry and wet conditions, and their effects in light and shadow. Afterwards, they were mounted on walls by dry-hang.

▼墙体细节,Walls – detailed view © 河狸景观摄影


Each slab should also be in perfect dimensions, to fit in with the overall atmosphere without looking abrupt while expressing spatial tension. When the feel of blocks is so clear in each small zone of the swimming pool, two trees of plumeria rubra endow the space with a deep sense of power.

▼泳池座位区,Seating area © 河狸景观摄影


▼泳池细节,Pool details © 河狸景观摄影

在多专业的共同努力下,空间最终呈现的效果是令人欣慰的。它让人们刷新了对三亚之美的认知,虽与喧嚣保持一定的距离,但并不遥远。它让追随阿那亚从北到南,来到三亚置业的业主们,收获了这处得以安顿身心,慰藉灵魂的修行之所,让他们再一次相信 “人生可以更美”。

Under the concerted efforts of professionals in multiple fields, it is gratifying to see the final effect of the space. It refreshes the beauty of Sanya in the minds of people, keeping a certain distance from hustle and bustle but not far away. It enables owners, who follow aranya from north to south and purchase properties in Sanya, to find such a place, where they can relax themselves and gain spiritual comfort, and to believe that “life can be more beautiful” again.

▼酒店庭院,Hotel courtyard © 雷坛坛

项目名称:Y Hotel
设计团队:李卉 张黎 赵冬舸 唐志杨 张盼 李理 李玥 刘思雨 张书桢 李苗 王利如 宋照兵 姚淞骅 代彪

石材单位:重庆蓓果建材有限公司 厦门市熹德建筑材料有限公司
摄影:河狸景观摄影 雷坛坛

Project: aranya · Sanya Y hotel
Commissioned by: aranya
Address:Jiyang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province
Landscape design:WTD GROUP
Landscape design Team:LiHui,ZhangLi,ZhaoDongge,TangZhiyang,ZhangPan,LiLi,LiYue,LiuSiyu,ZhangShuzhen,LiMiao,WangLiru,SongZhaobing,YaoSonghua,DaiBiao
Architectural /Interior design: SignYan Design
Lighting Design: Beijing Zhou Hongliang Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Psammophytes provide by: Longhai Jiuhu Qianduo Gardening Field
Roof and guest room courtyard plant improvement: Chongqing Yimengweima Greening Engineering Co., Ltd.
Photography: Holi /LeiTanTan