The garden is inspired by the development scheme of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), and Shenzhen is one of the four central cities is the core engine of regional development, with the design theme of “Boundlessness”. There is integration of ecology – boundless symbiosis; integration of development – boundless common prosperity; integration and life – boundless happiness.

▼项目概览,overview © 林俊英景观工作室


Organically combined with Mirrored Blooming Canal, Bay Area Coastal Zone, Blend Bond of Fish and Bird, City Lamppost Cluster and natural wildflower meadow, it expresses people’s aspiration for a better life, the harmonious coexistence of people, city and nature, and the construction of a beautiful blueprint for a harmonious and happy bay area.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view © 林俊英景观工作室


Structural Innovation of Space


The plane composition is inspired by the natural landscape of the coastal wetland in the bay area with high ecological value. The design language with tension is conveyed through the interplay of simple and pure straight lines and abundant undulating curves, so that an artistic abstraction of the wetland patches of the mulberry-base-pond could be formed.

the interplay of simple and pure straight lines and abundant undulating curves © 林俊英景观工作室


The elevation is divided into a triple spatial sequence through the “Bay Area coastal zone, the urban lamppost cluster and fish-bird intermingling link”. The overall space is modern and fashionable, with a strong visual impact and spiritual appeal, which could create a garden space experience that combines reality with reality, with reasonable opening and closing space, and the step-by-step landscape of the garden space experience.

三重空间序列,triple space sequence © 林俊英景观工作室


Mirrored blooming canal


The undulating mirrored canal is decorated with scattered black gravel and blue sandstone, combined with the fog, which signifies the rising of the tide and sailing, as well as the origin of the blooming, the artistic abstraction of the wetland area of the mulberry-base-pond could be formed.

镜面绽放水渠,mirrored blooming canal © 林俊英景观工作室


Bay Area Coastal Zone


A winding and undulating “Bay Area Coastal Zone” is running through the walkway of the gardens, to have the leisure wandering among flowers.

▼湾区滨海带,Bay Area Coastal Zone © 林俊英景观工作室

▼步道细部,details © 林俊英景观工作室


City Lamppost Cluster


The sparse-dense and high-low staggered lampposts symbolize the Bay Area city cluster, which signifies the prosperous life atmosphere.

▼城市灯柱群,City Lamppost Cluster © 林俊英景观工作室


Blend Bond of Fish and Bird  


The free and smooth colorful scaly ribbon combined with the artistic abstract bird, to symbolize the ecological corridor of waterfowl, where birds and fishes break through the boundary, the colorful ribbon relieves against the sky, flowers, plants, creatures and the public. The boundless ecology and the linkage of beauty could be achieved.

▼鱼鸟交融纽带 ,Blend Bond of Fish and Bird   © 林俊英景观工作室

 艺术小鸟,art bird © 林俊英景观工作室


Unique color design


The theme color is used with bright and clean “Bay Area Blue” to convey the strongest spiritual feeling power, which symbolizes the sky and the ocean, as well as the absence of boundaries; white, silver gray and blue-green is used as the base colors, with various shades of blue and purple to better interpret the theme of “Boundlessness”.

 “湾区蓝”主题色,Bay Area Blue © 林俊英景观工作室


Innovative plant configuration


The plant design simulates the evolution process from wilderness vernacular to urban naturalness, the display applications from native plants to new and superior varieties. Moreover, a natural and wild, elegant and unpretentious garden atmosphere could be created by the configuration about the combinations of wildflowers and the mixed flower borders.

荒野乡土性植物景观,the wilderness native plant landscape © 林俊英景观工作室

城市自然性植物景观,urban natural plant landscape © 林俊英景观工作室


The wilderness native plant landscape is inspired by the native wilderness plant community, which expresses a wild and vigorous vitality by the application of wild Miscanthus floridulus (Lab.) Warb. ex Schum et Laut, Bidens pilosa Linn, Praxelis clematidea Cassini,Rhynchelytrum repens (Willd.) Hubb,Polygonum lapathifolium Linn and native plants such as Buddleja lindleyana Fort, Torenia concolor Lindl , Polygonum capitatum Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don Prodr 、Praxelis clematidea Cassini and Mimosa pudica Linn.

 野性旺盛、蓬勃生长的生命力,a wild and vigorous vitality by the application of wild © 林俊英景观工作室

▼植物细部,details of plant © 林俊英景观工作室

酸模叶蓼,Polygonum lapathifolium Linn © 林俊英景观工作室


Urban natural plant landscape is applied with the following organic collocation of horticultural species: Mimosa pudica Linn and Bidens pilosa Linn, Argyranthemum frutescens (L.) Sch.-Bip, Cnidium monnieri(L.)Cuss , Gomphostigma virgatum (L.f.) Baill, Diflugossa colorata (Nees) Bremek, Agapanthus africanus Hoffmgg,Pennisetum alopecuroides series, Salvia japonica series, which expresses the wild interest and naturalness in the city.

素雅碎花径,plain elegant floral pathway ©林俊英景观工作室

▼城市中的野趣与自然,the wild interest and naturalness in the city ©林俊英景观工作室


Cnidium monnieri(L.)Cuss , also known as Cnidium fruit and Daucus carota L, is used as the theme of feature flower. It is the wild flowers growing in the river gorge, with white umbels, swaying in the wind as stars, shown fairy atmosphere; Gomphostigma virgatum (L.f.) Baill , with leaves as willow and flowers as stars, is dotting in the vast nature, which also seems as waves splashing up the floating foam. Salvia guaranitica A.St.-Hil. ex Benth. ‘Black and Blue’ with strong fragrance and dark blue flowers have echoed the theme color of “Bay Area Blue”.

蛇床子,Cnidiummonnieri(L.)Cuss ©林俊英景观工作室

▼柳叶星河,Gomphostigma virgatum(L.f.) Baill ©林俊英景观工作室

▼深蓝鼠尾草,Salvia guaranitica A.St.-Hil.ex Benth ‘Black and Blue’ ©林俊英景观工作室

主题特色树采用银叶金合欢,享受当下的时光,寓意着“朋友间的友谊”, 也美好的事物的象征,银蓝叶与主题色相映成趣。选择花形翩翩如蝶或鸟的植物:如双色野鸢尾、德国鸢尾、蝴蝶荚蒾、山桃草、小花飞燕草等,增加花园的诗情画意。

The theme of feature tree is Acacia podalyriifolia, which signifies “friendship among friends” and a symbol of good things. The silver and blue leaves could form the delightful contrast of the theme color. Plants with flowers that look like butterflies or birds are chosen: Dietes bicolor Sweet ex Klatt, Iris germanica Linn, Viburnum plicatum Thunb. var. tomentosum (Thunb.) Miq., Gaura lindheimeri Engelm. et Gray and Consolida ajacis (L.) Schur to add poetry to your garden.

▼蝴蝶荚蒾,Viburnum plicatum Thunb. var. tomentosum (Thunb.) Miq ©林俊英景观工作室


Plants that represent the of flowers language of happiness, joy, beauty and love includes: Acacia podalyriifolia, Spiraea thunbergii Sieb. ex Blume, Ozothamnus diosmifolius DC, Astilbe chinensis (Maxim.) Franch. et Savat, Agapanthus africanus Hoffmgg, Verbena hybrida Voss, Leucanthemum maximum (Ramood) DC, Mauranthemum paludosum (Poir.) Vogt et Oberprieler .

▼特色植物,featured plants ©林俊英景观工作室


Application of low carbon material


The application of environmentally friendly materials such as loose gravel, organic mulch, low-carbon screw-thread steel (Recycled old rebar) and recycled acrylic is used to achieve the concept of green recycling and low-carbon gardening.

▼炫彩鳞片,colorful sequins ©林俊英景观工作室

▼低碳螺纹钢与蓝砂石,low-carbon screw-thread steel and blue sandstone ©林俊英景观工作室

Explains from Designer


Beauty of flower exhibition: it advocates a lifestyle and spiritual support led by horticulture, so that people could enjoy the better life through flower exhibition.

Beauty of design: the seemingly “capricious” design is actually a thoughtful design expression after abandoning many limiting factors. There are designer’s feelings and pursuit of the ultimate design. The original design is so beautiful.

Beauty of the garden: Shenzhen in the garden could strengthen the emotional link between people and nature. Concerns on plants and gardens is concerns on life and the future.

Beauty of life: Happiness can be so simple, people could get rid of busy as well as exhaustion, and spend leisurely time in the garden. Love life, love family and enjoy the beauty of life. 

▼休憩区,rest area ©林俊英景观工作室


Ascend the stairs in the garden and breath the freshness.
The breeze gently passes by the elegant flower paths.
Take a journey of flowers and water, a journey of blooming flowers on the bay. There are a thousand birds singing along the river.
Find a leisurely place to sit,
enjoy the flowers and birds playing, taste the natural wild beauty.
Find a romantic place,
express full of shine with happiness, feel the happiness of life.
Express feelings to the nature leisurely.
Make a free growth naturally……

▼平面图,plan ©林俊英景观工作室

获得荣誉:2022粤港澳大湾区深圳花展——大金奖 · 最佳参展奖
项目位置:深圳仙湖植物园 · 菩提树草坪 · 城市花园
设计单位:林俊英景观工作室 / 深圳市造源景观旅游规划设计有限公司

Project Name: Boundlessness
Receive Honor:2022 Guangdong-Hong Kong-MacaoGreater Bay Area Shenzhen Flower Show -Grand Gold Award · Best Exhibition Award
Project Location: Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden – Bodhi Tree Lawn – City Garden
Exhibitors:Shenzhen Park Service
Organizer:Shenzhen Flower Association
Designers: Lin Junying, ZhengChunming, Lin Chongtao, Zeng Yanhong, Wu Ruojing, Zhan Tingting, Wang MI, ChenYichan, Zeng Yanjuan, Qiu Wenhui
Designed: Lin Junying Landscape Studio / ZYEEN
Constructed: Shenzhen Fangsen GardenFlower Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Zeng Yanhong, Lin Chongtao, Zheng Chunming,Lin Jiaqi,Wu Ruojing
Design date: 2021.12
Completion date: 2022.03