With minimalism and sophistication, the architectural proposal for the ceramics and candles store is to seek the experience in a monochromatic and earthy environment, being an immersion in the universe of clay and natural elements.

▼门头概览,overview of the store front © Eduardo Macarios

experience in a monochromatic and earthy environment © Eduardo Macarios


The environment is a moment of breathing in the city and, with residential references, it is as if people were at home inside: the linen curtain, carpets, plants and lamps. It is in the mixture of the cold touch of the metal shelves, added to the delicacy of the candles and the soft contact of the clay that the contrast comes, accommodating and stimulating the senses.

overview of the interior of the store © Eduardo Macarios

the linen curtain, carpets, plants and lamps © Eduardo Macarios

The cold touch of the metal shelving contrasts with the delicate candles and soft clay © Eduardo Macarios

design with residential references © Eduardo Macarios


The store comes to be a moment of pause and welcome in busy life, offering comfort and sweetness.

▼置物架局部,details of the shelves © Eduardo Macarios

▼金属货梯与货架局部,details of the metal ladder and shelf © Eduardo Macarios

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © BOSCARDIN CORSI


Project size:70 m2
Building levels:1
Photo credit:Eduardo Macarios