Our concept for Neighbourhood Wine Bar, a brutalist inspired space designed for tastings and learning about local sourced wines. From a converted garage to a place of meeting and conversation for local residents. Design notes echo the buildings past as a garage, the interiors for Neighbourhood Wine Bar are influenced by materials usually found in such an industrial space; welded mesh, blackened steel, exposed beams, painted brickwork, concrete & burlap fabric and iron lighting.

▼酒吧空间概览,overall view of the project © Fare Inc.

▼野兽派风格木制吧台,wooden bar inspired by an antique brutalist credenza © Fare Inc.

▼供人们聚会交谈的卡座,booth for people to meet and talk © Fare Inc.


Shapes and forms echo cylinders, and brutalist machinery inspired the huge, carved wood bar and stump stools. The huge bar was inspired by an antique brutalist credenza we fell in love with years ago, The back storage space has been transformed into a wine shop and tasting room, with iron-petal pendant lights – adding a delicate touch to the brutalism – over a huge marble and zinc table, and 4 seater booths for group catch-ups. FARE INC’s take on delicate brutalism.

▼空间后部的售卖与品酒室,wine shop and tasting room at the back storage space © Fare Inc.

▼铁艺灯具与大理石品酒桌,Iron lamps and marble wine tasting table © Fare Inc.

Project size:1900 ft2
Completion date:2021
Building levels:1
Designer:Fare Inc.