Main Street是Mordialloc的一家颇有人气的小餐馆,十多年来一直受到当地居民们的喜爱。近来,餐厅主人委托Biasol事务所进行重新设计,以此来答谢邻里和老顾客们的长期支持。

Main Street is a local landmark in Mordialloc, and a much-loved neighbourhood destination for more than a decade. Wanting to give back to the bayside community, the owner of Main Street engaged Biasol to invigorate the iconic corner café as a token of gratitude to the community and its regular customers who have shown support from the very beginning.

▼餐厅概览,preview © Jack Lovel

Main Street全天营业,早上供应早餐和咖啡,晚上则提供晚餐和鸡尾酒。设计的主要需求是营造休闲和富有活力的氛围,在无缝融入街景和郊区环境的同时,进一步彰显餐厅以顾客和社区为重心的热情的服务态度。设计者从其最喜欢的纽约餐厅中汲取灵感,在方案中同时融入了经典怀旧与活泼时尚的风格。

Main Street is an all-day destination where customers can comfortably enjoy a coffee and breakfast at 8am and a cocktail and dinner at 8pm. The design needed to be casual and vibrant to seamlessly integrate into the streetscape and suburb, and to support Main Street’s friendly hospitality service that places customers and community at its heart. We looked to our favourite New York diners for inspiration, taking cues from their classic, nostalgic styling, and their lively, hip and ever-welcoming atmosphere.

▼吧台区,bar © Jack Lovel

餐厅的布局开阔且通透,转角咖啡吧台的两侧设置了大尺寸的窗户,带来与街道的视觉连接,同时将大量自然光引入室内。多种类型的座位为餐厅带来从早到晚的活跃氛围,客人们可以选择靠墙的沙发、中央的隔间式座位以及吧台处的固定座椅——这样的座位布局方式搭配着方格瓷砖地面,为Main Street餐厅注入了一丝独特的纽约特质;而质地细腻的材料、沉静的色彩和格纹的斜向变形又使空间呈现出一种属于墨尔本的现代气息。

The layout is open, airy and spacious. Large windows along two sides of the corner café offer a visual connection with the street and bring lots of natural light into the interior. A variety of seating activates all areas for day and night trading, with banquettes along the walls, booth seating down the centre and fixed counter stools at the bar. This seating and the chequered tiled floor are some of the iconic diner elements that we refined to infuse Main Street with a New York City vibe. We reimagined them with textured materials, a subdued colour palette and diagonal chequers to create a space with Melbourne’s modern aesthetic.

▼靠墙的沙发座位,banquettes along the walls © Jack Lovel

▼用餐区细节,dining area detailed view © Jack Lovel

▼家具和内饰细节,furnishing details © Jack Lovel

黑色、白色和绿色的搭配营造出视觉冲击力,凸显出社区的活力和海滨的欢快氛围。宝石绿色的内饰和深鼠尾草色的吧台呼应着从金属框架中溢出的葱郁植物;略微粉刷的砖墙揭示出建筑的肌理与历史,再次强调了Main Street餐厅在当地社区中的重要地位。

The black, white and green palette creates visual impact and reflects the upbeat team, vibrant community and beachside location. Emerald green upholstery and the deep sage green on the front of the bar are complemented with lush green plants that spill from the industrial-inspired shelving framework. The lightly whitewashed brick walls reveal the fabric and history of the building, affirming Main Street’s identity as a long-standing neighbourhood destination for the local community.

▼吧台一角,view from the corner of the bar © Jack Lovel

▼细节,details © Jack Lovel

▼平面图,floor plan

Name of the project: Main Street
Location of the project: 501-505 Main Street, Mordialloc Victoria 3195 Australia
Area (sqm): 175 sqm
Category: Hospitality — Restaurant & Bar
Interior Design
Interior Styling
Designer Details:
Studio: Biasol
Contact: Jean-Pierre Biasol
Instagram: @biasoldesign
Facebook: @biasoldesign
Designer or design studio based in (City/Country):
Melbourne, Australia
Photographer Details: Jack Lovel