有一天,Clonmacnoise的修道士们正在教堂开会。正当商议的时候,他们看见一艘船从他们头顶飞过,就像在海上航行一样。而船上的人也看到地上的人们与他们的居所,于是就下了锚。锚正好落在教堂的地板上,被牧师抓住。有一个人跟着锚从船上下来,他像在水中一样游着,一直游到锚那儿。地上的人们把他拖下了来。“看在上帝的份上,让我走吧!” 他说,“你们就要把我淹死了。”然后他像刚才一样在空中游着,带着锚离开了他们。

One day the monks of Clonmacnoise were holding a meeting on the floor of the church, and as they were at their deliberations there they saw a ship sailing over them in the air, going as it were on the sea. When the crew of the ship saw the meeting and the inhabited space below them, they dropped anchor, and the anchor came right down on to the floor of the church, and the priest seized it. A man came down out of the ship after the anchor, and he was swimming as if he were in the water, till he reached the anchor; and they were dragging him down then. ‘For Gods Sake let me go!’ said he, ‘for you are drowning me.’ then he left them, swimming in the air as before, taking his anchor with him.

▼项目外观,appearance of the project © Aisling McCoy

霍利布鲁克路(Hollybrook Road)位于都柏林郊区。项目内容包括翻新一幢维多利亚式住宅的底层,并扩建出厨房和用餐区。项目的业主是一个年轻的家庭,设计旨在反映出他们的日常生活和他们对创造美好事物的渴望。

Hollybrook Road is in a suburb of Dublin. The project involved refurbishing the ground floor return of a Victorian house and making an extension that would incorporate a kitchen and dining area for a young family that would reflect their life and their aspiration toward making something beautiful.

▼轴测分析图,axonometric diagram © Aisling McCoy


The project from the outset had a clear intent to make a series of distinct sequential interior spaces from the front door to the rear garden that knitted the old and new parts of the house together. The pantry area drops from the main house in 6 generous limestone steps . This room containing a hidden WC and utility area beneath the existing return and the new extension are built in reinforced concrete and wrapped in external insulation.

The existing return forms a transition area between the old and new parts © Aisling McCoy

The bay Windows on the cloister form a comfortable leisure area © Aisling McCoy


The extension is pulled back from the neighbouring walls on both sides, on the kitchen sides this has the enjoyable effect of setting a window to look at a plastered wall ( the wall of the neighbours extension) as the sunlight moves across its face over the course of the day. The external glazing screens are similarly kept outside the concrete shell and allowed run to the height of the parapet with the excessive concrete beams exposed behind bronze tinted glass. A generous relationship with the sun throughout the days and seasons is intended, manifest in the changing light and shadows cast on the sloping beams, concrete walls and speckled terrazzo floor inside.

viewing the neighboring wall from the window on the kitchen sides © Aisling McCoy

viewing the kitchen island from the existing return © Aisling McCoy


The concrete work forms the basis of the project providing a material that can be rough in places, smooth and more refined in others, and allows a degree of form making / shaping. Casting the extension as a singular form, the down-stand beams that hold the return overhead and the roof of the extension could depart from being mere structure. They are brought back within the main cruciform space of the extension to buffer the threshold between inside and outside. Wrapping the building in external insulation allows the concrete form to be unbroken internally. The making of the interior spaces took precedence over what the building might look like as an object externally.

▼厨房,kitchen © Aisling McCoy

Soft sunlight sprinkles into the kitchen© Aisling McCoy

Bronze glass curtain wall creates a warm atmosphere of light and shadow © Aisling McCoy


The concrete soffit of the ceiling is carefully set out with the joint lines indicating the plans geometry. A cast fireplace forms one corner and is in contrast to the bracketed columns of the other three corners. This also slopes outward and upward and the face of the concrete is treated differently to the other board marked elements below the 2.4m datum. Its chimney overhead disobeys the orthogonal set out to the plan and rotates 45 degrees. It is capped in concrete with a hole punched through, and is intended as a new eccentric figure amongst the tall victorian brick chimneys that surround it.

▼混凝土材质是整个项目设计的核心元素,Concrete is the core element of the project © Aisling McCoy

The fireplace © Aisling McCoy


I feel like the effect of the interior is akin to being a under something heavy. It feels strange but also protective. Its uncanny character is intended to offer respite from the world of work and toil. Celtic folklore is characterised by a tension between fantasy and reality and a situating of the body prior to consciousness. I hope that tension is somehow also present in this space. Without getting too wooly, this effect is intentionally sought in the work.

dining area © Aisling McCoy

▼餐厅局部,detail of the dining © Aisling McCoy


I believe in the Spinozo axiom: ‘P11: God, or a substance consisting of infinite attributes, each of which expresses eternal and infinite essence, necessarily exists.’ From this axium a concept of our world where we are but all modes of one substance springs. It is a form of pantheism I guess. Trying to understand and make work that connects us to our senses and bodies and by extension everything from the local to the cosmic keeps me going. My work is a product of that intent.

▼夜景,night view © Aisling McCoy

▼平面图,plan © t o b Architect

▼剖面图,section © t o b Architect

Title: Hollybrook Road
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Completed: 2021
Photography: Aisling McCoy
Architect: t o b Architect
Practice Details:
web: www.tobarchitect.ie
insta: @tob.architect