Appropriately named for its bronze veil which captures the euphoric afternoon light like the golden leafy trees that line the streets of Hawthorn, The Auburn is a series of individual homes which share a glistening facade. Working with a client who is both the developer and builder, the design utilises construction expertise to create a point of difference in the bespoke multiresidential market.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © Sharyn Cairns


Both natural and lustrous, the façade is screened by a bronze metal mesh, capturing the neighbourhood’s feeling of warmth and light. This is punctuated by a series of refined, industrial steel frames requiring intricate metal work, not often seen in multiresidential buildings. These create a continuity across the façade while breaking up the program into distinctly different areas. Across the façade, these frame outlooks, balconies and even occasionally outdoor seating. The finer qualities of the upper level are grounded with a solid, textured natural stone base.

▼连续的工业钢架,continuous industrial steel frames © Sharyn Cairns

▼自然且光泽的立面遮罩赤褐色的金属网 © Sharyn Cairns
the natural and lustrous facade is screened by a bronze metal mesh

▼框架构成了阳台,the frame forms the balcony © Sharyn Cairns


As a grand entrance, the stone follows up a dramatic nine-metre-high void which is activated by light diffusing across the rough texture at different angles through the day from the large skylight above.

▼入口,entrance © Sharyn Cairns

▼粗糙石材的光影,shadow of the rough stones © Sharyn Cairns


Connecting with the architecture, the raw stone also carries into the interiors of the generous apartments, making bespoke, tactile details in the kitchens and ensuites. Taking a highly personal approach, every apartment is distinctly different from one another, focusing on refined moments of comfort. Like individual homes, each has a unique configuration with well-appointed kitchen, finely detailed fireplace, dedicated study space, quality joinery with build-in seating and private outdoor space.

▼私人户外空间,private outdoor space © Sharyn Cairns

▼客厅,living room © Sharyn Cairns

▼餐厅,dining room © Sharyn Cairns

▼设施齐全的厨房,well-appointed kitchen © Sharyn Cairns

▼专用学习空间,dedicated study space © Sharyn Cairns

▼卧室,bedroom © Sharyn Cairns