BED是一家仅接待预约顾客的美睫沙龙。BED的名称反映了店主希望让顾客在做睫毛的同时能够像睡觉一样充分放松的意愿。门店的logo同样传达了这样的概念,它由店主合作过的插画家Yu Nagaba设计。

BED is a reservations-only eyelash salon. The name reflects the owner’s wish to allow clients to feel relaxed, like they could fall asleep, while their eyelashes are being done. The logo that expresses the concept was designed by Yu Nagaba, an illustrator who we also partnered with for LAND, another salon owned by BED’s owner.

▼项目概览,general view © Takumi Ota

▼入口的标识,sign at the entrance © Takumi Ota



▼平面图,plan © Takumi Ota

We created original partitions in order to house multiple seats in limited square footage and maintain privacy while still feeling open enough for guests to relax and even sleep.

The partitions have a thin board attached to only one side, so the front and back are different. The partitions intersect in a way that creates passages and levels. This maintains privacy for each client without completely stopping the line of sight, in effect unconsciously sharing the space of the adjacent booth.

▼隔墙相互交错的方式构成了路径与层级 © Takumi Ota
The partitions intersect in a way that creates passages and levels

▼化妆区,make-up area © Takumi Ota


To further reduce any sensation of being boxed in, we painted the floor the same color as the bottom panels (which are attached to the floor). Panels are placed so that they feel light. Top and bottom panels alternately show the front and back so that when moving through the space it feels connected but also changed – it’s designed to leave an impression.

▼隔墙系统,the partitions © Takumi Ota

▼隔墙的正反面和色彩均发生变化,The panels alternately show the front and back and are painted in different colors © Takumi Ota


The north side window is quite large, but in order to block the view from outside, we fully covered the north side in custom curtains. When you look at the north side from the entrance (south), you see a space filled with soft light. The passageways between the partitions are accentuated by this light, and it seems to circulate throughout the space.

▼北侧窗边座位,seating area at the north side © Takumi Ota

▼空间满溢着柔和的光线,a space filled with soft light © Takumi Ota


Booths are separated just enough, and we believe we have achieved a space that is comfortable enough to sleep in.

▼私人床位,the private booth © Takumi Ota

▼室内细节,interior details © Takumi Ota

Project: BED
Business type: eyelash salon
Floor area: 32㎡
Designer: Sohei Arao
Design office: SIDES CORE (
Photographer: Takumi Ota
Construction: THE
Lighting design: DAIKO Yoriaki Kokubu
VI: Yu Nagaba
Curtain:fabric Scape <>
Address: Breeze Minamisenba 501, Minamisenba 4-8-4, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0081, Japan
Designed: September 1 – October 20, 2021
Built: November 4 – 16, 2020