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Perhaps you will reshape the way people think, if you can change the way they see theworld. We observed that in the era of fragment information explosion and rapid development,people’s feelings have been influenced and controlled by fragmentmemory. When we adopt clear and perceivable pure form to make people feel the whole and self permeate, people will experience the freshness and integrity of the individual. Therefore, returning to the “whole feeling” of theevent serves as the initial starting point of the design.

▼室内空间概览,overview © 廖鲁


▼空间生成,Dynamic model analysis © 水木言设计机构

Enjoyinga special cooking way, abalone and chicken are considered as traditional Chinese food. They are believed to be helpful to people’s health. For the brandlocation of the city – Changsha, China, far from the sea inland city so abaloneis particularly precious. For the abalone growth environment, the sea, givesspace not only for the transplantation of regional culture, but also for thevast, far-reaching, pure and contemplative sea. Whether there are people livingby the sea or not, the context of the sea can always empathize with people andoffer people with unstinted imagination.

▼入口吧台,bar at the entrance © 廖鲁


In traditional culture, the universe, nature and human beings can beintegrated into one. One stands as the starting point of all things. There is asaying that two in one, three in two, three in all. So for the design, althoughit is pure interior space, we hope that the top, facade and ground of the spaceare as a whole. Its boundary is fuzzy, and it forms a whole, just like theconnection and purity of the sea and sky. When people enter the completedspace, because of the fuzzy boundary and the change of the level, people’sjudgment of the size of the space will exceed the actual area, which is alsothe holistic view of the people who can “see the whole picturefrom the small part”.

▼入口旁的弧形卡座,the arc-shaped card seat area © 廖鲁

▼材质搭配,the materials © 廖鲁


These objects like rolling, superimposed shapes, changed along with the movement anddivided into the front hall, dining area, bar, private room and other functionalareas. Arc guides people to explore step by step. The arc-shaped card seat area, central water bar and overhead private room enrich the level and streamline of space due to different functions in different areas; Waves, reefs and volcanic rocks give the space a sense of strength and human texture, the trajectory of the stars on the top stretches the sense of scale, and evokes people’s yearning and love for nature in an abstract form.

▼中央水吧,the central water bar © 廖鲁

▼开放用餐区,the open dining area © 廖鲁

▼内含不同功能区,different functions in different areas © 廖鲁

▼透过墙上窗洞看就餐区,view of the dining area through the window © 廖鲁


This abstract forms the sence of harmony, tranquility, vitality,rigidity.it releases the emotional shock that people have experienced in their life and raises their passion and love for the world and nature.When peopleconfronted with such a scale of space, when dining, they will think with suchquestions:where will the space stretch? Where will people go? Where will lifego?

▼丰富的流线型天花板,the streamlined ceiling © 廖鲁


Inparticular, it is worth mentioning that the transformation of the internalspace of the building, which is a space that has been repeatedly used, haswitnessed many a formats, and the structure and trace of the space left bydifferent formats are different. The original space exists a narrow street front, a long depth, and the structural column stands in the hall. The investors hope to adjust and utilize the mezzanine and kitchen and other unfavorable factors.

▼旋转楼梯通向二层,the spiral stairs leading to the second floor © 廖鲁

▼二层平台,the platform on the second floor © 廖鲁

▼从二层看一层公共空间,view of the public dining area from the second floor © 廖鲁


The reorganized space uses the setting of cash register,water bar, mezzanine and other functions to form a “segmented” spacefrom the outside to the inside, so as to avoid the loss of mystery because of too straightforward view. Part of the column is digested in the water bar andthe wall, forming a seemingly columnless space.

▼二层包房,the private room © 廖鲁


When we interview the local guests randomly and ask them how they feel, the mostcommon reply is “this is a surprising experience”. The implication ofthe surprise is beyond our general experience. For a city boasted a rapid paceof life and work, the average dining time of guests accounts for over 70minutes. We reckon that maybe “overall sensuality” makes people feelpeaceful.

▼局部,details © 廖鲁

▼剖面图,sections © 水木言设计机构

▼平面图,plans © 水木言设计机构


Project Name: Abalone Chicken
Design scope:interior design
Location: 327, section 3, Furong Middle Road, Yuhua District,Changsha City, Hunan Province, China
Area: 360㎡
Design Company: SMY Space Interior Design Studio
Chief Designer: Liang Ningjian
Assistant Designer: Li Xinli、Sun Piao
Design Cycle: October 2020
Completion time: February 1, 2021
Main Materials: micro cement、metal plate、volcanic stone、natural gneiss、rock plate
Photographer: Liao Lu
Design Editor:Jin Xuepeng