Housing, is a seemingly simple but actually complex concept. From the perspective of “shelter”, homestead solves the relationship between us and the world, which is the last line of defense against external invasion. From the perspective of “daily life”, homestead also needs to solve the relationship between us and ourselves, which is the spiritual territory for us to explore inward and strengthen inner prosperity.

▼住宅外观,the exterior view © ICYWORKS


Nemo, the design director of GE Space Design, has made some different explorations on the shelter function and daily life of the house in the Jiang’an villa, which is newly completed. What’s more interesting is that when you travel through space, you can feel a poetic life which Gaston Bachelard, the French philosopher once mentioned. The two-storey detached villa in Shuangliu, Chengdu, has 340 square meters. The hall on the first floor is 7 meters high. On the wall of 7 meters, two large windows of 5 meters are set up on the front and side walls, which maximize the integration of indoor and outdoor.

▼室内空间概览,overview of the interior space © ICYWORKS


When the shadow of the tree is swaying, the sunlight and green shadow are splashing in, and the whole space will have a different natural aura and quiet feeling. It is clean, natural and familiar.

▼首层的起居空间,the first floor space © ICYWORKS

▼起居室,the living room © ICYWORKS


There are not only the geometric beauty between the blocks in the contemporary space, but also the serenity and lightness in the ancient sensory experience. The walls retreat as the space continues to expand here, removing all decoration, colors, symbols and forms. Let the space return to transparency and freedom, and let life return to life itself. This is the ultimate power of space.

▼餐厅,the dining room © ICYWORKS

▼厨房,the kitchen © ICYWORKS


Gaston Bachelard, the French philosopher, once said in the Poetics of Space: “the existence of the house and our existence fit together, and will develop itself in a holistic way.” This refers to the two-way interaction between human and space. The emotions of space and the spiritual experience in which people live are most fascinating. Therefore, it is the key for a private house to sublimate to a higher spiritual realm that how to design the space according to the owner’s mind, temperament, preference and daily behavior.

▼楼梯通向二层,the stairs leading to the second floor © ICYWORKS


In the process of the design, the way to reach the spiritual field can be realized through the scale and the organization of space. We can feel that the organization of space is always generated from the inside to the outside here, showing a strong form of independence, as if it is marked with a personal brand. This is the most unique and charming part of the work.

▼从二层看客厅,view of the living room from the second floor © ICYWORKS

▼二层走廊,the corridor on the second floor © ICYWORKS


On the basis of such a large scale of space, how to make it clear and transparent is due to the control of space order by Nemo, the designer. Daily life is often trivial, chaotic and disordered, but the clean space cutting method and clear space moving line planning can make the fragmented modern daily life feel at ease, so that space can explore the spiritual and emotional richness and purity from the contradiction between material richness and spiritual scarcity caused by modern civilization. It is not difficult to imagine that the reorganization of the spatial pattern is the key to the presentation of the work, and the changes to the original building is large.

▼主卧,the master bedroom © ICYWORKS


The non load bearing walls on the first floor were almost completely removed, making the first floor open with 7 meters high, allowing the space to continue to flow. On the second floor, according to the different light, vision and needs, the functional space is replanned and combined to form different space, so as to enhance the living experience and the sense of care.

▼次卧,the second bedroom © ICYWORKS


The ultimate pursuit of space purity is to return to nature. The trace of returning to the original is shown in the details of space. With the use of a large number of cement self leveling, the exposed treatment of the top space, the warm wood floor in the bedroom, and the simple and delicate way of white latex paint wall, the space is constantly changing and extending. All of these make space gain essential power and make it a perceptible and explorable part of daily life. There is no doubt that this is a private housing space with self attitude and self appeal.

▼浴室,the bathroom © ICYWORKS


The space is introverted and restrained, trying not to reveal artificial traces, releasing and stimulating the vitality of the space with charming light. Nemo, the designer, has completed a silent internal transformation and restore the daily authenticity and spiritual quality of life in a simple way.

▼首层平面图,the first floor plan ©季意空间设计

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan ©季意空间设计


Project Name: Jiang’an Villa
Designer: GE Space Design
Email: lijia@cdgedesign.com
Lead Designer: Nemo
Participating Designers: Tang Qian, Zhang Yue
Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Project Type: detached villa
Building Area: 340 square meters
Photographic Copyright: ICY©ICYWORKS
Manufacturers: Nanogress, Shoutang, Meicheng, Hansgrohe, Meijing, MIG paint, Yiji, huayuanli, Huangcheng