Grosvenor East是曼彻斯特城市大学艺术与人文学院新楼,建筑面积为12100平方米,以动态的方式将表演艺术、新闻学和语言学系的空间汇聚在一起,同时还囊括了新成立的曼彻斯特诗歌图书馆、咖啡厅、公共大厅、展览空间和180座的工作室剧院。除了为大学提供授课与学习的空间,这座坐落于曼彻斯特牛津路的建筑本身也将成为与城市相连且具有高辨识度的新文化中心。

The 12,100 sqm new building for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University brings together a dynamic mix of the performing arts, journalism, and languages alongside the newly established Manchester Poetry Library, a cafe, public foyers, exhibition space and a 180-seat studio theatre. Situated on Manchester’s Oxford Road corridor, Grosvenor East provides the university with spaces for teaching and learning, and a highly visible new cultural hub connected to the city.

▼Grosvenor East大楼外观
Grosvenor East exterior view © Jack Hobhouse

建筑坐落在一个2600平方米的紧凑场地上,凭借巧妙的分段式设计,复杂的功能空间得以安置在中庭的两侧,而中庭本身就如同一条内部“街道”,将校园的北侧和南侧连接起来。Grosvenor East的底层空间——包括剧院、诗歌图书馆和咖啡厅——完全向公众开放;中间楼层为传媒专业的学生提供了最先进的电视和广播工作室;戏剧专业的学生享有功能灵活的排练室,其空间既可以袒露在阳光下,也可以完全遮蔽以形成黑暗空间;顶部几个楼层用作学术办公室、教室和语言实验室等。

Occupying a tight 2,600 sqm corner site, a sophisticated sectional design interlocks the building’s complex programme either side of a central atrium that acts as an internal ‘street’, linking north and south sides of the campus. The ground floor of Grosvenor East is entirely open to the public and includes the theatre, poetry library and café. Mid-levels provide media students with state-of-the-art television and radio studios, and drama students have flexible rehearsal studios that can be bathed in daylight or completely blacked out. The building’s upper levels are reserved for academic offices, classrooms and language laboratories.

▼从公园望向建筑,View from the adjacent park © Jack Hobhouse

设计团队与不同的用户群体进行了深入接触和交流,以确定他们的不同诉求,同时了解了空间、声学和安全隔离方面的需要。正是这种多样的用户群体和使用需要,使建筑的设计方法得以确立。设计过程中的一个重要环节是考虑如何保留被列为保护建筑名录的外墙结构——它是1830年建造的Chorlton on Medlock市政厅所留下的全部遗迹。为此,设计团队将既有门廊的形式特征引入到新建筑的主入口处,并通过增加门洞长度来实现无台阶的通行体验。
该场地不仅在曼彻斯特城市大学中占据着重要位置,同时也在All Saint’s公园周围的区域内扮演着基石般的角色。

An in-depth engagement and briefing process was undertaken to identify the many and often diverging requirements of this diverse group of building users, and understand needs for spatial, acoustic or secure separation. It is this rich mix of building users and their respective needs that has defined the architectural approach. Also essential in the design development was the retention of a listed facade, all that remains of the 1830’s Chorlton on Medlock Town Hall once on this site. The formal strength of the portico is exploited as the new building’s primary entrance with door openings lengthened for step-free access.
This is a key site for Manchester Metropolitan University, both in terms of its high visibility and its location as a cornerstone to the campus around All Saint’s Park.

▼相连的新旧建筑立面,The connected facades of the old building and the new one © Jack Hobhouse


A heavy masonry body of prefabricated glass reinforced concrete panels, with a lightweight copper-coloured metal framework to the windows and upper facade levels gives the building long-term solidity and permanence with a warm, decorative flourish. The building’s massing is broken into a series of individual blocks, visible in the elevations and roof plan, that gradually increase in scale, culminating in the building’s highest point on the corner of Oxford Road, facing back towards the city. Energy use targets are set high for the scheme with an emphasis on a very high performing envelope achieving ratings well in excess of building regulations.

▼侧立面,Lateral facade © Jack Hobhouse

▼立面近景,A close view to the facade © Jack Hobhouse

Grosvenor East是Allies and Morrison在曼彻斯特建成的第一个项目,该事务所于近期受托为Bruntwood和曼彻斯特大学联合开发的“iD Manchester”研究和创新园区打造整体规划。

Grosvenor East is the first of several projects to be completed in Manchester by the practice. We now have a small but permanent presence in the city from where we will grow this portfolio, and we have recently been appointed to develop a masterplan for iD Manchester, a new research and innovation campus for developer Bruntwood and the University of Manchester.

Allies and Morrison事务所合伙人及项目负责人Simon Fraser表示:“该项目取得的成果令人欣喜。它为整个All Saint’s校区和城市中的重要区域带来了一项高质量的建筑作品。作为本事务所在高等教育建筑实践中的最新成员,Grosvenor East被赋予了极高的耐用性和适应性,它将在未来长期为曼彻斯特城市大学提供服务。”

Simon Fraser, Project Leader and Partner at Allies and Morrison said: “I am delighted to see this project come to fruition, a high-quality piece of architecture for the All Saints Campus and a prominent site within the city. This latest addition to the practice’s portfolio of buildings in Higher Education has been designed for longevity and adaptability, to serve Manchester Metropolitan University long into the future.”

▼沿街视角,Street view © Jack Hobhouse

Allies and Morrison项目建筑师和副总监Charlotte Hodges表示:“我们从项目初期就与承包商进行了基于PCSA协议的合作,这意味着我们作为一体化的团队,能够按照预算及时完成建筑的交付。在建筑竣工后,我们仍然积极参与,帮助大学采购和协调了位于中庭的两幅大尺寸纺织艺术品,以及各类定制家具和相关艺术品的安装。从概念设计到完工,再到与大学客户及承包商的协作,这些强有力的合作关系最终促成了一座深受学生、员工和公众喜爱的高质量建筑的实现。”

Charlotte Hodges, Project Architect and Associate Director at Allies and Morrison said: “Working with the contractor from the early stages under a PCSA for the university client, and later working directly for the contractor, meant that as a team we were able to deliver the building to budget. Following completion our involvement continued, helping the university procure and coordinate the installation of two large-scale textile works in the atrium as well as the feature furniture and other associated artworks. Supported by our presence in Manchester, these strong and collaborative working relationships, right through from concept design to completion and beyond with both the university client and the contractor, have resulted in a high-quality building much enjoyed by students, staff and the public.”

▼建筑中庭,Central atrium © Jack Hobhouse

▼楼梯间,Circulation © Jack Hobhouse

▼中庭连桥,Atrium linking bridge © Jack Hobhouse

▼楼梯间休息区,Seating area © Jack Hobhouse

▼灵活的教学空间,Flexible teaching space © Jack Hobhouse

曼彻斯特城市大学艺术与人文学院副院长Martyn Evans教授表示:“Allies and Morrison事务所热情地接受了我们关于建立一个高度灵活、全面包容的多院系建筑的提议。Grosvenor East为我们下一代的演员、作家、记者和语言学家提供了一个鼓舞人心的新环境。它为地区内不断扩大的创意与媒体行业的培训需求提供了支持,并为曼彻斯特城市大学带来与城市紧密相连的新文化中心,这足以让学生和教职员感到自豪。新建成的曼彻斯特诗歌图书馆目前已经正式开放,戏剧学院礼堂也迎来了它的第一场演出。”

Professor Martyn Evans, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “Allies and Morrison enthusiastically embraced our brief for a highly flexible, fully inclusive multi-departmental building. Grosvenor East provides us with inspirational new home for the next generation of actors, writers, journalists and linguists. It supports the growing need for training in the expanding creative and media industries in the region, as well as providing a cultural hub within Manchester Metropolitan University which is connected to the city and students and staff can be proud of. We have already been delighted to welcome people into the outstanding new Manchester Poetry Library and to the first productions in our Manchester School of Theatre auditorium.”

▼工作室,Studio © Jack Hobhouse

▼建筑夜景,Night view © Jack Hobhouse

Location: Cavendish Street, Manchester M15
180-seat black box studio theatre with retractable seat bank, fixed technical grid with catwalks and motor-controlled rolling beams. Dedicated Control Room. Associated workshop, wardrobe, prop/furniture store, theatre rack room, changing and dressing facilities, quick change and production office 100-seat performance / lecture space with retractable seating
2 movement studios
3 editing suites
8 specialist acoustically isolated studios 2 Television Studios
2 Radio Studios
Poetry Library
Language Labs
Academic Offices
TEAL and Scale-up Classrooms
Social Spaces including roof terrace
Client: Manchester Metropolitan University
Status: Completed
Size: 12,100 sqm GIA
Expertise: Architecture
Structure: Arup, Services: Arup, Cost: Turner and Townsend, Acoustic: Charcoalblue, Access: Turner and Townsend, Fire: Arup, Sustainability: Arup, Theatre: Charcoalblue, Planning: Turley, Project Manager: Turner and Townsend, Main contractor: Morgan Sindall