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As a Chinese saying goes, reading books extensively for quality selections. As a domestic original sanitary ware brand, GABO explores more possibilities for humans and sanitary ware by providing products with concise designs and elegant appearances inspired by contemporary oriental concepts. After over 10 years of development, it has been a leading sanitary ware brand in China due to its unique and creative ideas.

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Rated as the “Ceramic Capital in South China”, Foshan-based Shiwan has a long-lasting history and profound ceramic cultural deposits. Local history of ceramics can be traced back to the period over 2,000 years ago. Besides, Shiwan is an important base of China’s modern architectural ceramic industry. Since 2000, local ceramic enterprises and workshops have moved out of downtown areas for environmental protection. Since then, the town has gradually shifted to the tertiary industry from previous secondary industry. Despite the industrial structure adjustments, the ceramic industry, as long as more than 50 years, has been an indispensable part of the town and kept nourishing the beautiful land.

▼深厚的陶瓷文化底蕴,profound ceramic cultural deposits ©高山景行

项目场所前身是”佛山金环球陶瓷有限公司”的厂房。它见证了城市的变迁,承载着城市发展的记忆。虽然年久失修,疏于维护,但建筑依旧挺拔,结构桁架散发着独特的美感。观博卫浴新的总部及展厅便选址在此,业主希冀顺应原有的场所精神(spirit of place),通过对老建筑的活化利用,以此来展现品牌的全新美学观,同时也作为企业面向未来的起点。

The place used to be the plant of “Foshan Huanqiu Ceramics Co., Ltd.”. Although it has been out of repair for years, the building remains tall and robust and the structural trusses demonstrate distinctive aesthetic appearances. Now, it is used as GABO Gallery. The owner hopes that on the basis of the original spirit of place, the old building can be revitalized to demonstrate the brand new aesthetic views of GABO and used as the origin for its future development.

▼改造前建筑室内,interior of the original building ©里与外


By remaining the original architectural structure, the industrial heritage has been transformed to a gallery to revitalize the old building, which is the significance of the project. Our design concepts are fully implemented in the project. For the internal functions and design, the first floor is the aesthetic space and showroom of sanitary ware, while the second floor is for offices. We used simple blocks to build abstract mountain massifs, confuse the boundaries, and make the illusions of “being in the mountain” for in-depth sightseeing experience and an interior world with oriental aesthetic tastes.

▼设计概念,design concept ©里与外

外观设计充分利用原有的承重结构及门洞,结合品牌未来的标准化策略,以“东方审美”和 “极简美学”塑造品牌认知。

For the appearance design, the previous bearing structure and doorways were efficiently used with the brand’s future standardization strategy to shape the brand image with “oriental aesthetics” and “minimal aesthetics”.

external view of the project in simple form ©偏方摄影


design concept of the elevation ©里与外

“Mountain rocks” were used for the facades. By using the traditional skills and techniques, the black geometric blocks were put together, connected, and staggered to shape a large contemporary “landscape of mountain rocks”. The application of glass tiles continues the architectural nature, explicitly indicating the past and present. The subtle holes are appealing by following the aesthetic rule of “leaking and showing” in admiring stones.

black volume and the brick wall ©偏方摄影


By using “visiting, touring” movements, we can make the entire architecture dynamic, open, and free, form flexible and poetic spaces, and mobilize the emotions of visitors.

▼封闭与开敞,closed and open spaces ©偏方摄影


To comply with local sunlight angles, the lobby was especially elevated to get sufficient lighting. The space and time make the project vivid and energetic, indicating the brand new “journey” of the brand.

▼前厅,reception ©偏方摄影

▼休息区,lounge ©偏方摄影

double-height space ©偏方摄影

reception table ©偏方摄影


Glass brick walls were used to obstruct the noisy traffic from the hardware display area facing the high street and filter the sunlight in the west. Water makes sanitary ware significant. The sunlight can shape light and shadow effects of ripples. The faucets and shadows give rise to fabulous magic here.

hardware showroom area along the street ©偏方摄影

▼玻璃砖墙细部,details of the glass brick wall ©偏方摄影


The winding and interesting paths, flexible partitions, and connected spaces shape an integrated spatial sequence leading to various segments naturally.

▼从五金展区看向旋转楼梯,view to the spiral staircase from the hardware showroom ©偏方摄影

▼旋转楼梯与庭院,staircase and the courtyard ©偏方摄影

▼旋转楼梯与砖墙细部,details of the spiral staircase and the brick wall ©偏方摄影


▼中央展厅,central showroom ©偏方摄影

In the central showroom that functions as a “Ceramics Museum”, the geometric blocks shape a continuous landscape of “rocks”, making the place look primitive and amazing all visitors.

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric ©里与外

stacked geometric volumes ©偏方摄影


The “fake rocks” turn into modular stands and shape sculpture-like matrix aesthetics by combining with the displays. The winding paths and appealing exhibits make visitors have desires to further explore the amazing place.

modular stands ©偏方摄影

winding paths ©偏方摄影

details of the stacked volumes ©偏方摄影


Diverse sanitary ware spaces are displayed here. The eleven rooms of ten different themes are adjacent to each other, standing like “emotional natural containers”. Visitors may feel the changes of the spaces by walking into each of them. showing the expectations and imagination of life and helping people feel the happiness of routine life.

▼不同主题的房间错落相连,rooms of different themes adjacent to each other ©偏方摄影

▼展厅细部,details of the showroom ©偏方摄影

▼天井,sky well ©偏方摄影



Like backgrounds, the new blocks are subtly placed in the original architectural systems, making the previous components look like historical sculptures.

▼穿插在体块之间的原有结构,original structure among the volumes ©偏方摄影


At the beginning of the reconstruction, we equipped the roof and courtyard to solving lighting problems. Fortunately, they bring infinite vigor for the office. The primitive walls look like powerful expressionistic paintings, implying historical significance and providing shocking visual impacts.

office area ©偏方摄影

office ©偏方摄影

▼原始的墙面和采光天井,rough walls and lighting well ©偏方摄影

▼通向阳台的玻璃门,glass door connecting to the balcony ©偏方摄影

sunlight pouring into the stiarcase ©偏方摄影

balcony ©偏方摄影



Because of the surface like ceramics, the new place is poetic. We deliberately combined new and used materials for equilibrium as well as brand new spirit and vitality.

We employed the simplest logic to build the complicated space. The original textures and architectures were largely remained, and proper repairing and consolidation were performed as well. The space and time here “coexist” in a subtle manner.

▼材质细部,material details ©偏方摄影


Although the way of heterogeneous medium was used for the new building, we adhere to “proper” feelings all the time. Paying a tribute to the past with rebirth is the significance of the urban renovation project.

▼夜晚建筑外观,external view of the building in the night ©偏方摄影

▼内外的联系,connection between the interior and the outside ©偏方摄影

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©里与外

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©里与外

灯光设计:欧未照明 / 汇拓照明

Project Name: GABO GALLERY
Website: www.lews.cn
Contact e-mail: 124171491@qq.com
Design & Completion Year: 1/1/2022
Project Location: Foshan, Guangdong, China
Gross Built Area (square meters)
Photo: Pianfang Studio
Video: DD
Clients: Foshan GABO Bathroom Co., Ltd.
Materials: Terrazzo, Texture Paint, Stainless Steel