Since the launching of the first phase of Bridge8 in 2004, the brand has not only been gradually expanding in scale, but also establishing itself as a pioneer in development of creative industrial parks and transformation of old factories in Shanghai and even all over the country. With continuous expansion and progress, the Bridge8 requires a more creative and unique workplace to meet modern demands of its tenants.

▼项目概览,overview ©繁玺视觉


After collaborating with Yushe Design on Shenban Road Project in Hangzhou, Bridge8 wanted to create a brand-new office park in Shanghai.

▼入口大厅,entrance hall ©繁玺视觉


The brand DNA of Bridge8 embodies important values such as innovation, connection and modern urban lifestyle. The design reaffirms these values through its interpretation of “Bridge”, highlighting communication among tenants and creative industry.

▼通高中庭,atrium ©繁玺视觉


Before we started to transform it into a cultural and creative park, the original property was an old factory which was rented out to a supermarket afterwards. Based on the concept of “Bridge”, our design team first break the 77-meter depth dark box from the middle to form a large atrium, then connect the two parts with a glass roof to allow natural light into the building. The interior space is all centered around the large atrium where a magnified staircase is a visual focus. Acting as a vertical circulation point, the stairs symbolize for openness and connection, offering adaptive workplace, exhibition hall, event space and pop-up space for creatives.

▼看向大台阶,view of the large steps ©繁玺视觉

▼大台阶上的视角,view on the large steps ©繁玺视觉


The two sides faced the atrium formed two “façades” functioned as the background of vertical showcase for the tenants’ products and service. Several black boxes are inserted into the place to provide private space for short-stay rest or conference. In order to make the indoor space outdoor, the design team choose metal grille with a width of 30mm and a thickness of 120mm as the decoration on the pure white base after many discussions in order to create strong spatial hierarchy and light shadow effects on the “façade”.

▼从中庭看两侧,view from the atrium ©繁玺视觉


When sunlight fell from the huge skylight, the simple and delicate strewn grille swing in the alternation of light and shadow. Walking inside the “building in a building”, one can feel the scale of the space and time passing by.

▼看向上方天窗,view from the skylight ©繁玺视觉


The insertion of wooden stairs and black boxes combined with different scales and dimensions enriches the pedestrian system and sense of dimensions, creating a “sense of street block” indoor to the greatest extent. The neat lines are rational and restrained, and always play a supporting role in a low-key manner, setting off the displayed objects and the people themselves. This is exactly what we want to leave an image for the settled enterprises – let the space take a back seat, so that the brand presentation and human experience are the protagonists.

▼公共活动空间,public spaces ©繁玺视觉


Around the atrium, the spatial narrative unfolds gradually. The first floor is reserved for public space and shops which need image display. Meanwhile, we design several functional modules for different types of activities. Simple combinations of these modules are able to meet the needs of exhibitions.

▼围绕中庭组织的走廊,open corridors ©繁玺视觉


Each of the other four floors are office areas defined by the needs of start-ups. The space is designed to wrap around the atrium, which ensures privacy and also assures each office experience the different height of space changes.

▼电梯厅,elevator hall ©繁玺视觉


In this case, Yushe Design undertook all the design contents except architecture part, including interior design, landscape design, lighting design, logo design, etc. Each major focused on the overall design core from the beginning to the end, and jointly created a pleasant life model area which integrates display, experience, R&D, and office.

▼夜景外观,exterior view ©繁玺视觉

▼一层平面,the 1st floor plan ©予舍予筑

▼二层平面,the 2nd floor plan ©予舍予筑

▼三层平面,the 3rd floor plan ©予舍予筑

▼四层平面,the 4th floor plan ©予舍予筑

▼五层平面,the 5th floor plan ©予舍予筑


Project Name: Gemdale Viseen Bridge8 Binjiang Park
Project Address: No.603 Dapu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Area: 12000㎡
Year of Design: 2021.01-2021.07
Construction: 2021.01-2021.07
Design Company: Yushe Design
General Project Leader : Chen Xiao, Xu Yi, Li Zhiqiang, Gao Shantong
Interior Design Team: Pang Yu (PM), Tu Xiaqing, Guo Danyang, Xu Jianguo, Zhou Xueying
Landscape Design Team: Yu Haoyan, Ma Jiang, Zhu Mincheng
Mechanical and Electrical Consultant: Shanghai Sanjiang M&E Technology Co.Ltd
Structure Consultant: Wang Yi
Photographer: Fancy Image