I like a little light in the dark, and I like a piece of black during the day.



Take off your coat and enter this space, just as take off your prosperity and return to your true self. Hide in your own world, wrapped in black, it accepts all your emotions. Never before have I greeted myself with such a peaceful and relaxed attitude. Finally, I can be myself without reservation.

▼空间概览,overall view ©GoodMoney studio


Walking downstream in the space, the soft light is sprinkled, or far or near, sometimes bright and sometimes dark, both gentle and fierce. The use of light and furniture placement, provide more possibilities for life, the use of space has a multi-faceted, not only can meet the independent needs of each owner of a family of three members, but also achieve a series of each other. Family can be both an independent individual and a very close group.

▼客厅,living room ©GoodMoney studio

▼柔和的光洒下,the soft light is sprinkled ©GoodMoney studio


With light as the medium, interlacing and attracting in the black space. All kinds of lights interweave and compose, jumping and changing. The collision of black and light is like two souls hidden inside us, which seem to be opposite and merge with each other. From this brush out of the spark, just form you and I have the personality charm.

▼黑色和灯光相互碰撞,the collision of black and light ©GoodMoney studio

▼灯光照映下的家具,furniture illuminated by lights ©GoodMoney studio


Design, from life, better than life. Combining nature with the city, the study divided by the window area of the living room and the outdoor green balcony enhance the communication and interaction between space and nature, appropriately alleviate the common problem of relatively closed high-rise, but also have a meticulous and rough contrast, add some freshness to life.

▼客厅靠窗区域划分的书房 ©GoodMoney studio
the study divided by the window area of the living room

▼书房近景,closer view of the study ©GoodMoney studio

▼书桌细部,detail ©GoodMoney studio


The very specific experience of the viewing area, while giving consideration to comfort, using the form of black mirror, the outdoor scenery into the indoor, not only expand the overall space, but also improve the traditional viewing area of the depressed conditions, with a natural sense of transparency. With a warm fireplace, you can smell mulled wine on a cold winter’s night and hear the faint sound of wood burning.

▼极具体验感的观影区,experiential viewing area ©GoodMoney studio

▼壁炉与酒柜,fireplace and wine cabinet ©GoodMoney studio


Rough pottery pot, strewn at random decoration, slightly rough texture bumps into smooth and hard steel plate, there is a kind of restraint and the beauty of tension. All these are the energy generated by the collision of art.

▼陶罐错落摆设,the pottery pots are strewn at random decoration ©GoodMoney studio


Red dining table and gorgeous Holly awaken the sleeping black kitchen with enthusiasm. Sporadic lighting is a calm and soft way to intervene here, there is no noise, only perfect and foil. The strong contrast reflects the complementary and harmonious living conditions of the host and hostess.

▼餐厅,living room ©GoodMoney studio

▼红色的餐桌以及艳丽的冬青,red dining table and gorgeous holly ©GoodMoney studio

▼餐厅细部,details ©GoodMoney studio

▼由餐厅望向厨房,view to the kitchen from the dining room ©GoodMoney studio

▼厨房岛台,kitchen island ©GoodMoney studio


You and I can face life alone, or we can hold each other together when we are weak. Illicit private space, advocate lie and guest lie through, form a two bedroom big suite, in order to satisfy the living demand of different working nature between male and female host, can connect also can not interfere with each other. I will be by your side when you look in the mirror at the window. Pure wood color, soft bed is tasted neutralized whole house black dark, bedroom area was much warmth and indifferent. Let the heart return to peace, we can hear the innermost voice.

▼主卧,master bedroom ©GoodMoney studio


The next generation is not only the continuation of life, but also the memory of youth. Inject fresh blood here, wash the soul, re-stimulate the enthusiasm for life. Gules electric race chair, the window edge with excellent scenery is big bath crock, the linear lamp that science and technology feels, without is not in what show young next generation is warm and pure. It also gives a new definition to life.

▼次卧,second bedroom ©GoodMoney studio


Wash bath space followed mysterious and the most inclusive black, here we and his sincere meet each other, without hiding, without limitation.

▼浴室,bathroom ©GoodMoney studio

Simple is better than complex; Simplicity is richness.

—— 密斯·凡·德·罗


We hope to simplify the complexity and pressure brought by modern work and life, and enrich the inner spiritual life through design. Let go of external distractions, focus on internal needs, and always have the ability to retain their own purity.

▼客厅轴测图,living room axon ©NDB DESIGN

▼平面图,plan ©NDB DESIGN

项目地点:中国 浙江 金华
设计范围:建筑 室内 软装 品牌视觉
设计公司:NDB design 事务所
设计团队:倪董波 冯突杰 朱逸波
项目摄影:GoodMoney studio
效果图表现:金该视觉 梦太初

Project title: Dark Light
Location: Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Project type: large flat floor housing
Project area: 270㎡
Scope of design: Architecture, interior, Adornment,Vision
Design firm: NDB Design
Design Director: Ni Dong Bo
Design team: Ni Dongbo, Feng Tujie, Zhu Yibo
Photography:GoodMoney Studio
Renderings: Meng tai chu