Zhongwei, a city with a history of more than 600 years, is located at the junction of Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Gansu provinces. In recent years, Zhongwei becomes famous due to the Yellow River Suji, the boundless Loess Plateau, the vast desert, the Yellow River running past, years here flowing, with strong northwest culture precipitating here.

Yuanbai Zhongwei is the final work of the eleven accomadations in the Yellow River Suji, which should not only integrate into the overall atmosphere of the whole, but also reflect the unique quality and tonality of Yuanbai, which needs more consideration.

▼建筑外观,Exterior view © 唐徐国


Three adobe houses connect into a home


Before the reconstruction, Yuanbai is three scattered-adobe houses, lonely and stubborn guard in the best place of the entrance of the Suji. Corridors were added in the design to help shelter from wind and rain, and connect three excellent adobe houses into a warm home; Then, through reasonable route planning, arriving guests can wander freely in the hotel, enjoying holiday-style relaxation and also independence and privacy at the same time.

▼鸟瞰,Aerial view © 唐徐国


▼轴测图,Axon © GTD

The hotel is divided into three courtyards, one is called “Kongshan Jiu Tie” bookstore and tea space, open to the public; The other two have 11 guest rooms. After the building is enclosed and reconstructed, each courtyard has a distinctive public area, such as outdoor coffee area, swimming pool, forest courtyard, sunken fire pond, sky terrace, etc. Guests can choose to stay according to their own preferences, and also can visit and share other courtyards, one-stop vacation is rich and diverse.

▼下沉式火塘,披上毛毯围炉烤火,西北的天空下大有作为,Sunken fire pond, wrapped blanket around the fire, it‘s great to be under the northwest sky © 唐徐国

▼日升月落斗转星移,在户外咖啡里享受光影的变幻,As the sun rises and the moon falls, enjoy the changes of light and shadow in outdoor coffee © 唐徐国

▼沙漠、泳池与白雪,违和的字眼组合成神奇的浪漫,Desert, swimming pool and snow, discordant words combine into a magical romance © 唐徐国

▼空中露台,软榻土窑煤油灯,星星点点闪烁,充满异域风情,Air terrace, soft bed, kerosene lamps, twinkling, full of exotic customs © 唐徐国


阅读 · 茶饮 · 度假,满足现代社交需求
Reading, tea, holiday, meet the demand of modern social


Flying thousand miles to Ningxia Zhongwei, what you want is not only a comfortable guest room, spiritual home is also the yearning pursuit of modern people. Therefore, Yuanbai has a “Kongshan Jiutie”, which integrates bookstore, tea space and cafe.

▼空山九帖,Kongshan Jiutie © Judie


Kongshan Jiutie, defined as “Bookstore in wild, not just books,” aims to bring the best publishers to the countryside. Currentyl three bookstore named DUKU, Insight Media, and Citic Dafang has settled in. In future, here will also hold various activities together with the resident organizations, such as book launch, sharing sessions, small concerts and so on. This is not just an ordinary bookstore, but also a place for cultural communication.

▼空山九帖内部空间,Interior view of Kongshan Jiutie © Judie


Tea and coffee, as a medium, can bond any spatial scene. Yuanbai has “Kongshan Suiye” tea space, using teapots in ancient form to cook tea; Yuan Bai also cooperates with Gaoligong Mountain Top No.1 coffee manor to launch coffee products. You can have a cup of Dirty or make a hot pot of tea and enjoy your leisure in the lazy northwest sun with a nice snack.

▼咖啡厅,Cafe area © 唐徐国

▼座位细节,Seating details © 唐徐国


Reflecting contemporary in the traditional


Beichangtan village, one of Zhongwei’s many ancient villages hidden deep in the mountains and Yellow River Bay, had no electricity until 2006, ending the days of kerosene lamps. Arriving in Beichangtan along the undulating tarmac of the Yellow River, the villagers have all moved out, leaving behind traces of their past lives in empty villages. Red stones, seasoned tree trunks, wooden palisades with branches, adobe walls with straw. Vigorous, vast, loess, these are the main melody here.

▼材料,Material © 汤汤


Deeply inspired by Beichangtan, the Hall of Yuanbai has chosen the unique sandstone red of northwest China. The top surface, ground, wall and revolving staircase are all processed to thick northwest red. When arrriving at Yuanbai, guest will encounter a crash of warm, energetic and simple emotion.

▼大厅外观, View to the lobby © 唐徐国

▼接待台,Reception © 唐徐国

▼大厅内饰细节,Lobby furnishing details © 唐徐国


Yuanbai has taken great pains on the exterior wall. Learning from the local old mason, press specific formula to harmonize yellow mud, then scrape up on the wall by hand. When gently touching the undulating scratch texture, the scene of workers sweating in the sun seemed to be in front of your eyes.

▼室外墙面,Exterior wall © 唐徐国


More attention is paid to the red mud brick wall behind the bar. The masters use the traditional crafters to make bricks from the local yellow mud, pile up them one by one onto the wall, and then colored with the special northwestern red. The bricks, layer upon layer, simple, rough, casual, mottled scratches as if the traces of time left in the ancient village.

▼红泥砖墙细节,Red mud brick wall © 唐徐国


The rawhide lamp – more like a work of art



Above the bar in the hall, there are two cowhide lamps , created by Mr. Liu Jiang from Enough Leather Research Institute.

Mr. Liu Jiang rolls the whole translucent rawhide into tubular shape, finalize the design through a month, keep the grain, the rise and fall, overlap and natural twist on the cowskin, burnish and polish by hand again, turn the originally hard rawhide into soft and warm.

▼生牛皮灯,Cowhide lamps © 汤汤



The moment when the light is on, the soft warm light comes out from the cowskin, shining the natural texture of the leather without reservation, like landscape, like a person, like a picture scroll, like a long river of history, amazing.

It’s not just lights. It’s art.

▼灯光点亮大堂,The lamps light up the lobby © 唐徐国

▼灯具细节,Lamp detailed view © 唐徐国 ©汤汤


Return to the “host”, nestled close to the Mother River


The essence of homestay is still “stay”. Yuanbai uses the “open” technique in the room design, creating landscape for each room as far as possible, or outdoor terrace or private courtyard, guests can touch with nature and breathe freely even if she languidly curled up in her own room. Most of the rooms choose large floor-to-ceiling glass, the vast northwest scenery, the Yellow River running past, and the ancient site of the Great Wall, all can be brought into the eye. In Spring you can see pear flowers outside, in Winter you can enjoy the mountains covered with snow,the scenery changes every season.

▼户外露台,Outdoor terrace © 唐徐国

▼通透的视野,The transparent experience © 唐徐国



The indoor space is mostly decorated with downy warm color, creaminess metope, slightly red handmade brick, the wood-color bed and couch, the sofa of cotton hemp and cloth art, everthing is concerned about natural. Enter the room and open the window, take a deep breath, all worldly troubles are gone, beautiful and relaxed.

More details are reflected in the bed design. To satisfy the demand of different crowds, the beds of Yuanbai are all designed as couch. Upon a big piece of bed, mattess can be divided, can be combined, so to form a king room, a standard room, a parent-child room or a family room, flexible at any time.

▼起居室,Lounge © 唐徐国

▼客房内部视野,Guest room view © 唐徐国


The Yellow River, embracing the Yellow River Suji.
In winter, she is blue and clear.
As the day darkens and the lights come on
Sleeping in Yuanbai, close to the Mother River.

▼夜间鸟瞰,Aerial view by night © 唐徐国

▼黄河,怀抱着宿集蜿蜒而过,The Yellow River, embracing the Yellow River Suji © 唐徐国

▼一层平面图,Plan 1F © GTD

▼二层平面图,Plan 2F © GTD

项目名称:元白 · 中卫

GTD new case | Yuanbai · Zhongwei – Desert, the Yellow River and the Gobi; Reading, Tea and A Holiday

Project name: Yuanbai Zhongwei
Project Address: No.1, Dawan Village, Changle Town, Shapotou District, Zhongwei, Ningxia
Project area: 2,000 square meters
Completion Date: February 2022
Owner: Zhongwei Yuanbai Cultural Creative Co., LTD
Partners: Xianxing Group, Suji Yingzaoshe, Huazheng Culture & Travel, DUKU, Insight Media, Citic Dafang, Gaoligong Hilltop No.1 Coffee Manor
Interior design: Hangzhou Guantang Interior Design Co., LTD
Project construction: Hangzhou Jiuwei Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Indoor furniture: YIJI Collection
Outdoor furniture: Gogogo
Leather customization: Enough Leather Research Institution
Main materials: handmade brick, washed stone, texture paint, red stone, sawn wood floor, old elm wood
Space photo: Tang Xuguo, Tang Tang, Judie