由广东省建筑设计研究院有限公司(GDAD)牵头联合Aedas、兰德隆与布朗(美国)在国际竞赛中获得第一名中标的深圳宝安国际机场卫星厅,经过5年多的设计及施工于2021年12月正式投入运营。深圳宝安国际机场是华南地区最重要的航空枢纽之一,位于现有3号航站楼正北面的全新卫星厅,是其扩建项目的关键一步。“深圳宝安国际机场卫星厅,助力粤港澳大湾区世界级机场群的构建!” GDAD董事、副总经理及首席总建筑师陈雄说道。

The Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Satellite Concourse jointly designed by GDAD, Aedas, and Landrum & Brown, is officially in operation from December 2021. Set directly to the north of the existing Terminal 3 building, it is a key step in the expansion project of one of the most important aviation hubs in South China. “Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Satellite Concourse will lead the development of a world-class airport cluster in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,” said Chen Xiong, Director, Director, Vice president, Chief Architect of GDAD.

▼整体鸟瞰,overall view ©中建八局


The 238,885 square meters Satellite Concourse will support the growing needs of the airport and serve up to 22 million passengers per annum. Arranged on the airport’s central axis with Terminal 3 and the future Terminal 2, the buildings are efficiently connected by the Automated People Mover (APM) system, as well as the baggage handling and goods delivery systems.

▼卫星厅与3号航站楼同处于机场的中轴线上,The satellite concourse and Terminal 3 are on the central axis of the airport ©Aedas

▼二&三层流线图,circulation diagram ©GDAD


“This is a bright, warm, and unique satellite concourse that resoundingly bears Shenzhen’s signature,” said Chen Xiong. “The organising principles are functionality and flexibility, with an overarching goal to provide a seamless travelling experience that focuses on passengers’ wellbeing.” This vision, articulated by Aedas Executive Director Albert Tong, is illustrated by the comprehensive and well considered design. Based on the design brief and extensive research, the optimized X-shape plan configuration for the Satellite Concourse allows smooth and efficient airfield operations and creates a delightful travel experience for passengers by means of the short walking distance.

▼夕阳中的卫星厅,Satellite Concourse at sunset ©张虔希


A High Performance and Green Exterior


▼鱼鳞遮阳分类及尺寸,Classification and size of shading ©GDAD

The signature streamlined elliptical section gives the concourse its unique apprerance and spatial character, whilst also acknowledging the form of existing Terminal 3. The layout of the roof skylights was inspired by the gently curving rivers of the region, and besides bringing natural light deep into the heart of the building, the pattern of daylight on the ceiling also serves as an intuitive wayfinding device for the passengers from inside the Concourse. The dynamic external facade shading devices vastly reduce heat gain and, in tandem with internal shading systems, contribute significantly to energy saving.

▼登机廊桥,Boarding bridge ©张虔希

▼外部遮阳构件,Exterior shading devices ©张虔希


By employing advanced software optimization, the shading devices were organized into four modular types to save cost and allow rapid construction. The curved, lightweight double-storey curtain wall gives both departing and arriving passengers a spectacular, panoramic views of the airport. The form and design of the elegant fixed link bridges were considered holistically with the concourse building. The generous 5.4m internal width and airy feel enhances the bridges beyond their functional role as linkages and appreciably improves the passengers’ boarding experience.

▼登机廊桥内部,Interior space of boarding bridge ©张虔希

▼弧形双层玻璃幕墙,Curved, double-storey curtain wall ©张虔希


The satellite concourse also incorporates two outdoor landscaped viewing platforms, overlooking the Shenzhen cityscape and Pearl River estuary. This, along with the numerous innovative green features, has justly earned the Satellite Concourse its GBEL Three-Star Certification.

▼绿化观景平台,Green viewing platform ©陈维忠

▼绿色公共空间,Green public space ©陈维忠


A Calm and Humane Interior


The design adopted people-oriented principles from the outset, starting with the must-ride APM system. The high-headroom APM platforms are finished with warm-toned stone wall cladding and floorings, with a bright white ceilings to further emphasize the height and airiness; the integrated “Wings” LED light installation on the walls of the departures platform further enlivens the space and serve as a wayfinding device leading passengers up the escalators. On the arrivals platform, back-lit glass panels above the platform screen doors changes colour as the next train arrives. These features aim to deliver a stress-free and seamless transit experience.

▼捷运站,APM Station ©张虔希


Leaving the APM station behind, passengers arrive in the light-filled, landscaped grand atrium space in heart of the Concourse. This space, and the rest of the concourse is lit by the 1.2km long skylight system, which brings in diffused natural daylight through the perforated diamond panels. Framed by the warm, triangular timber toned ceiling, the composition also provides a visual aid to guide passengers towards their gate. Around the atrium is the multi-level Shenzhen-themed retail and food & beverage experience. Here, the vibrant shopfronts are set against a backdrop with carefully orchestrated materials and delicate colour palette that contribute to the warm and welcoming ambience.

▼钻石天幕,Diamond skylight ©张虔希

▼三角形天花板图案,Triangle ceiling pattern ©张虔希


The “Gemini Plazas” at each end of the retail area has a stunning height of 17 meters. Animated by the LED screens that surround the triangular feature skylights, they can be used of events and exhibitions to create a truly immersive, Shenzhen experience.

▼双子星广场,The Gemini Plaza ©张虔希

▼环绕LED屏幕,Surrounding LED screen ©张虔希

▼候机大厅,Waiting Hall ©张虔希

▼以不同颜色区分候机区域,Distinguish waiting halls with different colors ©张虔希

▼候机大厅宽敞明亮,Bright and spacious waiting hall ©张虔希


“Besides seamless travelling, what we created in the Shenzhen Airport Satellite Concourse is an entertaining and delightful experience for passengers, a new benchmark and the future for aviation architecture.” — Aedas Executive Director Albert Tong.

▼夜幕中的卫星厅,The nightview ©张虔希

▼“X”型平面图,The X-shape plan configuration ©Aedas

▼二层平面图,Second floor plan ©GDAD

▼三层平面图,Third floor plan ©GDAD

▼剖面图,Section ©GDAD

Aedas主要设计人:江立文(Max Connop),全球设计董事;唐宙行,执行董事

Project: Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Satellite Concourse
Location: Shenzhen, China
Design Architect: Guangdong Province Architectural Design and Research Institute (GDAD), Aedas, Landrum & Brown (USA)
Client: Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd.
GFA: 238,885.38sq m
Completion Year: 2021
Aedas Lead Designers: Max Connop, Global Design Principal; Albert Tong, Executive Director
GDAD Lead Designers: Chen Xiong, Zhou Chang, Luo Zhiwei, Chen Yiran, Lin Jiankang, Li Qizhen, Huang Yibin
Planning: Landrum & Brown (USA)