Setting a New Standard

全美最大的废弃物环保处理公司,“Waste Management”(美国废物管理公司以下简称“WM”)邀请我们在休斯顿为其设计一个新的总部,这将推进该公司进一步的可持续发展计划。对可持续发展的热忱构成了WM的公司理念,这也成为设计团队构思新的总部空间时着重体现的方面。

WM, the largest provider of environmental services in North America, partnered with us to create a new Houston headquarters that paves the way for a more sustainable future. A passionate commitment to sustainability is integral to WM’s ethos. In concepting a lively new space with our design team, this was the side of the brand most deserving of celebration.

overview of the space ©Peter Molick

WM新的总部共九层,位于休斯顿的美国银行大厦(Bank of America tower)内。传统办公空间中常见的临窗独立办公隔间的数量被大幅缩减,取而代之的是大面积开放式布局,这使办公室的每个员工都可以欣赏到窗外的景色。每层还统一设有健身房、哺乳间、临时私人空间、游戏区和用餐区。

The new light-filled headquarters, found on nine stories of Houston’s Bank of America tower, reduces the number of private offices in favor of an open floor plan where the majority of employees can look out to views of the city. Amenity spaces include wellness rooms and those designated for nursing mothers on each floor, spaces for private reflection, game areas, and a café.

open floor plan display views of the city ©Peter Molick

open working area ©Peter Molick


The central beacon unifying the offices, however, is the nine-story, self-irrigated living wall that flanks the staircase, bringing biophilia and its proven health benefits to every level of the office.

self-irrigated living wall ©Peter Molick

“WM的总部搬迁与公司的核心目标一致——始终致力于可持续发展的未来。” ― WM,首席执行官, Jim Fish

“新总部较高的空间灵活度还将满足WM日益变化的办公需求。” ― WM,首席执行官, Jim Fish

“WM’s relocation into our new headquarters is central to our purpose—always working for a sustainable tomorrow.” ― Jim Fish, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Our new space is intentionally designed to be flexible to the current and future needs of our WM family.”–Jim Fish, President and Chief Executive Officer

view of the staircase from upper floor ©Peter Molick


Placemaking that Celebrates an Iconic Brand


WM being a leader in sustainability, our design team needed to weave the company’s mission into every solution. The dramatic living wall consists entirely of green and yellow flora, referencing WM’s brand colors, and a diagonal fretwork of metal and acrylic panels that recall the company’s logo.

a showcase framed by sustainably harvested wood ©Peter Molick

palette referencing WM’s brand colors ©Peter Molick


On the building’s 30th floor, an 8,000-square-foot gallery leads visitors through a showcase framed by sustainably harvested wood echoing WM’s logo. Inside, a full-size WM truck cab invites employees and guests to drive through a virtual simulation of multiple garbage truck routes, complete with actual controls and effects. High scores are displayed on a leaderboard behind the vehicle. 

view of the truck cab from the showcase ©Peter Molick

a full-size WM truck cab ©Peter Molick


An Exemplar of Sustainability

WM不只是计划在废物管理行业的保持可持续发展领先的势头,它还希望将可持续发展践行于各个商业领域。由于WM新总部位于的休斯顿的美国银行大厦,是美国第一座LEED v4.0铂金认证项目,我们的团队在整个设计过程中也都非常注重材料的使用。所有建筑材料都通过了我们的化学危害预防清单审核,且皆为低排放、本地采购、第三方认证的回收材料,例如,装饰用的玻璃墙砖完全取材于废弃汽车挡风玻璃。

WM doesn’t just plan to lead the larger waste management industry in sustainable practices; it also aims to be recognized for its sustainability leadership across all business sectors. With the headquarters’ place in Houston’s Bank of America Tower, the first LEED v4.0 Platinum Core and Shell Certified project in the U.S., our design team paid particular attention to the materials throughout. Building materials were vetted against our Precautionary List for chemical hazards. Designers selected low-emitting, locally sourced, third-party certified, and recycled materials to be used throughout the office.  For example, the decorative glass wall tile is made entirely of post-consumer car windshields.

the decorative glass wall tile made entirely of post-consumer car windshields ©Peter Molick


A Sense of Inclusion and Belonging


Inclusivity is paramount to the modern workplace, and for WM, that means ensuring employees feel welcome and open to collaboration in their new environment. Our team created a guidebook to help inform WM on inclusive design solutions, such as standardizing workstations and private offices, helping to ease the implied hierarchy of traditional office culture. The open floor plan also affords employees flexibility in where they work, with a choice of collaborative or individual spaces and over 90% of the latter featuring views of the surrounding city.

flexibility in working area ©Peter Molick


Post-Pandemic Workplace Readiness


As COVID-19 remains a necessary workplace consideration, WM’s new headquarters feature branded digital kiosks on every floor that displays the office layout, assigned seating arrangements, and meeting room bookings. Temporary capacity limits ensure workers can safely distance even while collaborating or eating in the communal café. We also helped WM develop its return-to-office strategy for 50 of the company’s largest offices, evaluating each seat, creating health and safety protocols, and designing signage.

furnitures keeping safely distance ©Peter Molick

restarea ©Peter Molick

可持续性:LEED V4 ID+C白金级认证
摄影:©Peter Molick