The perception and division of the dimensions of life has been an important topic discussed by scholars since ancient times.From Wang Yangming, to Wang Guowei in “Poetic Remarks on the Human World”, literary methods can always better preserve and convey the philosophical thoughts of scholars.Read it, taste it, and gain infinite wisdom and insight.



Fusion Design was established in Shenzhen city, feeling the hustle and bustle in life, and gained life insights from literary philosophies and life experience.In the end, Fusion Design used architecture as paper and design as language, and wrote his understanding and thinking about lifestyle in nature. Then, there is the Sanyea Sjór .

logo at the entrance ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

view to the sea from the room ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


Sequence One:
With your eyes, some surfaces can be seen


Being in nature, this beautiful scenery cannot be wasted. Fusion Design applies ingenious ideas to material and spatial dimensions, extracting infinite natural symbols from mountains and seas. The three-dimensional design aesthetics returns to nature and can be presented in all aspects of the overall building. There is a saying in Guanzi, “The earth produces and nourishes all things.” The earth is where people come from and where they return. Inspired by the local red earth, Fusion Design painted the color on the facade of the building, which is full of poetry. The light and shadow of the tree sway on the wall with the wind, like a painting, beautiful and unique.

external view of the building with light and shadow of the tree ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The cave structure that extends outwards shows the geometric texture of structuralism. And due to the unique curved arc, the toughness of the architectural lines is softened. Light and shadow pass through a grid of glass-covered wooden slats, connecting the two sections. Since then, a boundless spatial order has been formed.

outdoor corridor covered by wooden slats ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

outdoor leisure area ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The curved lines of the outdoor cave, like waves extending into the interior, are a tribute to the ocean. Feeling the nourishment of the sea, Fusion Design “moved” the coast not far away into the room, and covered the entire public space with the color of sand, bringing a sense of quietness and comfort. The meandering streamlines at the ceiling are extracted from the undulations of the ocean waves. When light and shadow flow in, sparkling waves are created. With the extension of light and shadow, the interior space acquires a flowing beauty.

▼入口,entrance ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

▼大厅看向室外的拱形门洞,view to the arches from the lobby ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

▼波浪形的天花,corrugated ceiling ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

▼阳光照入室内,sunlight shining into the space ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The black stone bricks on the ground are the silent night sky facing the sea, which precipitates the atmosphere of the whole space. The peculiar scene of the inversion of the sea and the sky is reminiscent of the return journey of a fishing boat. A good harvest, or a bad harvest, is the gift of the ocean.

▼材料与光影,materials and light and shadows ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


Sequence Two:
With your heart, some thoughts can be triggered


房间延续着海洋的基调,柔软的全麻布艺,如浪潮般轻抚远道而来的旅人,使其疲乏的内心得以休憩。拙朴的木作静静伫立,触手微凉的石块摩挲着粗粝感,蕴藏其间的自然之灵缓慢氤氲,与空间里Le Labo的木质调缠绵环绕,弥散开时光的味道。

The iterative upgrade of travel methods has made resorts no longer just a place to rest during travel. It has become a “distant residence” for people to temporarily leave the city, and has been endowed with more functional attributes, value expectations and emotional experience. Although it is a resort, it is also a home for a short stay.

The room continues the tone of the ocean, and the soft all-linen fabric, like a wave, soothes travelers from afar, and rests their tired hearts. The simple wooden products stand quietly, the stones are cool and rough to the touch, and the spirit of nature contained in them slowly rises, lingering with the woody fragrance of Le Labo, spreading the taste of time in the space.

Fangchuan·Ocean View Queen Room ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

▼房内休闲区,leisure area in the room ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

terrace with view to the sea ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The floor-to-ceiling windows looking at the sea on three sides eliminate the boundaries of the space, invite the natural scenery to enter, and integrate with the interior space. At this moment, the room is not only a space for people, but also an exclusive field for people to interact with space and nature.

Mansu·Ocean View Suite ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

▼房间细部,details of the room ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


When people sit facing the sea, they can touch the texture of the material and feel the purity and transparency of the scenery. The multi-dimensional extension of the senses triggered a sudden heartbeat. Immerse yourself in it, and you will capture the imperceptible Hertz frequency, which comes from the interactive dialogue inside and outside the building, and it is also a person’s unconscious inner reveal in a private and comfortable environment.

Cangwu·Ocean View Twin Room ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

partitions of different materials ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

Yunzhu·Ocean View Queen Room ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

bathtub with sea view ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The interior space with the mountain backing gives people a more calm feeling. In such a space, the large blocks are rather bulky, so the design of leaking window in the traditional garden is used and placed here. It looks like the space is divided, but it is not completely divided.

Qiming·Superior Suite ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The spatial hierarchy and functional attributes have been enriched and deepened between the virtual and actual transformation of the inner and outer boundaries. Sitting alone in the forest, the bright moon shines. Wang Wei’s interest in “A Lodge in the Bamboo Woods” can also be felt here.

Xiuyue·Mountain View Suite ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

Mujing·Mountain View Queen Room ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影



The things in the world are nothing but clothes and food. Wang Zengqi wrote “Five Tastes”, which describes the representative food of the territory, and connects the humanistic customs and regional culture. With the admiration of the sea for nurturing local people, Fusion designed the Lounge space on the first floor, combining design aesthetics with the tastes of life, giving the space a new emotional expression.

The multi-faceted life makes the space more emphasis on its diversification in use. The dining area behind the common area can also be used as a meeting room or party space. Tables that are more than five meters long and six custom-made small square tables can be arranged in various combinations according to the needs of the crowd.


▼餐厅,restaurant ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

details of the screens ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The bar stands quietly on one side of the public area, with a small door dividing the exclusive area. Arranged linear lamps and projection lamps are embedded in the bevels and hollows at the ceiling, blocking part of the light. The faint light diffuses in the air, enclosing a sense of detachment from the space. There is always a taste in everyone’s life, which makes people miss and move. And with the taste of food, the emotions have been opened and relieved.

▼酒吧,bar ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


Sequence Three:
With yourself, some insight can be sublimated



There is a saying in Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching”, genuine music that is hardly audible and true image that is nearly invisible. Which means the real beauty cannot be described in objective language, and requires the subject of aesthetic acceptance to experience and feel it. Just as only by integrating oneself into life, abandoning subjective worries about gains and losses, and becoming the master of oneself, can one truly perceive and understand the beauty of life.

In order to have a free and comfortable experience, it is necessary to give up certain commercial interests and give more space. Fusion reached an agreement with Sanyea to combine the two rooftops into one, and return it to the sky and the earth, the sea and the wind. Provide more possibilities for the communication and interaction of the crowd.

staircase towards the terrace ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

▼露台,terrace ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


Shuttle with the wind, embrace the entire ocean and sky. A few woven lanterns dotted sporadically give a kind of waiting tenderness. The central auditorium faces the sea and stands on the flagstone road of the water feature installation. The water in the center of the slate is gurgling slowly, flowing into the dawn sky. The romance of “You are the most beautiful rose in my eyes in this earthly world”, reflecting the wall lamps and the natural shimmer, flows slowly with time.

▼中心礼堂,central auditorium ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

Stand in the wind, feel the wind, and become the wind ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


To meet the mountain, to meet the sea



Like the ocean, life is fickle, with ups and downs. Just like in a bright space, there is always darkness. But if you look at it from another perspective, you will understand that it is nothing but a natural artistic expression. Without shadows, where is the beauty of light.

Fusion redesigned the wall, sandwiching the interweaving grid bricks in the glass wall. The triangular light spot casts a starlight in the sunlight, which enriches the level of the space and creates a three-dimensional delicacy.

▼栅格窗和光影,interweaving bricks and light and shadows ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

▼细部,details ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影


The round windows bring in the skylight, which shines over the spiral-encircled staircase. This dazzling blue, together with the bright light, injects a subtle sense of difference into the entire space. Like a school of fish diving in the deep sea, it is full of extreme beauty and vitality.

spiral staircase ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影

look up at the skylight ©欧阳云-隐象建筑摄影



In this design, Fusion is still full of reverence for nature and enthusiasm for design, returning to architecture and design itself. In addition to the space aesthetics, functional attributes, and circulation planning required by the project, it also provides more emotional value and life experience. Fusion aims to achieve breakthroughs in creation with a professional and serious attitude, and to give more possibilities to design.

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©蜚声设计

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©蜚声设计

▼材料图纸,materials palette ©蜚声设计

项目地点:中国 深圳

Name: SANYEA-Sjór
Location: Shenzhen, China
Building/Interior Design/FF&E Design: FUSION DESIGN
Chief Design: Josh Wen
Design Team: Xi Zhao、Suki Li、Alvis Yao、Willem Xiang、Holly Huang、Billy,Li、Pengshan Tang、Jojo Wang
FF&E Design: Aurora Wang、Mayra Hu、Hui Miao
Project Area: 1800㎡
Copywriter: Alina Chen
Photographer: Yun Ouyang
Client: Shenzhen Sanyea Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.