C4项目位于瓦伦西亚市中心,ERRE arquitectura将一栋1920年的建筑改造成一栋适应新社会需求的现代住宅楼。作为受保护的历史建筑,项目需要对最具特色的主立面进行修复,此外,垂直交通核的围护结构和楼梯也得到了维护。

The C4 project, located in the centre of the city of Valencia, transforms and rehabilitates a 1920 building into a contemporary residential building adapted to new social demands. As it is a listed building, the project has had to maintain and restore the main façade, becoming one of the most unique and characteristic elements of the building. Likewise, its envelope and stairs of the vertical communication core have been maintained.

▼建筑立面,facade © David Zarzoso



This project has supposed also a delicate and laborious restoration work in which we have striven for pointing out the value and the essence of the original building, highlighting various existing elements such as the entrance hall space, the nolla pavement, the wooden carpentry or ironwork elements.

▼入口空间,the entrance hall © David Zarzoso


We have looked for a design that could combine spatial and material quality. The dwellings are organized around the core of vertical communication, promoting circular routes and a flexible use of spaces.

▼垂直交通核,the core of vertical communication © David Zarzoso

▼墙边楼梯,stairs by the wall © David Zarzoso


The day areas of the dwellings are positioned in direct relation to Ciscar street while de night area in relation to the interior of the block. Hence, adequate intimacy, privacy and acoustic comfort are achieved for the most private rooms of the building.

▼起居空间,living space © David Zarzoso

▼开放厨房与餐厅,open kitchen and dining space © David Zarzoso

▼用餐空间,view of the dining table © David Zarzoso

▼书房,study © David Zarzoso

▼书房入口,entrance of the study © David Zarzoso

▼通向露台的玻璃门,glass doors leading to the terrace © David Zarzoso

▼保留历史建筑的窗户,historical window © David Zarzoso

▼浴室入口,entrance of the bathroom © David Zarzoso


All this makes the C4 project a building that externally has the capacity to maintain its architectural value, while internally it manages to create functional homes, where the material and spatial quality together with the use of technology allows achieving high levels of comfort for its users.

▼局部,details © David Zarzoso

▼平面图,plan © ERRE arquitectura

▼立面图,elevation © ERRE arquitectura

▼剖面图,section © ERRE arquitectura

Name of the project: Residential Building C4
Architect: ERRE arquitectura
Web: https://errearquitectura.com/es/
E-mail: info@errearquitectura.com
Site: Ciscar street, 4, 46005 Valencia
Year of construction: 2021
Area (m2): 1576 m2
Photography / Web: David Zarzoso
Video: https://vimeo.com/678606553
Construction company: AT4 grupo
Suppliers: TAU Cerámica, Pamesa, Porcelanosa, Doca, Madentia, Schüco (Vicente Torres)
MEP: Buitec, Imaga, Area.
Furniture: Viccarbe
Web: https://errearquitectura.com/en/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/errearquitectura
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ERREarquitectura
LinkedIn: https://es.linkedin.com/company/erre-arquitectura
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ERRE_arq