The vast world, dreams and reality are close to each other.

▼视频,video ©立方体设计事务所


The magic of time stillness comes on the face, and the aesthetics of “universe, space and Mars” as the main design axis leads to the mystery of time and space, and creates an entertainment space with infinite possibilities by imagination.

space with the theme of “universe” ©毛鸿依


The deep and exclusive X time tunnel, full of science and technology, seems to link the future, through the door in the tunnel to find a different scene, in endless exploration.

▼时空隧道,time tunnel ©毛鸿依


With the help of technology, Star Trek comes at the speed of light, travel through galaxies.The mysterious and advanced “scientific and technological rhythm” of the vast space carries the unknown and great civilization, which is the universe we see in our dreams.

▼富有科技感的装置,installation with a scientific and technological rhythm ©毛鸿依

Club Mars landing


“The universe is so big that it is so big that we can’t help but wonder how to reach the nearest star system”. Zhou vehicle is the embodiment of romance, roaming into space into a stable orbit, finally successfully landing.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©毛鸿依

▼舞台与屏幕,stage and screen ©毛鸿依

▼仰望天花,look up at the ceiling ©毛鸿依


It was a journey destined to be lonely. The gear is open, its tentacles flow like lava on the surface of the planet, forming a river-like tortuous form, the lava cooling, the river winds away, and the gear is folded. As the music gradually rises to a climax, causing the lava to heat up, collide and erupt, and the magma rises, condensing into the rain to nourish the lonely soul on every planet.

▼起落架张开,gear opening ©毛鸿依


LED lights form a continuous linear mountains, rising and falling in the boundless time and space, the sense of breathing and time travel overlap, to witness the endless growth of the vast universe. The charm of machinery comes from the human worship of creation ability, which is refined in complexity and beauty in innovation.The beauty of machinery is technology, but also art, charming and clever.

▼灯光组成的山脉,mountains formed by lights ©毛鸿依


The behemoth floating in space opens up a close “parallel universe”.As a romantic and science-fiction medium, it carries people’s dreams of life and flying freely. It is the spiritual ark of Gen Z, indulging them in passion. The space interspersed with multiple virtual and real combines concrete and abstraction, and the curiosity of the unknown in order and disorder, light and shadow.

▼光影变幻的舞台,illusional stage ©毛鸿依


Deep and boundless vast universe, bright stars and endless darkness coexist.The romantic and lonely soul has the courage to fight against the shining and uncontrollable endless universe.

▼巨大的屏幕形成无尽的感觉,large screen creating a infinite feeling ©毛鸿依


Dreams are the ultimate universe of human beings, in the beautiful kaleidoscope star travel, exaggerated and curly vortex appears turbulent, rolling like waves, bright and full of mystery, this dazzling jump dynamic is fascinating.

▼科幻的空间,illusionary space ©毛鸿依

▼灯光,lighting ©毛鸿依


KTV Cosmic Trek


And 100 years later, flying remains a romantic symbol of freedom and fantasy. Here is a blend of curiosity, fun, unknown exploration, cross-dimensional innovation, and undefined trends.This vintage futuristic vehicle takes people to another dimension full of futuristic, synthetic waves, and dreamy elements.

▼包间,private lounge ©毛鸿依


Entering the virtual world of technology, no one form is more exciting and shocking than the ultra-high-scale three-dimensional space.Designers hope that users can feel the spiritual shock of its “big” from their hearts, not only the physical scale of space. From 3D perspective to holographic lighting, sound and light technology is poured into aesthetic considerations, lighting the atmosphere of the audience.

▼全息灯光,holographic lighting ©毛鸿依


Starting from the mission of building entertainment life, the designer gives this vocal music field the two attributes of science and technology and fashion.And firmly believe that the most impressive musical power comes from immersive experiences, those feelings that are not dominated by reality and conceptualization processes.

▼空间细部,space details ©毛鸿依


When the futuristic high-end technology tide collides with the fashion and light luxury web celebrity wind, it responds to the convergence of young people’s consumption of new entertainment space.

▼科技感与轻奢风的碰撞,high technology collides with the luxury style ©毛鸿依


In the world of cyberpunk, the strong contrast between the cold and warm colors brings the most luxurious lights in the imagination, leading people into the false truth, which is a kind of color that makes people intoxicated in the unreal, the prosperity with the noise, the enthusiasm is infinitely magnified. In this iconic Gen Z space, a lot of blue colors such as blue, purple and green are used to brighten the space, highlighting a sense of immersion in the future world.

▼冷暖色形成强烈对比,contrast between cold and warm colors ©毛鸿依

▼平面图,plan ©立方体设计事务所

▼立面图,elevations ©立方体设计事务所


Project Type: Interior design
Designer: Lin Xu
Project location: GUI Yang city, Gui Zhou province
Project Area: 3600 Square Meters
Completion time: 2021
Photographer: Hongyi Mao