“你我十几岁,二十几岁的青春, 都有这样的冲动和理想,做这样的事,我想这样活。”

You and I, in our teens and twenties, had such impulses and ideals, and do such things. I want this life.

——安藤忠雄《青春展》Tadao Ando: Youth


“I wonder if you’ll have the courage to come again if you had learned about your life ahead of time. It can often be frustrating for what you have seen and heard. But if you had a chance to see your life in advance, knowing that youth is only for these days, I wonder whether you still care about what the world wants you to care about.”

▼展厅入口,Entrance ©覃昭量




Bloom Bookstore, co-sponsored by The 2021 Guangzhou Design Week and OWSPACE, commissioned SDO Studio to design their exhibition hall in Guangzhou. Based on “Bloom”, the theme of 2021 Design Week, as the philosophy and premise of creation, the design aims to reshape the display pattern of the exhibition to wake up the once beautiful youth for everyone.

▼主展厅展示,Main exhibition hall ©覃昭量


A series of responses were made targeting at the requirements of three groups (media staff, honored guests, sponsors) in the design, such as the arrangement of a live broadcast room and rest area for media staff, a lounge for honored guests, as well as the display of sponsors’ products, etc.. While meeting the design function, it also gives the design response of humane care.

▼主展厅近景,Closer view of the main exhibition ©覃昭量


Cube boxes with various colors such as red, yellow, white, blue, and orange, supplement each other with the surrounding wood joists and solar panels, to create a blurry aesthetics. The boxes with five colors, layer upon layer, look like rolling mountain ranges. Among the blurry feeling, the box is like a colorful rainbow falling from the clouds into the earth, beautiful as a dream.

▼空间组成,Space composition ©春计划工作室

“青春是那么美好,在这段不可复制的旅途当中, 我们拥有独一无二的记忆。”

“Youth is so beautiful, and in the unrepeatable journey, we have unique memories.”

——董卿 Dong Qing

▼方块盒子与周围的木龙骨和阳光板互相呼应,Cube boxes supplement each other with the surrounding wood joists and polycarbonate board ©覃昭量




As an enduring classic game, Tetris carries the youth of countless children in the 1980s and 1990s. It features simple game rules and easy accessibility in which the player places small boxes that are automatically output from the top of screen by moving and rotating them.

▼空间序列分析,Analysis of spatial sequence ©春计划工作室


The design takes “Tetris” as the starting point, divides it into individual units, reorganizes and updates it according to the requirements of function and site, and becomes a new round of “output blocks from the screen” to refresh the memory in your heart.

▼设计以“俄罗斯方块”为切入点”,The design takes “Tetris” as the starting point  ©覃昭量

▼方块单体根据功能和场地需求,进行重组更新,The cubes are reorganized and updated according to function and site requirements ©覃昭量

▼细节局部,Details ©覃昭量


Everyone has his/her own youth in his/her heart, and everyone has a period of memorable youth in mind.


▼由阳光板隔断看主展厅,Viewing the main exhibition hall separated by the polycarbonate board ©覃昭量

▼“俄罗斯方块”细节,Details of Tetris ©覃昭量


“Deconstruction and reorganization”


In the design concept, the deconstruction and reorganization of elements is a very complicated process. It not only follows certain rules, but also needs to decompose materials, break the rules and restrictions between them, and recombine them.During the reconstruction, the designer introduced the classical Russian colors, in order to facilitate the division of important connections in the large display space, such as the reception, the main exhibition area and partitions, etc..

▼休息区,seating area ©覃昭量

▼阳光板隔断,Polycarbonate board partitions ©覃昭量

▼天花灯膜与木制龙骨细部,Details of the ceiling and wooden structure ©覃昭量


The membrane lights in the ceiling are embedded in the wooden joist frame in the form of strips, which is not only homogeneous with the enclosing wall material, but also is full of sense of technology. When the switch is turned on, the light leaps out, just as the light will come when Batman leaves out of the night.

▼青春书局海报&2021广州设计周主题,Poster of the Bookstore & theme of guangzhou Design Week 2021

▼空间轴测场景,Axonometric Diagram ©春计划工作室

▼平面布局,Floor plans ©春计划工作室

参与设计:梅敏,原卓杨 陈晓晴
项目面积 :276㎡
项目供方:TONG SOO砼色矿涂 砼馆
特别鸣谢:ZENS 哲品茶厅

Project Name:Bloom Bookstore
Design Company:Spring Design Office
Chief Design:Jiachun Wu
Participate in the design:Mei Min,Young Yuen Chen Xiao Qing
Photography:studio qi
Project Area :276㎡
Completion Time:February 2021
Contact e-mail:739810211@qq.com