Elements Interpretation



Actually, space in real world is different from the one defined by methods of geometry and physics. They are abstract spaces with distinctive meanings, but this heralds the possibility of virtual simulation of reality.

In this project, virtual images are used to construct parts of space, and then local parts are stacked to create fancy slices. External facade is made of solid metal wave plates and skylights transparent or translucent, as if looking down on local parts of roof with large angle. As night falls, the metal pierces through the translucent coating and sinks into a dense black, which then fills the whole space.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©黑水


Area restriction by roof


The top surface divides space area, distinguishing between different experience environments. The combination of various materials and forms creates a staggered image of different roofs as if generated by outdoor setting.

▼渲染图,屋面限定空间,rendering, space defined by roofs ©静谧设计研究室


From aspect of illuminance, the area of freshly-cooked bar is the highest in the whole space, whose roof matches relevant lightings. Here you may see lights semi-embedded in wood grille are shining on cold black facades, going with metallic color bar and smoke hood.The top surface shows the perfect combination of function and colors, highlighting the industrial texture and rigorous details of a single metal. Black contrasts with metallic color, while plane with independent blocks about materiality.

freshly-cooked bar ©黑水

不同于开放式现烤台区域的冷峻,过道上的顶部是沙色的弧形的屋面,透过浅色木梁发出柔和微弱的光线,有一种穿越隧道的在视觉中瞬间停顿意象, 这个区域由两个部分组成,靠窗部分和环形对坐的部分。

In contrast to the cool tone of the open area, the hallway is topped with a curved sand-colored roof.  Visually you may feel like going through a tunnel at the sight of faint soft light streaming through the pale wooden beams. This area consists of two parts: window seat and circular part in the opposite.

hallway topped with a curved roof ©黑水



Dimly seeing through the hallway, an angle of roof formed by the slanted wooden beam ceiling from private rooms divides this space into separate ones, notifying clearly that this is an area where people can hold private activities.

Different from others, the top area is divided by boundary lines which are integrated here, for different spatial levels, influence of visual change and definitions of emotion atmospheres in individual spaces. To create various images of the roof, the designer intended to enrich the mood through common memory language. In fact, the enhancement of the roof elements is a complement of the low-sitting furniture.

private area under the slanted wooden beam ceiling ©黑水


Metal and translucent enclosure


Using for two shops, the front and corner sides were remodeled, retaining 2/3 of the side facade glass to display a translucent surface. Such surface together with the transparent windows of local area inside enable the lightings and grilling scenes to be the main picture on the shop facade.

▼店面外观,external view of the restaurant ©黑水



A variety of materials, such as matte stainless steel, wavy aluminum, glass, and sun panels, are used for facades. Square tubes and matte stainless steel frame is used to build skeletons. The entire translucent shell is made of a sliding door of stainless steel, sun panels and transparent glass. From the outside, it looks like the out part of a tent, and only needs a little light to light it up at night.

Outside cornice and top surface supported by corner column, together with huge wave surface blocks is more like an extension of roof image on shop facade.

▼半透明材料与窗边的篝火,translucent material and the fireplace beside the window ©黑水

Outdoor elements embodied in mobile dining carts and tables (an attempt to sit low at table) 


Outdoor elements reflect mainly on furniture scale and details. The whole space conveys a sense of outdoor activity, attributing to the flexible combination and construction of outdoor dining tables and chairs.

outdoor dining tables and chairs used in the interior ©黑水


The top of the dinning-table is made of cork with a special choice of dark coffee. Cart handrail and brake pulley both bring you a fast-assembly sense when dining here. On tables, outdoor lamp set the mood to perfection, while straw bale and kerosene lamp create an image of being in the wild. In the hallway, baboo chairs, stools and old-style lamp outside remind you of enjoying the cool and chatting with people in hot summer days.

closer view to the furniture ©黑水


Allocated at a corner, curved backrest around the translucent shell resembles a racecourse fence, companying the round table. Firewood beneath the seat become apparent if looking down. In this area, different elements contribute to various images. Every object in sight may evoke rich imagination of guest sitting here. The only aim of all the construction language is to integrate the sense of outdoor experience and comfort into one space, so that real details express each image.

view to the curved seating in the corner from the hallway ©黑水

▼弧形座位,curved seating ©黑水

▼座椅下堆放柴火,firewood beneath the bench ©黑水


On the other hand, this is a low sitting attempt at eating. In conventional dining space, the dining area is subtly divided by tables and chairs. However, in this project the boundary becomes blurred. As for comfortable capability, it’s actually about to shift button states. Lowering the height of the countertops of the freshly-cooked bar not only shorten the distance between shop assistants and customers, but also get food closer to diners.

details of the bench and the wall ©黑水


Conformity in the whole space (Summary)




In the whole area space, the comparison between high and low dining chairs is the most significant. In most cases, the higher ones have two seats, the lowers four. In practice, it’s highly likely that customers are more than two for single service.

only a few are high dining chairs. Even when seated in a high chair, the customer’s view is limited because the booth against the wall faces the low dining area. Most customers will choose seats in the central area where seems more comfortable. Owing to conformity, this also affects the choice of some people to some extent.

A bustling atmosphere of joyful gathering and a sense of camping is easier to create by low sitting style for dining. Thus, customers who are stepping into perceive this area as the most selective. In contrast, regular seating height of dining area seems more or less independent. Choice of customers to take seat depends in part on atmosphere of different areas.

▼轴测图,axonometric ©静谧设计研究室


A variety of materials with one color

01 外立面标识的哑光黑色喷涂漆
02 地面黑色大颗粒水磨石
03 下挂墙面的细颗粒水磨石
04 金属部分现烤区的黑色金属面和挑檐屋面,全黑色金属吊灯
05 黑色皮质包厢座椅和皮质靠背
06 全哑面黑色顶面喷涂
07 织物部分黑色座椅布料和天幕,黑色雨棚

Black materials used for the whole shop:
01 Matte black spray paint for exterior signage
02 Black terrazzo flooring of large-grained
03 Fine-grained waterstone for face-down walls
04 Black metal face and cornice in freshly-cooked area, black metal chandeliers
05 Full matte black top coating for private room seats and leather backrest
06 Matt finish black coating on top surface
07 Black seat fabric and canopy, black rain-proof shed

▼收银台与细部,cashier and details ©黑水

▼标识细部,details of the signs ©静谧设计研究室

▼平面图,plan ©黑水

项目名称:篝火旁 · 酱油小串
项目地点:中国 杭州
设计单位:静谧设计研究室 qpdro