CapitaSpring是一座280米的高楼绿洲,它延续了新加坡垂直都市的先锋理念,将餐厅、办公空间、公寓和空中花园等一系列多元的空间涵盖于地面上的51个楼层。2018年,该建筑获得新加坡建筑管理局颁发的Green Mark铂金级认证,以及通用设计金级PLUS认证。

CapitaSpring is a 280-meter-tall high-rise oasis that continues the city’s pioneering vertical urbanism with a diverse neighborhood of restaurants, office space, a Citadines serviced residence and sky gardens from the ground all the way up to the 51st floor. In 2018, the building was accorded Green Mark Platinum & Universal Design GoldPLUS certifications by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore.

▼项目概览,Preview © Finbarr Fallon


Located at the heart of Singapore’s financial district on the site of a former public car park and a hawker center, the 93,000 m2 mixed-use high-rise is defined by a dynamic interplay of orthogonal lines, lush greenery, and contrasting textures.

▼鸟瞰,Aerial view © Finbarr Fallon

▼从城市道路望向建筑,View from the city street © Finbarr Fallon


▼示意图 – 立面,Diagram © BIG

At multiple elevations, the vertical elements comprising the building’s exterior are pulled apart to allow glimpses into the green oases blooming from the base, core, and rooftop “sky garden.” The tower reinforces Singapore’s reputation as a garden city, housing over 80,000 plants, with a Green Plot Ratio of more than 1:1.4 – translating to a total landscaped area of more than 8,300 square meters (90,000 square feet), equivalent to 140% of its site area.

▼如幕帘般拉开的垂直元素,从中可以瞥见大楼内部的“绿洲” © Finbarr Fallon
The vertical elements are pulled apart to allow glimpses into the green oases

▼立面近景,Facade view © Finbarr Fallon

在街道层,通过置入步行功能,项目将具有历史意义的市集大街(Market Street)的一部分恢复为公共领域,同时创造了一个扩大的景观区,为高密度中央商务区的租户和路人创造了可以尽情呼吸新鲜空气的绿色空间。

▼示意图- 底层,Diagram © BIG

On street level, CapitaSpring restores a portion of the historically significant Market Street to the public realm by pedestrianizing the stretch and creating an expanded landscaped area which creates new green breathing space in the high-density CBD for the neighboring tenants and passersby.

▼街道层,Street level © Finbarr Fallon

▼仰望建筑立面,Facade close-up view © Finbarr Fallon

蜿蜒的花园小径提供了进入“城市房间”(City Room)的入口,这是一个位于塔楼脚下的18米高的开放空间,不仅能够遮阳避雨,还起到引导访客的作用:租户可从这里进入办公区或公寓区的独立大厅,商场顾客和食客则可以进入位于裙楼的美食中心。

Meandering garden paths create natural entryways into the City Room, an 18-meter-high generous open space at the foot of the tower that creates shelter from the tropical sunlight and showers and welcomes tenants into separate lobbies for the offices and residences, as well as shoppers and diners into the food center within the tower’s podium.

▼户外公共空间,Outdoor space © Finbarr Fallon

▼“城市房间”,City Room © Finbarr Fallon


The iconic Market Street Hawker Center is recreated at the building’s second and third floors with 56 food stalls – solidifying the location as the beating heart of the city’s culinary experience, and the role it plays in maintaining local culture and community.

▼美食中心,Hawker Center © Finbarr Fallon


▼示意图 – 公寓区和办公区,Diagram © BIG

The first eight floors of the tower are dedicated to the serviced residence including a wide range of facilities such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, jogging track, gymnasium, social kitchen, resident’s lounge, and barbecue pits. The top 29 floors offer premium office spaces with panoramic views of the Singapore River and Marina Bay.

▼公寓区泳池平台,Pool terrace © Finbarr Fallon

▼公寓区,Serviced residence © Finbarr Fallon

▼大厅,Lobby © Finbarr Fallon

在办公区和公寓区硬景观之间的核心地带,设有一处被称为“绿洲”(Green Oasis)的露天花园,其高度为35米,由4层相互连接的软景观组成,可用于工作、漫步、休息、锻炼或举办活动。“绿洲”将自然环境垂直地编织到建筑内部,在遵照场地空间限制的前提下为租户和居住者提供了丰富的绿色空间,并将现代建筑的优雅与流畅与该地区无处不在的热带特征融为一体。

▼示意图 – 绿洲,Diagram © BIG

At the core of the building between the hardscapes of the offices and residences are four connected levels of organic softscape dubbed the “Green Oasis” – a 35m open-air garden for work, casual strolls, relaxation, exercise, and events. The Green Oasis seamlessly weaves nature vertically into the architecture and satisfies the spatial limitations of the locale while granting tenants and residents abundant access to green spaces – animating the elegant smoothness of modern architecture with the ubiquitous tropical nature of the region.

▼“绿洲”空间,The “Green Oasis” © Finbarr Fallon

▼俯瞰,Aerial view © Finbarr Fallon


The overall vertical softscape of the Green Oasis mimics the plant hierarchy of tropical rainforests; the hierarchical leaf growth of the plants is in direct proportional relationship to light availability within the vegetation layers. Shade-tolerant plants with large leaves are found on the “rainforest floor,” requiring the least amount of direct light. Moving towards the canopy layer – the “roof” of the rainforest – trees are defined by their smaller leaf structure.

▼“绿洲”将自然环境垂直地编织到建筑内部,The Green Oasis seamlessly weaves nature vertically into the architecture © Finbarr Fallon


▼示意图 – 屋顶花园,Diagram © BIG

CapitaSpring’ s rooftop garden, with views of the city, is home to 1-Arden Food Forest. Currently, over 150 species of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, are grown across five thematic plots to supply the building’ s restaurants with fresh greens.

▼屋顶花园,Rooftop garden © Finbarr Fallon

▼屋顶视野,Rooftop view © Finbarr Fallon

▼食材花园,Food garden © Finbarr Fallon


The building also has amenities in support of the sustainable transport vision in the Singapore Green Plan 2030, including 165 bicycle lots, fully equipped end-of-trip facilities and a 600-meter cycling path around the building’s perimeter along Malacca Street and along Phillip Street, which forms part of the Central Area cycling network connecting to Singapore’s larger cycling network.

▼建筑夜景,Night view © Finbarr Fallon

▼9层平面图,Plan – level 09 © BIG

▼19层平面图,Plan – level 19 © BIG

▼51层平面图,Plan – level 51 © BIG

▼办公层标准平面,Typical office floor plan © BIG

▼东立面图,Elevation East © BIG

▼东南立面图,Elevation South-East © BIG

Code: SING
Date: 27/09/2022
Program: Commercial
Status: Completed
Size in m2: 93000
Project type: International competition
Client: CapitaLand
Collaborators: Carlo Ratti Associati, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd, ARUP Singapore Pte Ltd, Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (S.E.Asia) Pte Ltd, Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd, COEN Design International Pte Ltd, Takenouchi Webb Pte Ltd, Nipek Pte Ltd, Asylum Creative Ptd Ltd, Jacobs International Consultants Pte Ltd, Ignesis Consultants Pte Ltd, PH Consulting Pte Ltd, TSM Consultancy Pte Ltd, Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd, Meinhardt Singapore Pte Ltd, Squire Mech Pte Ltd.
Location Text: Singapore
Location: (1.34021,103.887)
Partners-in-Charge : Bjarke Ingels, Brian Yang
Project Leader: Gorka Calzada Medina, Martino Hutz, Song He
Project Manager: Eric Li, Günther Weber
BIG Sustainability: Tore Banke, Anders Holden Deleuran
BIG Landscape: Dina Brændstrup, Kirsty Badenoch, Ulla Hornsyld
Team: Aime Desert, Aleksander Wadas, Aleksandra Domian, Alessandro Zanini, Anke Kristina Schramm, Augusto Lavieri Zamperlini, Dalma Ujvari, David Schwarzman, David Vega y Rojo, Davide Tarditi, Dimitrie Grigorescu, Dominika Trybe, Elise Cauchard, Eriko Maekawa, Espen Vik, Ewa Szajda, Federica Locati, Filippo Lorenzi, Francisco Castellanos, Frederik Skou Jensen, Gabrielé Ubareviciute, Guoyu Liu, Helen Chen, Jacek Baczkowski, Jakub Wlodarczyk, Jonas Käckenmester, Julieta Muzzillo, Luca Pileri, Luis Torsten Wagenführer, Lukas Kerner, Malgorzata Mutkowska, Maria Teresa Fernandez Rojo, Matilde Tavanti, Moa Carlsson, Nataly Timotheou, Niu Jing, Orges Guga, Patrycja Lyszczyk, Pedro Savio jobim Pinheiro, Philip Rufus Knauf, Praewa Samachai, Qamelliah Nassir, Rahul Girish, Ramon Julio Muros Cortes, Rebecca Carrai, Roberto Fabbri, Samuel Rubio Sanchez, Shuhei Kamiya, Sofiia Rokmaniko, Sorcha Burke, Steen Kortbæk Svendsen, Szymon Kolecki, Teodor Fratila Cristian, Viktoria Millentrup, Vilius Linge, Vinish Sethi, Weijia Lu, Xin Su, Xinying Zhang, Zari van de Merwe, Zhen Tong