The 135 sq. m. Pool house by HEIMA architects is part of a larger complex of recreational buildings located in northern Lithuania. The location of the building was chosen slightly away from the rest of the complex in the central part of a hilly valley near an existing water basin. The uniqueness of the site partly dictated the architectural expression – the triangle plan-shaped building responds to all the natural views around it.

▼建筑外观, exterior view © Norbert Tukaj

▼建筑鸟瞰,aerial view © Norbert Tukaj

▼三角形平面的建筑, the triangle plan-shaped building © Norbert Tukaj


The main element of this house is the heavy archetypal roof which contrasts with the frameless rounded corner windows. The transparency of the windows around the entire perimeter creates the impression of the roof hanging in the air. The structure supporting the roof is made up of three wooden columns, which are not only load bearing but also serve as interior details. Accompanied by 120-centimetre height beams, and repetitive roof trusses, the wooden structure not only creates an atmosphere for the inside but also reminds of ethnic Lithuanian house-building tradition.

▼厚重的坡屋顶,the heavy archetypal roof © Norbert Tukaj

▼环绕建筑外围的通透窗户,the transparent windows around the entire perimeter © Norbert Tukaj

▼支撑屋顶的木柱,wooden columns supporting the roof structure © Norbert Tukaj

▼木柱细节,details of the wooden columns © Norbert Tukaj


Additionally, a 10-meter length pool, a little sand beach and a BBQ zone were built nearby for outside activities. From the inside of the poolhouse wooden roof comes into notice. With a skylight in the center, it provides additional natural light. The grey-brown color palette of the building follows the “no boundaries with nature” idea. Internal spaces contrasting with external shapes are revealed through a modern interior that follows the same color-material motif. The movement inside happens around three elements – the fireplace, the kitchen island and the central volume of the utility space, leaving the perimeter of the building completely free.

▼户外区,the outdoor area © Norbert Tukaj

▼与自然无界,“no boundaries with nature” © Norbert Tukaj

▼木制屋顶和天窗,wooden roof with a skylight in the center © Norbert Tukaj

▼壁炉、厨房岛台和公共设施的核心区域,the fireplace, the kitchen island and the central volume of the utility space © Norbert Tukaj


Large wide-opening windows let the line between outside and inside fade and a relaxing interior allows the building, the pool and its surroundings to be enjoyed throughout all four seasons.

▼大面积的宽窗,large wide-opening windows © Norbert Tuk

▼建筑夜晚效果,the night view of Poolhouse © Norbert Tukaj

建筑师:HEIMA architects
摄影师:Norbert Tukaj

Project Name: Poolhouse
Architects: HEIMA architects
Country: Lithuania
Year: 2022
Photographer: Norbert Tukaj