2022年10月20日开幕,麓湖·MEWS马厩首展「埃乌特洛比亚酒店」。展览是由A8设计中心与a7 CreatorLab阿发奇发起,由無所设计工作室携手多位Creators发起的一次多感官的内容实验,带着对“自我身份”的思考与疑问,回归与感官的直接对话。

Unveiled on October 20, 2022, “Eutrobia Hotel” made its debut at Luxelakes · MEWS Stable. The exhibition is a multi-sensory content experiment initiated by A8 Design Center and a7 CreatorLab, and initiated by WOOSO Studio and many creators. With divergent thinking and questions about “self-identity”, it returns to direct dialogue with senses.

▼入口夜景,night view of the entrance ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab

▼外观近景,close shot of the exterior ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


Consciousness and Imagination of Free Identity


In Invisible City, Calvino constructed 55 urban forms divorced from reality but existing in people’s perception. As an epitomized city, Eutrobia indicates people’s self-exploration into countless unknown and expectation. Fresh blood is injected into dynamic interpersonal relationship and life journey during the relocation. “At this place, everyone engages in a new career and marries a new wife, with their eyes greeted with new scenery outside the window. They can do new things with new friends every night, and talk new gossip… They live a new life through many times of relocation.”

▼Anastasia / Zobeida / Fedora © Karina Puente Frantzen


There is an Eutrobia in everyone’s mind, where the inner-most true self nestles. “Identity” is never a presumptive and fixed mark, but is dynamically constructed at a certain moment through self-perception and images extracted from senses. As such, “self” is endowed with value through flexible dynamic construction. Hotel Eutrobia takes a more concrete “hotel” as the experience carrier and inner entrance of the city spirit of Eutrobia, encourages residents to use “self” as an important means of perception, motivation and self-regulation, and helps “tenants” to create a brand-new living identity experience and explore self-identity, the sense of belonging and real needs of characters at the bottom of their heart through changing the virtual identity perspective.

▼入口走廊,corridor at the entrance ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab

▼入口走廊近景,close shot of the corridor at the entrance ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


Unfold a world of sensory interaction


▼导览地图,touring map ©無所WOOSO

In Hotel Eutrobia, the theme of each sensory is narrated separately, but the sensory experience is always the multimodal reality in lieu of being presented in a single way. In the “check-in”, Hotel Eutrobia builds and presents the new life identity and social relationship of “tenants” in the way of multi-sensory experience, constantly changing the state in the set space environment, and drifting, feeling, exploring and delving into the world of immersive imagination.

▼品牌分布示意图,diagram of the distribution of brands ©無所WOOSO


Space & Visual – The commanding vision and space


Eyes are calling for interaction with other senses. Eyes are not isolated. Instead, they can awaken other senses of the body through vision. Today, we are embroiled in a technological consumerism culture, an absolute visual world. In daily life and the tech world, the dominant role of vision has been further enhanced by numerous technological inventions. As an organic combination, people’s body has multi-sensory identity. Physiological and medical studies have demonstrated that our senses will show “empathy” when being stimulated, which can be presented through vision, thus propelling the overall perception with audio-visual.

▼视觉房间,visual space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


The three-dimensional experience of vision and space has created a myriad of possibilities to adapt to the multi-perception mode. “The eyes interact with other senses of the body, which enhances and clearly presents a person’s sense of reality.” Eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin measure space, matter and scale simultaneously, taking the existence experience of “self” in the hotel to the next level.

▼视觉房间内景,interior of visual space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab

Space & Touch – Conversations through touch


Obtaining relevant information through touch is a deeper part of human nature. Early museums, which developed from private collections in the 17th and 18th centuries, catered to this human need by encouraging visitors to touch exhibits. As sociologist Constance Klaassen noted, “The museum tour organized by the curator is like the room tour provided by the owner. Curators are like friendly hosts, they can provide information related to collections and allow people to touch them… The viewers behave politely and express their interest and affection for the objects on display by asking questions and touching them. Touch is not only related to the biggest sensory organ through hand movements, but also covers the multi-modal verification experience of the whole body to reach the past for similar connections.

▼触觉房间,touching space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


Space & Sound – Use sound as the design medium of space


Sound can enter the corners of space, literally or metaphorically, to explore the hidden part of the inner world. We hope to build an invisible connection with “self” through listening, and create and build an experience space in self-intention. The ambient sound can enhance the atmosphere and audience’s “immersive feeling”. It conveys information of specific times, fields and groups of people, arousing the audience’s memories or allowing them to experience new ways. We incorporate soundwalk into curation practice, and create an environment where we can explore the same sound perception, the multidimensional, transient and complex space, participate in it and interact with multi-mode works. In this way, we can feel the exhibits with our ears, so as to re-examine the environment and self and enable the audience to participate in the creation of the place.

▼听觉房间,sound space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


Space & Smell/Taste – The contour of taste and smell


People can gain a special pleasure through smell and taste when traveling. Each city is endowed with its unique smell and taste. Being the most personal and subjective senses, smell and taste media can fully meet the needs of the post-media era. In a richer design dimension, more experiences can be mixed, and smell and taste elements, capable of triggering strong emotions and influencing people’s emotion, are like powerful backtracking “engines”. For example, the natural plants and soil in visual rooms, the fragrance in olfactory rooms, etc. And the connection of taste provide more elements for a comprehensive sensory experience (synaesthesia). In taste rooms, taste is awakened in a more visual way. People can not only imagine with their noses, but also perceive tastes visually.

▼味觉房间,taste space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab

▼嗅觉房间,smell space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


Space & Sensation – Experience “self” through ontological perception


Hotel Eutrobia offers an entrance to parallel universe, and a place for reset to dynamically construct my imagination of what have been known and invisible environment as “I” move around in the environment. Specifically speaking, perception is a process of organizing and explaining the production and processing of external objects and events. Through the five senses, the audience can enjoy a “brain massage”, and different structures and combinations create more shifting and complete imagination space and sense of atmosphere.

▼知觉房间,perception space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


We are back to the offline multi-faceted experience, and follow the interaction and perception between “tenants” and objects, people or environment in the exhibition in public space and narrative space of rooms, enabling “self” to gain a more comprehensive cognition and frame of thinking.

▼知觉房间,perception space ©A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab


So …


Hopefully, Hotel Eutrobia is a place you can explore and perceive. I hope you can relax, indulge in sensory pleasure, share your stories and views, have the courage to take the next step, establish new social relationships, and recall the past, leaving or creating lasting memories exclusive to yourself.

▼平面图,plan ©無所WOOSO

▼外观立面图,elevation drawing ©無所WOOSO

出品:A8设计中心、a7 CreatorLab阿发奇
房间创意:触觉-吾们VOIMENT;嗅觉 – 璞履;视觉 – 脏像素InkyPixel;知觉 – 圣山NERHI;听觉 – AXIS;味觉 – 莫方食验室Mofun Eating Lab
项目地址:成都市双流区天府新区麓湖中路西段888号 MEWS马厩
照片版权:A8设计中心、a7 CreatorLab阿发奇
合作单位:脏像素InkyPixel、AXIS、莫方食验室Mofun Eating Lab、吾们VOIMENT、圣山NERHI、璞履、凡德罗·Etwo 机库
客户:麓湖A8设计中心、a7 CreatorLab阿发奇

Project Name: Hotel Eutrobia Exhibition
Project Type: Exhibition
Designer: WOOSO
Project Design: 2022
Year of Completion: 2022
Produced by: A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab
Design team: Project leader: Wang Aili; Space design: Wang Aili, Tang Yan; Visual design: Gu Zhinan, Li Junyao, Yuan Song
Creativity: sense of touch-VOIMENT; sense of smell-POURLUI; vision-InkyPixel; perception-NERHI; hearing-AXIS; taste-Mofun Eating Lab
Project Address: MEWS Stable, No.888, West Section of Luxelakes Middle Road, Tianfu New District, Shuangliu District, Chengdu
Building Area: 356 square meters
Photographic Copyright: A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab
Sponsorship: Sleep It Off
Clients: Luxelakes A8 Design Center, a7 CreatorLab



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