Finnish Design Shop是世界上最大的北欧设计在线商店。 由于实体店不断关门,该公司在疫情期间快速增长。 本项目就是其公司总部,包括一个向一百多个国家/地区运送产品的物流中心、一个陈列室和一个餐厅。

Finnish Design Shop is the world’s largest online store of Nordic design. The company’s fast growth accelerated during the pandemic, as physical stores needed to close their doors. The new building, headquarters of the company, comprises a logistics center delivering products to over one hundred countries, a showroom, and a restaurant.

▼项目鸟瞰,bird eye view ©kuvio


The design task was challenging. The large-scale building was mainly formed according to the requirements of the automated robot warehouse inside, and there was no possibility to articulate the building with massing or roof form. Even though the location right next to the Turku city ring road and near the airport allowed for a simple structure, the user wished for the building to represent the design company’s values of high quality and easy to approach.

▼建筑直接连接物流通道,the building directly connects the logistics center ©kuvio

尽管人们不能通过这座建筑的外观来推测它的真正用途,但设计不想像经典书籍《向拉斯维加斯学习》中描述的那样,只设计一个“装饰棚”。设计师在附近的环境中找到了建筑的概念灵感。在建筑地块的北面,有一个自然保护区和冰河时代第三大巨石,称为魔鬼之巢(Devil’s Nest)。森林主题被呈现在建筑立面上的垂直三维图案上,让人们想起周围森林中的树干。设计师尽可能将天然森林灌木丛和从现场挖掘保留在地块上,美化了这片环境。停车场被分成更小的绿色单元,这些单元伴有芬兰本土树木和在野外发现的植被。建筑物的大窗户可以一览无余地欣赏周围的森林。 无论是从餐厅的露台,还是一楼的办公空间一个长长的阳台,都可以直接通往户外。

Even though the building couldn’t tell about its use by its form, we didn’t want to design just “a decorated shed” as described in the classic book Learning from Las Vegas. We found the concept for the building in the near surroundings. Right north from the building plot, there is a nature conservation area and the third biggest boulder from ice age called the Devil’s Nest. The forest theme is visible in the facades having a vertical three dimensional pattern that reminds us of the tree trunks in the surrounding forest. As many trees as possible were preserved on the plot. The area was landscaped with natural forest undergrowth and stones excavated from the site. The parking lot was divided into smaller units with green areas with domestic trees and vegetation found in the wild nature. The building’s large windows offer unobstructed views to the surrounding forest. There is direct access to the outdoors both from the restaurant’s terrace, and from the first floor office spaces through a long balcony.

▼由旁边绿地看向建筑,a view from the green space to the building ©kuvio

立面由混凝土制成的夹层构件建造。 该项目时间非常紧迫,于2020年春末开工, 需要在 2021 年夏季之前投入使用,这样才不会对即将到来的圣诞节销售造成影响,因为节庆期间是网店的旺季。这就是为什么设计最终使用Recli生产的,一种名为Brisbane的现成混凝土衬垫。尽管建筑立面的浮雕只有 15 毫米深,但其外观会随着太阳角度的变化而变化,使图案看起来更深更立体。该图案为大型立面表面引入了较小的比例。仅当人们靠近墙壁行走时才能看到浮雕,使靠近建筑物变得有趣。为了优化建筑成本,设计师选用的混凝土具有基础骨料和典型的硅酸盐水泥。混凝土用Lanxess生产的6%黑色拜耳乐颜料着色。建筑表面采用黑色Faceal Color清漆处理,使黑色表面更加强烈,将建筑物与周围环境融为一体。

The façade is built with sandwich elements made of concrete. The timetable of the project, which started in late spring of 2020, was very tight. The building needed to be in use already by summer of 2021, so that there would be no harm to the coming Christmas sales that is the high season of online stores. This is why we ended up using readymade concrete form liner Brisbane produced by Recli. Even though the relief is just 15 millimeters deep, the appearance of the surface changes according to the sun angle making the pattern look deeper and more three dimensional. The pattern introduces a smaller scale to the large scale façade surface. The relief is visible only when you walk near the wall making the approach of the building interesting. To optimize the building costs, the concrete has basic aggregate and typical Portland cement. The concrete was colored with 6 % black Bayferrox pigment produced by Lanxess. The surface was treated with black Faceal Color varnish to make the black surface more intense and to blend the building to its surroundings.

▼黑色的建筑外立面,a black building facade ©kuvio

▼黑色的建筑外立面近景,close shot of the black building facade ©kuvio

建筑物正门的入口前厅和一楼阳台都覆盖着木头,与黑色混凝土表面形成鲜明对比。 木质门窗也为建筑外部观感带来温暖。

The entrance vestibule marking the main entrance of the building and first floor balcony are clad with wood to contrast the black concrete surfaces. Wooden windows and doors also bring warmth to the exterior of the building.

▼建筑主入口,the main entrance of the building ©kuvio

▼木头与黑色表面形成对比,the wood in contrast to the black concrete surfaces ©kuvio


The entrance to the building is through a showroom. The high space with glass curtain walls showcase the use of the building to its surroundings. The space is characterized by a long straight stair made of two massive glulam beans, leading to the first floor office spaces. The whole gallery level opens up to the logistics hall with the ever moving robot collection system through full width windows.

▼入口大厅,the entrance hall ©kuvio

▼通向办公空间的楼梯,the staircase leads to the working area ©kuvio

▼宽屏玻璃联通入口大厅与物流空间,the gallery level opens up to the logistics hall through full width windows ©kuvio

▼物流空间,the logistics hall ©kuvio

该建筑是芬兰第一座通过BREEAM优秀(第二高级别)认证的物流建筑。 这一雄心勃勃的目标是在生命周期评估专家的帮助下实现的。 建筑物所需的能源由太阳能电池板的电力驱动的地热产生,所有设计解决方案和建筑工程都考虑了可持续性措施。

The building was the first BREEAM Excellent (the second highest level) certified logistics building in Finland. This ambitious goal was achieved with help from a life cycle assessment expert. The energy needed in the building is produced by geothermal heat powered by electricity from solar panels, and the sustainability measures were taken care of in all design solutions and building works.

▼基址平面图,site plan ©Avanto Architects

▼剖面图,section ©Avanto Architects

Building type: Logistics center, headquarters, showroom and restaurant
Address: Aviatie 2, Turku, Finland
Design: 2020-2021
Construction: 2021
Gross floor area: 12 129 br-m²
Client: NREP IV FinCo 8 Oy / Sanna Vikström and Jarkko Äikää
PCM: JL- Projektikonsultit Oy / Jarmo Leskinen
User: Finnish Design Shop Oy / Teemu Kiiski
Supervisor: Auratec Oy / Juhani Virtala
Mechanical supervisor TA-Tekniikka Ky / Asko Tamminen
Facade desig:n Avanto Architects Ltd /
Ville Hara, Anu Puustinen and Noora Lehtinen, architects SAFA, Veronika Farvozdinova, architect
Principal and Arkkitehtiruutu Oy / Riku Aramo, Päivi Mäntylä and
architectural design Susanna Rantanen
Interior design Studio Joanna Laajisto /
Joanna Laajisto and Mimmu Hirvonen
Structural design SWECO Rakennetekniikka Oy / Aki Luntamo
Geo design SM Maanpää Oy / Sauli Maanpää
Mechanical designs SWECO Talotekniikka Oy / Antti Mustalammi,
Santtu Meristö (HVAC), Juha-Pekka Laiho (EL), Petteri Lehtinen (automation), Anu Hannukkala (EN)
Fire technical design Palotekninen insinööritoimisto Markku Kauriala Oy / Marianna Kauriala, Milla Saarto, Tea Nieminen
Sprinkler design Afire Oy / Antti Virtanen, Harri Jokela
Landscape design VSU Oy / Saara Oilinki
Traffic design WSP Oy / Harri Haantio
Acoustical design Akucon Oy / Anssi Ruusuvuori
LCA consultant Green Building Partners Oy / Timo Rintala
Main Contractor YIT Suomi Oy / Juha Kohonen, Arvi Lehtovaara, Toni Tahkoniemi, Jouni Kääriäinen, Rauno Vilén, Ilari Havia (vastaava mestari), Olli Lehtonen, Kari Hallanheimo
Photos: / Anders Portman



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