Few people knew that Jiangjie was from Zigong before the construction of this project. “Hometown of Jangjie” is also used as a theme of urban position of Zigong during the build of this project, which shows the significance of this project to the city. Due to the yong age when Jiangjie died, only few personal belongings were left behind. Jiangjie is more well-known and remembered for her artistic image – red rock, red plum and red star which have almost become spiritual symbols deeply associated with her, and precisely the source of inspiration and logical starting point of the design.

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1. 概况


The project starts construction based on the former residence of Jiangjie, located in Jiangjiawan, Da’anshanpu Town, Zigong. With the typical form of villages in southern Sichuan, backed by mountains, facing ponds, and surrounded by bamboos, environment of the residence is elegant. The planned land area is about 270000 square meters. The project includes the renovation of the former residence, the renovation of the Red Plum Statue Square, and construction of Jiangjie Memorial. The construction area of the memorial is about 14000 square meters.

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2. 选址
Site Selection


To keep the originality and authenticity of the former residence, the content originally exhibited in it is relocated to the new memorial hall, and original commercial thoughts of clients has been adjusted, during the function reorganization of the area. The memorial is finally decided to be built in the low-lying hilly area due east, and statue of Jiangjie is facing east after remodeled, which form an eastward axis with the former residence on the top of mountain. This is completely consistent with the moral of the beautiful original idea – facing east. Those three objects formed three elevations on the axis, which is patchwork and profound.

▼场地环境:雕像、故居、纪念馆三点一线,Sculpture, former residence, and memorial, three points one line © 404NF STUDIO


3. 立意


The memorial is harmoniously placed on the axis and merged with the mountain, after shoveling part of steep slope on the side of the valley. While respecting the environment, the height of the main building is kept as low as possible, which is necessary to create a trend of the axis rising layer by layer. This idea of landscape architecture creates conditions for shaping the “red rock” growing form the ground.

▼建筑景观一体化,Integration of architecture and landscape © 404NF STUDIO

▼中心广场,Central Square © 404NF STUDIO


The building is formed to be a pentagram, and splitting at the middle, creating a sight corridor on the axis. Sense of power generated by the centripetal shape is condensed in the Central Square, providing a place for people to hold condolences and other commemorative activities. Each divergent volume is built surrounded with several height, merging with land and mountain. Flow of people are effectively organized in all directions by path organization on the inclined planes of volumes. This enhances building control over the entire area, also demonstrates advantages of radial layout.

▼五星立意,Concept of pentagram © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

▼入口轴线,Axis of the entrance © 404NF STUDIO


4. 塑形


To make the abstract red rock full of power, method of volume segmentation is used to shape the form of the building. Gaps appear naturally due to volume segmentation, and extend form wall to roof, creating lots of lighting gap. Rich light and shadow effects, and strong light and dark contrast is produced in the interior gray spaces which brings spiritual feeling of yearning for the light in Zhazidong to the experiencer.

▼形态推演,From deduction © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

▼夜景效果,Night view © 404NF STUDIO

▼屋面裂开的“红砂岩”,Cracked “red sandstone” on the rooftop © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

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Skin of the building is sometimes peeled off to provide places for steps leading to hills or roofs. Strong contrast is created between these narrow spaces and wide square, symbolizing the rough revolutionary road and beautiful spiritual vision.

▼标志性构筑物,Landmark structure © 404NF STUDIO

▼外观近景,Appearance close-up © 404NF STUDIO

▼演艺中心,Performing art center © 404NF STUDIO


5. 选材
Martial Chosen


GRC slab is used as the surface material to continue the spirit of “red rock”. To guaranteed effect, different surface textures are created after repeated scrutiny. The prefabrication processing shorten the on-site installation time and construction period.

▼局部细节, Partial details © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

▼材质工艺,Material technology © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

▼景观塑造, Landscape shaping © 404NF STUDIO


6. 融合


Whether the design concept, layout, form shaped or material use, the main idea is always embodied and finally formed a group of buildings that fully embody spirit of Jiangjie. After the completion of the project on the day of the sacrifice of Jiangjie, various commemorative activities area continuous initiated by people from various places. It confirms the success of the atmosphere creation of the project.

▼意境塑造,Atmosphere creating © 404NF STUDIO

▼夜景,Night view © 404NF STUDIO

▼临水群组,Waterside group © 404NF STUDIO

▼总平面图,Master Plan © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

▼一层平面图,1st Floor Plan © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

▼剖面图1,Section 1 © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司

▼剖面图2,Section 2 © 四川省建筑设计研究院有限公司


Project name: Red Education Base of Jiang Jie Hometown
Project location: Da’an district, Zigong, Sichuan
Design firm: Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute CO., LTD
Construction Unit: China Huashi Enterprises Company Limited
Project Leader: Li Chun
Chief architect/Design principal: Chai Tiefeng
Design team: Gao Rui, He Qingsong, Yin Zhe, Jia Yi, He Jiaxi, Jiang Yongjie, Fu Yunchao, Yang Zhifeng, Ding Pengyu, Li Zhiyuan, Wang Mengxiu, Luo Jie, Li Chuandong, Tang Peng, Zhou Shengdong, Yu Sonqing, Yang Yuqiao, Hu Enyuan
Gross built area: 12374 ㎡
Completion Year: 2021
Clients: Zigong Urban Construction Investment and Development Group CO., Ltd
Concrete consultant and construction: Zhong Ling Hua Hui
Photography: 404NF STUDIO


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